Quick MR Update On The Sports Front Portends Peyton Manning Signing With The Titans

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Manning is an Aries

Just a quick Mercury Retrograde update. I have said this before. Sports is one of the greatest barometers to gauge Mercury Retrograde in action. NFL Free Agency and the NBA’s trade deadline are all happening at the inception of MR. There’s already a retro/return theme emerging.

Just as Mercury began to lurch backwards, Randy Moss, the archetypal Aquarian of professional wide receivers stepped off the sidelines and returned to the pro game, coming of retirement, signing a no frills contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Niners wide receiver, Josh Morgan signed with the Redskins, reuniting with former UVA receiver, Eddie Royal, who also signed with Washington. Its also a homecoming of sorts for Morgan since he is from the D.C. area.

Brandon Marshall got traded to the Bears, reconnecting him with Jay Cutler, his former QB when the two played together in Denver.

Today, Brandon Lloyd is scheduled to visit the 49ers, a team he played for in the early 2000’s.

On the basketball front, Warriors guard, Monta Ellis got traded to Milwaukee and
returning to Golden State is Aries guard, Stephen Jackson, which leads me to another Aries in the midst of a major life/career decision; Peyton Manning.

Based on all the retro/return action, I am laying it out there and forecasting Manning signing with the Tennessee Titans. Why? Its where he started his career really, as an All American at University of Tennessee. So if all this boomeranging is any indication as to where Manning will wind up, my sense is that it’s in Nashville, with one, slight darkhorse; Miami, since that is where he actually lives. A homecoming of sorts.

Okay, I promise more end times poetry for my next post.

7 thoughts on “Quick MR Update On The Sports Front Portends Peyton Manning Signing With The Titans”

  1. S

    Sports talk radio gurus in Chicago have Manning going to Miami, which caused the Dolphins to make cap space and eliminate a problem player ( Marshall who comes to Chicago has reported he suffers from borderline personality disorder) Another RE- today — Mike D’Antoni resigns from the NY Knicks, leaving major speculation that Phil Jackson could return to the team for which he played and “complete the circuit”.

    1. a

      Yep. Phil would return to the place where he started and learned the game from Red Holzman. The talk radio gurus should have checked with this astrologer first. Apparently, Manning is now taking a physical in Tennessee.

  2. n

    Looks like it’s going to be Denver. What say you about that? Elway is a Leo. They are already getting along famously, I bet.

    1. a

      Well. I was wrong. That’s Uranus, smack dab on Manning’s Sun, doing the unexpected, which as an astrologer, I should have expected. Honestly, when San Francisco jumped in, I thought that was Uranus. Elway couldn’t wait to get rid of that other Leo. If rumors are true, then Tebow will go to New England to back up another Leo, who is coached by an Aries. Is this all making sense? He would have been a terrible fit for the Niners. His Sun squares Jim Harbaugh’s Sun in Capricorn exactly. Frankly, I think Elway pulled him aside and said that there’s a 75% chance that the whole shit house is going down in 2012 and if it does, we’ve got e-tickets for you and your family in the Comfort Inn, a 1/4 mile beneath the Denver Airport. Manning said, “Tim Tebow, you may have the rapture, but I have the DUMB. Sign me up.”

  3. n

    I seriously worry about P Manning. He’s an Aries..vulnerable in the head. Denver has a terrible defense, which is why Tebow didn’t do better than he did there. Peyton could end up with a serious concussion or worse.

    Astrology aside, because I don’t know what coachs’ signs are, my gut feeling is that Tebow will end up either in Jacksonville or with the Dolphins. Jacksonville is what I’m getting strongest… it’s a wait and see.

  4. n

    Uranus strikes again. Rex Ryan, coach of the Jets, where Tebow is headed, is a Dec. 13, 1962 fire sign. Sounds good to me… One of my biggest heart throbs as a young woman was Joe Namath. So I have a soft spot in my heart for that team.

    1. a

      That was a bumpy, very MR approach to touching down with the Jets. Your heartthrob is not into TT. I do like Namath though. He overcame a lot. Try to find the HBO documentary on him. Its pretty interesting.

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