Poseidon Adventure As Piscean Metaphor And The Death Of Andrew Breitbart, Aquarian, Conservative, Radical

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Downside up.

I’ve been thinking about “The Poseidon Adventure” a lot lately as a planetary metaphor, especially as the heavenly waters of Pisces have flooded over us the past ten days. Just a quick re-cap. “The Poseidon Adventure” was one of director Irwin Allen’s successful disaster flicks of the 70’s. Allen capitalized on the traumatized spirits of the silent generation and their depression era parents by offering up campy worst case scenario films like “Poseidon” and “Towering Inferno.” Those two, along with “Airport” and “Earthquake” created the disaster elemental quartet. Gotta fear? Don’t worry, we’ll find the right medium to play upon it and scare the hell out of you. Traveling via plane? No problem. We’ll just stick a desperate old salesman on board with a home made bomb and blow the shit out of it. To this day, whenever I board a jet, I remember people being hoovered out the side of a Boeing at 20,000 feet from “Airport.”

Irwin Allen was the “Master of Disaster.” He was also at the controls of the campy “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea,” “Lost In Space” and “The Time Tunnel.” The Time Tunnel was remotely interesting. Rumor has it that it was based on the Philadelphia Experiment. But I digress.

Here’s a few ruminations on the symbolism of Poseidon from a meta-Piscean perspective. The ship is headed from New York to Greece. As it steams towards Greece, it won’t take on any ballast (debt?) and is engulfed by a giant wave caused by an undersea quake. Since the ship has no ballast, it literally flips over. The vacationers are now living in an upside down world, where they have to get to the bottom of the boat, which is ass up to get out. See where I’m going with all of this? They are even led by Gene Hackman who plays a Catholic priest struggling with his faith. I can’t think of anything more Piscean/Chironic than this. And of course there’s that good old sacrificial element that gets play. How can we have a Piscean disaster epic without an imitation of Christ? Allen is an interfaith martyr maker though. Shelly Winters plays Betty Rosen, on her way to Israel to see her grandson. She too dies in the service of saving the survivors, falling to a heart attack after freeing Hackman, trapped in a submerged engine room.

But the idea here, the metaphor is, is that we’re living in an upside down world; Lies are truth. Security is freedom. Fear is love. War is peace. We’ve been turned upside down, ass end up. The only way out is through the bottom, not the top.


In my last post, I talked about the journey down the rabbit hole and the resultant shock and trauma that goes along with it. Well today, while half of the internet was rushing to the aid of Sandra Fluke, ready to stone and rack Rush Limbaugh, another, darker, more grim story emerges out of the crypt of certified child molestation.

In Ohio, an un-named man was arrested for molesting and pimping out his ten-year-old ADOPTED son, one of four children he had adopted. Two other men were named in this lurid tale of what appears to be covert enabling with an adoption center out of Texas. He was another pillar of the community type. Basketball coach, president of the Foster Parents Association. You get the drift. Amazing how they have not yet identified him, but they have outed two of his accomplices.

When Saturn moves into Scorpio, we’re going to see a lot more of this. A LOT. We’re getting a glimpse of it at the final degrees of Saturn in Libra; The ceremonial rape of innocence.

Go ahead, pile on Rush Limbaugh, whose Capricorn Sun is a more than able sacrificial goat, caught in the snares of today’s Cardinal T-Square. He’s a bully mashed in his pulpit, but as you vex and flex over the vain glories of a deeply misguided man, just remember, Jerry Sandusky is sitting at home, sipping the adult beverage of his choice while he faces over fifty counts of sexual abuse (when most of us would be behind bars) and is allowed to interact with children. . .freely.

The whole Limbaugh thing reminds me of the scene in Platoon where they find Manny, throat slashed and tied to a tree, down by the river. The maniacal Barnes, played menacingly well by Tom Berenger goes on a rampage in the nearby village and Charlie Company are desperate to take out their fury on someone, something, anything.

