Reclaiming Our Magical Essence and Ancestral Spirit With June O’Brien

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

While the world is at the point of boiling over and the stench of Hillary and her minions fouls the atmosphere with sulfuric gasses, as the first simulation of web attacks hit, as Mars aligns with Pluto in the sign of Baphomet at the 11th Hour, we need a little sanity people. Well listen in on my interview with author/dreamer/teacher, June O’Brien, whose “Blue Child Series” has drawn critical acclaim for it’s magic and storytelling. June is one of our great treasures and her latest book, “The Last Song” is an apocryphal work for our times that transcends it’s genre of fiction and age. It is for everyone. You can find her work, at her Blue Child Series website. In hour number two, I break down the strange and revelatory dinner held by the elites for the Alfred E. Smith Foundation, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appeared just one day after their debate in Las Vegas.

4 thoughts on “Reclaiming Our Magical Essence and Ancestral Spirit With June O’Brien”

  1. B

    Awesome interview; can’t wait to get the first book. The words June shared from her new work were both deep and intriguing. Thanks for another introduction to an amazing person!

  2. S

    Thank you for this interview
    June touched my heart in your conversation.
    I look forward to reading her books.
    I’m thoroughly impressed at the caliber of conversation and depth you explore daily.
    Keep up the 15 minutes of flame!
    Love that your branching out into new waters
    Expansion of self
    You are supported
    And adored.
    Keep it up!

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