Reality Unwinds In Neptune In Pisces And Molly Hall On FAR, 5/11/11

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Time keeps on slippin’ into the future.

I was watching Fringe the other night and it became fairly clear that the predictive programming that was taking place was about the very nature of reality, where this world disappears and bleeds into itself. It comes as a result of an interdimensional rupture between parallel worlds. People vanish and with them, the entire memory of who they were in the hearts and minds of others. It’s a lively theme/meme in the mist/midst of Neptune in Pisces. Subjective narratives and tributaries of various life streams all flowing simultaneously.

Bin Laden lives and dies and lives and dies over and over again in the theater of Samsara. Hilary is removed from the situation room by a Hassidic newspaper, a much more literal manifestation of being disappeared.

In Memphis, water is still rising, the effluvial excess of Neptune and Chiron reaching crisis/isis proportions, meanwhile, not too far away, the farm belt is feeling a drought. More parallel realities roiling side-by-side.

While you’re witnessing the price of your house plummet, millions are packing their spiritual rucksacks for the lord’s mansion with the end of the world slated to take place, just a mere 11 days from now. The rapture is set for sometime around May 20th or so. Yet more collective imagery of people disappearing into the ethers.

Speaking of disappeared, I just saw Lou Diamond Phillips the other night on “Star Gate Atlantis.” I’d wondered where his career had gone.

It feels to me like almost everything is a distraction and an attempt to buy more “time” in this realm for something else to happen, something far off our radar. My gut says that it has to do with not just regime change, or paradigm shift, but reality displacement/replacement, something most of us cannot even begin to comprehend. The grand finale to history. We’re talking about the manipulation of forces at a sub-atomic level, because didn’t you know that creating new worlds is much more exciting and challenging than simply re-districting the species into new social and fiscal economies? In the grand scheme, that’s child’s play, but bringing a whole new world from some other place into this one, now that’s a heady feat.

It is not philosophically or metaphysically inconceivable however for this to occur, but what the “masters of the universe” fail to perceive is that once one element is changed, a corresponding element that is it’s “other,” changes with it. This is what they were having a problem with at CERN as they groped for the God particle. Now they say that they figured it out and that they actually found IT. If that’s the case, well somewhere, on the back end of our experience, the God particle has changed yet again.

At some point, all of this temporal manipulation is going to catch up and worlds will collide. Ultimately, I believe, that the constant tweaking of our so-called reality will actually be the cosmic trigger that will push us into becoming full fledged hyper-space travelers. That in spite of what we call “free will” all the ELF’s, EMF’s, HAARP, etc, it will ultimately lead to our acceleration and liberation, not our demise. It is the ultimate irony/paradox, in that creating the energetic gulags for our spirits, it will have a directly opposite effect on us.

Maybe it’s the rapture, rap, rap, rapping on my brain, but I have this sneaky feeling that we’re going to see things get really surreal, in ways that even the custodial race cannot plan for, nor imagine. Neptune in Pisces is a portal and it’s getting wider and wider by the minute.

Please join me tomorrow as I interview the unsinkable Molly Hall from About.Com on “The Astrological Matrix” at 10AM PST. Molly and I will talk about the major conjunction cycle now taking place with Aries and soon in Taurus.

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13 thoughts on “Reality Unwinds In Neptune In Pisces And Molly Hall On FAR, 5/11/11”

  1. c

    Just when I was getting disenchanted with what is going on in the world you have once again peeked my interest . I am so much looking forward to the next show.

  2. You and I have talked about how evolution and change occurs by polarities knocking against each other, and eventually becoming something new. I interpret the imminent US surveillance panopticon as a manifestation of our understanding that we’re all connected.

  3. C

    Dueling Doppelgangers!! Reminds me of all those Twilight Zone/Outer Limits episodes we watched as teens! thanks to JannyG for que-ing me in. Thinking that us Cajuns on the Bayous in Louisiana might be too busy filling sandbags on May 21st.They’ll just have to start the Rapture without us!

  4. p

    YES, YES, YES!

    And some of us are living in countries in the throes of revolution, where nothing changes.

    It’s all getting too weird for words and most people are making like there’s nothing new, a la:

    “It’s always been like this, we’re just more connected now so it seems like more’s going on…”

    Uh, really??? From where I’m sitting (for sure an even weirder place than from where you’re sitting),
    it is all looking very surreal.

    You’ve got a good grasp on what’s happening & you express it succinctly.
    You have my heartfelt thanks for that — don’t know what I’d do without you!

    Keep rocking.

    1. a

      Yeah Pamela, it really blows my mind when people ask; “Wasn’t it always this way and we just have more access to information?” I have to step back and chuckle just a bit. People didn’t microwave babies 40 years ago and that’s just the most base, dumbed down example. As long as there’s a story to tell, I’m a witness. “And some of us are living in countries in the throes of revolution, where nothing changes.” Ain’t that the truth? (shakes head) Glad you’re digging the site.

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