Its been three years since Obama was elected and the country has gone so far south that a lot of people need GPS to find their heads and pull them out of the collective asshole. Most people I know are unemployed or underemployed. These are whip smart people with college degrees and lots of solid, real world experience. They’re living on vapor and faith–an apt metaphor for the Piscean diet of etheric smoothies. Obama has done little to boost the dollar and bolster confidence. But that was the plan not necessarily his plan from the jump. The people that believed and trusted in him, his base, are really pissed, but they are simmering in a vat of denial. They’re angry at the Republican Party, the Tea Party, the Donner Party, you name it. They’re fucking pissed but they would never direct it at the party and the leadership that has brought them as much war as Bush and stepped on their personal rights and freedoms as much as any wretched ole republican would.

The two party dialectic has gone off like a time bomb inside of them, obliterating any loss of faith and utter disappointment. They want blood. They want a blood Rush.

Meanwhile, the right is just a little numb over the death of one of their stalwarts, a larger-then-life and “controversial” figure named “Andrew Breitbart.”


Basic birth time.

Its hard to get a read on Andrew Breitbart from a number of angles and perspectives. He was adopted. Irish by birth, he was raised Jewsih in a well off family in Brentwood. His father, Gerald, owned Fox and Hounds, a landmark Tudor-style Santa Monica restaurant that later became the punk rock club Madame Wong’s West. His mother, Arlene, was an executive at Bank of America in Beverly Hills and downtown L.A.

As a teen, he delivered pizza to the stars. Breitbart eventually wound up at Tulane University, where he stumbled through a degree in American Studies. His words, not mine. When Reagan was elected and Clarence Thomas did the perp walk, Breitbart had an epiphany of sorts, which led to the formation of a quasi-libertarian consciousness.

Being that he was adopted, getting the true birth time is nearly impossible. We know that he was born on 2/1/69. which would technically make him an Aquarian Monkey, which roughly translates into a world class shit disturber.

He shared his birth date with Brandon Lee, Rick James and Jani Lane, all three of whom now share death with Breitbart. Brandon Lee’s death, like his father’s (Bruce), is clouded with conspiracy. But there is another figure, who, like Breitbrart, also born on 2/1 that died a mysterious death at a very young age. That person is Jessica Savitch, America’s first, hard news reporter/anchorwoman.

In spite of her flashy. Farrah Fawcett-like looks, Savitch was a serious reporter. Her last assignment was interviewing the Italian banker, Roberto Calvi aka “God’s Banker” due to the fact that he did the books for The Vatican and some say, “The Priory Of Scion.” Shortly after his talk with Savitch, Calvi was found hanging by his neck underneath a bridge. This scene is played out by Heath Ledger in the film, “The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus.”

Rumors have abounded for years that Calvi was a high level member of Freemasonry and the “Illuminati” and was going rogue. Savitch was one of the last people to talk with him. She and her boyfriend wound up in a canal after leaving a restaurant in their car. They both drowned.

It is rumored that Breibart has video of Obama from college that presents a very different picture of POTUS. In his words, “This time (election cycle) we’re going to vet him.” The caustic radio-talk-show host Michael Savage (not Savitch) has essentially said that “Breitbart” was killed by the Obama administration.

The Falstaffian (Sun trine Jupiter) new media pundit supposedly died from a “heart attack.” The latest coming out of the LA coroners office is that it will be weeks before they will release a cause of death. He was out for a night walk outside his house and that was it.

His last days were filled with irony and prophecy. Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and one of his buddies had dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn at their place on Super Bowl Sunday. There, over Korean short ribs and quinoa. Breitbart drank and joked with a silver-tailed-head of the hydra. He also alluded to 3/1 as the day that would set off some real fireworks. It was the day he died.

