Queen Of The Sun, Colony Collapse, Liquid Light And Neptune In Pisces

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Bee the change.

I’m sitting across from Taggart Siegel, he’s the director of a new documentary about “colony collapse disorder” called “Queen Of The Sun.” In some ways, I feel like I’m staring back at my mirror image. We’re roughly the same age, with the same approximation of facial hair, in roughly the same place, similar shades for brown and speckled gray. He has a six-year-old son. Mine just turned seven. He lives on the east coast, I’m on the west side. So it’s not that strange that we would connect quickly and easily.

When I saw the PR email for his new film cross my screen, I knew immediately that I had to see it. It was pure instinct and that’s when I’m usually at my best. When I watched the screener, my gut was validated.

While “Queen Of The Sun” is filled with alarming news about the state of bees around the planet, it’s also a love poem to the honey bee. Many documentarians go for the jugular, but Siegel has gone for the heart, rendering a rare work that both informs and inspires, not an easy thing to do. He manages to craft a wake up call for the species and a celebration of the circle of life, of which the honey bee is a deeply integral participant.

Siegel followed the golden thread left behind by Rudolf Steiner, who predicted that we would be facing a crisis with the bees in roughly eighty years if we did not change our agricultural strategies. Steiner, unfortunately was correct. Due to a number of factors including increased use of pesticides, new super pesticides called “neuronicotienoids.” mono-cultural farming and even artificially inseminating the queen, let alone the unknown impact of chemtrails, bee colonies are dying around the planet. As a result, honey bees are forgetting crucial information. They are losing their way back to the hives, they are even losing the ability to remember specific bee like traits when they are in the hive itself. In essence the hive is breaking down, one bee at a time. Siegel makes it very clear, that their plight is ours as well.

Jean-Luc Picard introduced us to the concept of “The Borg,” a virtual hive mind, where the individual ceases to exist and serves only the interests of the Borg and ultimately the Borg Queen. It’s a synthetic doppelganger for the more organic version of the honey bee’s intricate network of propagation, survival and creation. Nature abhors a vacuum and in a sense, we are unfortunately replacing the glorious and organic hive intelligence of the honey bees with our own, mindless version of artificial intelligence. The honey bees are the canary in the coal mine and they are getting very quiet. The web of life is disintegrating and it follows a disturbing pattern of genetically modified design that is altering the very organic structure of this world. We are being recast as something other than human on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Just pick up your “Android” phone and answer it. It’s the future calling.

While the news for the bees is troubling to say the least, the bee keepers in the film are a true affirmation of the “human” spirit. They range from eccentric yogis in France who tickle bees with their mustache, to uber-healthy farmers in New Zealand harvesting the powerful Manuaka honey, to ale sipping London roof top bee keepers. They are committed and passionate in their love, devotion and service to the honey bee and along with the bees themselves, are the stars of the film.

It didn’t take long for me to drop into the astrological zone with this film. Honey is a liquid. In fact, it is liquid sunlight, the aggregate essence of plant sex, seduced and spurred on by heliotropic waves of longing; to rise, extend and open to the source of all life. The honey bees perform their magic in the darkness of the hive, a sweet alchemy that feeds both them and us. The liquid and mystical nature of honey took on a golden Piscean glow for me, the intersection between the altitudes of Aquarius and the descent downward into the unified fields of comb and hive, the ultimate surge of oneness and undifferentiated consciousness. The honeybees are showing us how to get it done. They’re the new model for reclaiming our right and responsibilities as organic stewards of this world. This is the promise of Neptune in Pisces, which awaits us; Reawakening to our oneness, in a deeply integrated fashion, both individual and whole. With Jupiter in Taurus approaching us in mid-summer and hanging there for well over a year, the Earth and it’s need for us to remember and care will be front and center.

I urge everyone to see this important piece of film making. In some ways, it is the antithesis of the cold and clinical angst of Zeitgeist and it’s sci-fi wet dreams of Jaques Fresco. And go to the “Queen Of The Sun” website as well. There seems to be a community and social hive evolving there. Stay human. Long live the honey bee.

I will have my interview with Taggert Siegel on tomorrow’s “Friday Farcast.” Please join me.

4 thoughts on “Queen Of The Sun, Colony Collapse, Liquid Light And Neptune In Pisces”

  1. Robert, another delightful synch. I just finished working on my Buzz banner and then wandered over to your blog straight after…This is a wonderful post, and a terrific video clip. I’ll definitely be seeing the film when it comes here. I just adore bees. Spring’s arrived here in Wales, and you just know that it’s here when you see the bees buzzing around…and the gentle bumble bee, what a cuddly little teddy bear with wings it is…and you’re right, and the people in the video clip, and the makers of the film, are right, they are vital to our very being and the vibrant health of all of this planet’s inhabitants…and, they don’t only bring promises of gold, they deliver it. Nice one mate.

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