Prometheus, Invocation Of Pisces, Happy Astarte, Chocolate Jesus And The Egg

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Say hello to daddy.

I’ve been eyeballing “Prometheus” the latest sci-fi epic from the film director Ridley Scott–or at least the trailers. In the latest trailer, the lens opens up on a distant planet, where, theoretically, “we” originated from. At least that’s the early subtext based on explicit clues given in byte sized bits. Two, eager young archaeologists stumble upon a symbol that shows up in every significant, ancient culture on the planet. They put them together and voila! A map to the stars. Using their celestial cookie crumbs, the ship. “Prometheus” is launched to not only visit our planet of origination, but have tea with the gods that created us. And of course, that’s where everything goes to hell.

The opening shot of the latest trailer is an invocation of Neptune/Pisces. Look at the power, the force, the untamed nature of the off world water. Scott and company are summoning Piscean magic, drawing you in. Its fascinating that James Cameron, who is tied to the Alien series as the writer/director of the sequel to “Alien” (Aliens) was in the news recently, exploring the benthic zones of the Pacific Ocean. Cameron, powered by a high-tech, deep submersible sub was exploring the vaginal interface of earth and sea, where heat is life and life is pretty strange. Those azoic creatures were the inspiration behind Cameron’s evocation of Pandora. So we have a deep current of Pisces running though the alien channel.

The early returns of “Prometheus” besides the canny invocation of Pisces, is that the gods are coming back to Earth and they are pissed. This all dovetails with a plethora of the ancient alien script that is getting turned up in volume across all media platforms.

“Prometheus” is the latest meme in the model designed to not only convince us that we are indeed “star seed” but that the makers of our race are now amongst us. Its already out there and happening. That’s the sub plot of the Nephilim/Annunaki disclosure. That’s why there was such a heavy investment in “The Giants” and Madonna (Louise Ciccone) and the Super Bowl, blatantly occult, mind-fuck. Its to get you thinking not only about the possibility of this being the case, but when its revealed that they have never left and actually built the world around us, we will be asked to bow down before our makers.

Its a lie of course.

Now that’s not to say that we haven’t been seeded or visited. Doing a cross-cultural perusal of ancient civilizations and seeing how they sprung up, out of nowhere with advanced technologies, seemingly overnight, defies the casual, evolutionary arc of the ages. Those civilizations were injected with cultural steroids and no matter what some sources say, this was not the result of King Solomon’s nautical adventures amongst the dark skinned peoples of the ancient world. But I digress–back to the modern script.

Its also pretty clear that “Prometheus” is featuring another meme, one of some sort of alien/synthetic sentience that colonizes the human body. In essence, this alien breed is parasitic. It is the front screen projection of Morgellons and a host of other contagion we have yet to uncover. Bundle up a plethora of products that swaddle our water and food in plastic, and we are further altering our chromosomes and even sex type. The human species as we know it is rapidly becoming a quaint notion.

We’re mutating into something else and the early data is not encouraging. People are extruding bits of plastic shards, colored fibers, octagonal looking micro-chips and more from their skin.

This acceleration into synthetic humanity is also featured in another Scott film, the legendary “Blade Runner” where Rutger Hauer’s epic performance as the lead rebel of androids gone rogue, made him and his species seem even more alive and poetic than the so called “humans” personified by Harrison Ford.

Scott also whitewashed NATO’s major fuck up in Somalia and made war seem cool and heroic again in the massively decorated “Black Hawk Down” which might be the only film in history that featured two Scottish heroin addicts, magically transformed into Audie Murphys. Of course I’m referencing Ewan MacGregor and Ewen Bremner, who were shooting junk in “Trainspotting” before they were shooting muslims in “Black Hawk Down.” Film is a funny vehicle to get people thinking about things a little differently, if you move the players around, like toy soldiers, just a bit. Doncha think?

So here we have “Prometheus” getting ready to open, opening the floodgates of Pisces, pouring tales of cosmic superiority into our minds.

In the original “Alien” what we saw was unlike anything we had ever witnessed on the silver screen. It was an illuminist head job from start to finish. The ship, “The Nostromo” goes off course to explore a planet that might have some interesting properties on it. The ship’s captain, “Dallas” played by Tom Skerrit receives communication and data from the ship’s computer named, “Mother.” He accesses “Mother” in a soft, womb like setting. In the womb lies the egg and the egg will play a large role in Alien. The egg is the source of all life.

Edward Bernays did his best mind control with eggs. Back in the 50’s instant cake mixes were starting to get mass marketed but women were not buying them. They thought they were cheating and not living up to their feminine standards by simply pouring, adding water, stirring and baking. Sales for the new mixes were slow, so Betty Crocker hired Bernays to fix the problem.

After talking with a number of women, Bernays realized that they were being robbed of their feminine/domesticated purpose. So he advised Betty Crocker to add an egg to the recipe so that the women could A) Feel like they were actually making something and B) Were biologically connected to the symbol of the egg itself. So you see, the egg has an immense amount of power.

In “Alien” the womb/mother is synthetic. That is the first act of inverted meaning and reverse magic in the film. We’ll also see “Dallas” get offed early on. So much for the old Dallas “cowboy” saving the day motif.

Once they arrive on the planet where they discover the enormous “space jockey” (can you say Nephilim?) they are quickly introduced to row upon row of, you guessed it; eggs.

John Hurt’s character touches one and we all know what happens next; Enter face sucker! Now for the next act of inverted meaning and reverse magic, shortly after eating some food, Hurt begins to shake and shudder violently and then gives birth to the nasty little alien. Yes, here we have a man giving birth. Everything is reversed. The womb is synthetic. Mother is a computer. Men give birth. This type of confusion is intentional as it dislocates the psyche and allows programs and agendas to slip in. Its a technique as old as the bible and perfected by Shakespeare.

What happens next in “Alien” is mostly a haunted house flick in space with a little alien rape thrown in for good measure. The last man standing wasn’t even a man–its “Ripley” (believe it or not!) played by Sigourney Weaver. Here again, we’re seeing inverted meaning and reverse magic. Ripley has managed to not only stave off the alien, but also “Ash” a murderous cyborg that will stop at nothing to make sure the ship and the alien reaches Earth.

Ripley is the one that survives and saves the world. She is the futuristic, ass kicking G.I. Jane (also directed by Scott) in space.

At the time, Weaver’s character was lauded for her toughness and ability to transcend traditional gender roles. She became a feminist icon. Now, it seems more like early mind warping of familiar sex identities, which was a precursor for what was to come. Scott would do this again, with “Thelma (Thelema aka Will) and Louise (Luce)” and G.I. Jane with Demi Moore, who was raised in “Roswell” New Mexico. Interestingly, Scott also directed a short film called “Jonathan” which appeared in a film with other short films about children called, get this; “All The Invisible Children.” The production company of the film is “MK Film Productions.”

So getting back to the egg which hatched this trip down the celluloid rabbit hole, we’re just a few, short days away from “Egg Day.” The world’s largest fertility rite, performed over the world’s greatest death opera; Cue Strauss’s “Death and Transfiguration.” I always thought that someone would hit an absolute grand slam if they could make a chocolate Jesus, since it would one up the pagans by beating them at their own game, while making communion sweet and fun. Okay, communion isn’t supposed to be sweet and fun, use bittersweet chocolate, which might be even more appropriate anyway. However, I am certain that certain christian sects would demand that it be “white chocolate” instead.

Eoster, Easter, Esther, Astarte, Ashtar, Ash(tar) Wednesday and Esther Sunday. Lost in all of this is Sananda Emmanuel, Yeshua, the one that the astro-theologists want to murder and simply make a star or a man, depending on which lodge you want to hang in. In just a few short days, we celebrate the death and resurrection, the big selling point for all christians, where the hammer hits the nail so to speak.

I remember getting stranded one night out in the middle of “No Fucking Where,” New Mexico with a flat. I started walking down the road with my ruined tire and quickly got picked up by a father and son. He worked for the BLM and they hauled me about 15 miles down the road to a small town where he knew a guy that could open his gas station and sell me a legit tire. It was kind of a miracle.

On the way back to my van, he asked me what I did for a living and I decided it wouldn’t be good if I told him I was a tarot reader. So I told him I was a street artist.

Without pause, he launched into a sermon about Jesus and God and how God let his only son die as the ultimate act of love for mankind. I was saying to myself, what kind of father would do that? To me, that’s psychopathic and is frankly one of the reasons why we’re so screwed up. We’ve been led to believe that ritual sacrifice is not only appropriate, but noble, even divine.

Now according to Gerald Light, the guy that spilled the beans on the Eisnenhower meet and greet with the Greys, they dialed up a magical hologram that brought the crucifixion right into their midst. So if it went down like the Zetas not just said, but showed, then what really happened?

Many years ago, I had a revelation that during the crucifixion everything on the planet was imbued with a new energy. I saw it course through all things and give us the passport to higher vibrations and levels of being. All things were humming at a different rate from that moment forward and hundreds of atomic bombs could not change it, even if they could sucker punch holes through this dimension. The energy, the essence, the cosmic DNA is everywhere, if we could only steal ourselves from the endless distractions and terminal mind fucks.

As he ushered in the age of Pisces, the keys could be found in parables, but the real action was in the living testament that we could access the same source code he did, if we could only love and never abandon the truth. Everything else was piled on by middlemen, con artists and obfuscaters.

Bathing in the waters of redemption and higher knowledge does not take a towering intellect or the ability to interpret symbols and cast them upon the world. It simply takes an open heart and a discerning mind; “Be wise like serpents.”

Let’s bring this all full circle, with Dead Can Dance’s, “The Serpent And The Egg” and “The Host Of The Seraphim.” Have a blessed Libra Moon and rebirth of your own sacred and holy awareness as an infinite being, humble in the majesty and mystery of all creation.

15 thoughts on “Prometheus, Invocation Of Pisces, Happy Astarte, Chocolate Jesus And The Egg”

  1. J

    You are on a roll, Robert. Another great post. Blade Runner is a film I return to every 5 years or so. Rutger Hauer’s performance is very powerful – so primal. I never focused on Scott’s agenda, but the Promethean theme clearly runs through his work. The “other” does not appear to be sympathetic in this new film, but it is in BR, and reminds me that Mary Shelley’s full title for Frankenstein was “A Modern Prometheus” – the first modern example we have of a sympathetic monster/creation abandoned by his creator and seeking some answers.

    You mentioned Shakespeare briefly in reference to hidden agendas. ANy thoughts on Shakespeare’s connections? There is a very odd film that came out recently called “Anonymous,” which concerns the Oxfordian theory of Shakespearean authorship — that Edward de Vere wrote the plays. Roland Emmerich directed it. Check it out. I’d be interested in your take on it.

    1. a

      Thanks Juno. Yes, I remember that film when it came out. I had to ask myself, what was up with it, since Emmerich is a company guy. It struck me (without seeing it) that it was an attempt by the royals to claim/re-claim Shakespeare as their own. I’m more in the Bacon camp on that one. speaking of bacon, its time for breakfast!

    1. a

      I knew Jones did something but I didn’t to watch it, because I wanted to come to my perceptions without seeing what he put out there.

  2. J

    Great piece Robert–had me cracking up but not scrambled…Doh! Seriously though, as a lark I googled “chocolate Jesus” and there is a company called chocolate fantasies that has a page of religious chocolates of all sorts; Jesus, Mary, crucifixes, angels, in lollipop form too. I wasn’t really surprised.
    I happen to agree that any God who would require sacrifice of his son’s life is a sadistic jerk not worthy of worship. Yet I am curious about your revelation regarding the energy at time of crucifixion…does that mean you do attribute some sort of Holy Power to the man? I tend to vacillate between believing in Jesus as an enlightened Shaman/Avatar mainly due to a powerful personal experience during a meditation many years ago and thinking he may have been a true historical figure, a maverick and revolutionary independent thinker/rebel but no more. Are you familiar with Dave McGowan? He wrote a provocative piece that speaks to this as well as some interesting political predictions you might enjoy:
    Lastly, a few years ago in a GoodWill store I saw a CD nestled among a sock shelf. It was Dead Can Dance Spirit Chaser. It looked cool and something about it resonated strongly so I bought it and OMG it blew me away and is a top favorite. Love those little blessings from the Multiverse.
    Happy Egg Day to you too~Mitakuye Oyasin~jo

    1. a

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks. I do know of Dave’s work. Totally respect it and will check it out. I don’t know if it was a bleed through from my 12 Ray days or not, but there was a time in my life where I felt very connected to Jesus and in fact I once boarded a plane in Las Vegas, where a mexican guy taking my ticket, told me that I looked just like Jesus. So I had the Jesus/12 Ray thing going on and the revelation hit. I think I was in my early 20’s then. It had to do with the fact that he was conscious of it all, throughout it all and forgave the people that were doing the dirty deed. It was alchemical at that moment and it changed everything from that point forward. My other rather out there belief is that all those atomic explosions and other black science projects were designed to knock the Earth/3D off the Christ timeline and onto something else, like a virtual reality, instead of something that would lead to a planetary awakening.

      Does that make him holy or special? I don’t know too many people that could be in utter forgiveness, compassion and love while people were urinating, smearing feces, spitting and gouging at a defenseless man nailed to a cross.

      It could be all fiction. The astrotheologists would love to have you believe that. But I was saved once in my life, so I have a different perspective than most. Its a longer story for another time.

  3. D

    look forward to that story Robert, as a good Catlik girl i totally belived in JC and felt his betrayal, humiliation, pain and utter lonliness. then I outgrew him to revisit him via Sananda and later through an experiment in born again evangalism but i found him not there. However, as an enigmatic character your vision suggests that the new matrix of energy released with his actual or allegorical surrender, was and is a powerful living force, hijacked, contained, polluted and steered into this prevailing Luciferian aganeda.

    i had more or less concluded that if JC were a living man, representative of a collective of souls rebelling against Sanhedrin and Roman rule he represents one and all in the struggle of choice within this life. In this respect, it is hideous for Christians to buy into the KJV or tolerate the continuation of monopoly banking.

    as the figurehead of the innate free and rebellious nature of man applied judiciously, those same scribes, pharisees and all the king’s men chose to make a lasting impression and warning to all those of similar bent. the promise of return keeps believers forever heads bent, on knees preying to and through an outside agency. instead of following the way.

    i had more or less concluded that the lack of hard evidence to support the proposition that a man lived of those times under those circumstance and said and did those things, meant he was a powerful archetype fashioned from longing yet devoid in parts of reason. recently, though, i came to appreciate how very easy it is to conceal evidence of anything or to lay a false trail. they who hold the records and the media, select what is presented as real and what is false.
    if JC had lived and all those things were partly true as a physical man, then we might wonder what agencies were working through him and why there is no physical proof of him other than hearsay of scribes through the Rosicrucion Courts by way of prosaic allegory and occult references via John Dee.

    He-is-us is and was a common enough name but the historians of the time given as authorities made no specific or lengthy mention of a man who was bent on sedition or the extraordinary sway his preachings were having on the general population. This may of course be the biggest conspiracy of the Piscean Age and what’s interesting is the transition to Aquarius will be the ‘revelation’ that it was Saint John The Divine Baptist or water bearer who was the ‘true’ messiah and his blood lines live on, ready to ascend on recognition as the true royal rulers with the might to right by grace of god.

    that bad friday became good friday and the good of friday 13th became a curse advertises the bringers and bearers of this sacrificial feast in defeat of mankind’s spiritual integrity.

  4. D

    so Robert, you wrote this article on the Mexico tire experience just prior to it showing up in sequel? you are writing your destiny?

  5. J

    Hey thanks for your thoughtful reply. Maybe someday you’ll write that longer story then again perhaps it’s best kept special to yourself. Gee do ya think my North node being in 10th H Gemini might explain my back and forth always seeing both sides of an issue argghh it can be annoyingly wishy washy!

    As for your far out theory; I wouldn’t put it past those psycho dark side wankers. A few years back I was an armchair investigator reading up on Montaulk, the Philadelphia experiment, MK Ultra, secret ops etc. and came across a similar theory as you suggest but I had to step back from all that stuff as it made me feel very depressed, angry and helpless. Now I might check things out but with some detachment and more discernment cause there is so much bs out there!

    Am currently working on issues of forgiveness and it is rather challenging so yea when you put it the way you did I’d say he was certainly extraordinary if not exalted…not just a two legged but a Sacred Human Being. I strive to meet that and fall short daily. A therapist once told me I’d have to give up the Christ Complex (believing if I wasn’t like Jesus I was unworthy—religious upbringing guilt/shame program) if I was ever going to find peace in this Life. Gotta lighten up more and worry less!
    I would like you to do a chart for me but I’m thinking of a custom request. Can I email you directly to inquire….if so where?

  6. J

    I re-read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” today because it was nagging at me that the book was different than BR, but I read it so long ago that I could not remember HOW it differed. You mentioned with Scott’s agenda, “Everything is reversed.” it is the same with DADOES: in the book, Philip K. Dick is clearly pro-human and anti-android. The androids lack empathy and have no trouble killing. The film, on the other hand, is pro-android, and Scott even hints that Rick Deckard might be an android — when he is clearly human in the book.

  7. D

    Juno that’s in it one. Everything is reversed. Men put their procreative powers into a waste disposal pipe in preference to the womb of creation for self gratification, power, control. That’s history, that’s now and that’s future … for someone or ‘other’.

  8. J

    Robert, each reading of whatever you’ve written leaves me with awe at your use of language and writing ability to make various “points” or to introduce thoughts to us that perhaps we’ve not had before. Of course, each one also expands my knowledge and exposure to many things. It really is unbelievable to look at how long the agenda has been at work, and then to wonder if we really have any power to change course at all, or is that also part of the programming???

    Thanks for posting this again so that I read it!


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