Astrologically, he literally had a killer Yod in his chart with the True Node in Aries at 1 degree and Chiron in Aries at 0 degrees, opposed by Jupiter and Uranus in Libra at 5 and 3 respectively. With his True Node in Aries at 1 degree, he wasn’t here for any sort of Libran supplication–that was the back end and in past lives. This life was about confrontation and will, With transiting Uranus sitting on both, he was ready to take some big risks–really big risks. Maybe too big for even a larger than life figure like him, especially with an explosive Uranus/Uranus opposition.

Not one to shy away from confrontation, he re-tweeted every single nasty tweet sent his way. He reveled in being reviled in a way that only someone with that Aries TN could handle and absorb the heat from.

In fact, his chart is marked by opposition(s) (nine in total). Venus (Pisces/29/Anaretic) opposed both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. He was shocking and he had enemies on both sides of the left/right dialectic. While Breitbart was a red, white and blue conservative, he had a streak of pink running through him. He was on the advisory board of GOProud a GOP gay group. He also supported the “Homocons” at the American Conservative Union in 2011. Like a good, radical Aquarian, he delighted in yanking chains on both sides. He was a cosmic agent provocateur of sorts. I didn’t know him personally, but I know he had four kids that he loved dearly and I know that there are some liberals that have publicly delighted in his untimely demise; Bad form no matter how you slice it.

On the flip side I heard some conservative talking heads on the radio this morning, goading callers into labeling the troubled Nadia Lockyer a tramp, trollop, slut, you name it. Lockyer is the 30ish wife of 70ish Califiornia State treasurer and lifelong pol, John Lockyer. Nadia has the hundred-yard prison stare and harlequin grin in nearly every photo. Its the same kind of goofy, Stepford look that Sarah Palin, Clarissa Gingrich and Cindi McCain sport. She’s obviously unraveling from some kind of programming, flitting in and out of rehab, hooking up with an edgy tweaker. One moment they’re lionizing Breitbart, the next they’re sticking voodoo pins into Lockyer. This is why we’re hurtling like Mr. Toad across the ecliptic. People on both sides of the phony dialectic are pissed and they’re taking it out on each other. Oldest trick on the planet. Just remember what Yeats once said; “The worst are filled with passionate intensity, while the best lack all conviction.”

Say a prayer for the good folks in the cyclonic south and mideast. The New Madrid needs some rest.

Goddess bless.

34 thoughts on “Poseidon Adventure As Piscean Metaphor And The Death Of Andrew Breitbart, Aquarian, Conservative, Radical”

  1. T

    I’m still reading this … but, what strikes me off the bat about Breibart’s chart, is his 12th House (hidden stuff) Sun & Mercury… which, directly opposes Obama’s Sun .

  2. A

    Glad to see you posting. The Truthy blogosphere and forums have been strangely quiet the last couple of days. I just watched the Poseidon Adventure recently when I stumbled on it. I was glad to see it again because I was much younger the last time. It’s an oddly mesmerizing viewing experience for me cuz they got me with the dying by dark water fear meme. Like Natalie Wood – no thanks. This time I wasn’t focusing on the manner of death but by how an experience like that – small group, treacherous circumstance – would strip you to your core. There would be no hiding behind anything – kinda like right now where all the crazy is coming to the surface. Even those that were/are so called leaders for truth.

    Re the child abuse news that continues to come out. In Michigan this week, a man brutally killed his sister that he lived with. The news focused on the horrific details of the slaying – they were positively giddy to have the story, btw. They showed the mug shot – classic posession stare. They show him babbling in court wanting to represent himself. within minutes they have skillfully guided you to loathe this man and label him a lunatic monster.

    At the end of the report they slip in that the man claimed his sister had molested him all of his life. I was overcome with sadness for his life. For hers. I meam wtf. Maybe these time bombs of retrbution are set to go off now. As far as i can see the world has it coming with regards to the children. It’s actually where I am resigned to some sort of huge cleansing coming through. I struggle with how so many wrongs against children will be righted without wiping out all of the religions, institutions, laws and generations of family dysfunction that have shattered so many.

    The Breibart situation is like the symbols and rituals in our faces. Isit just fun to watch people point out the plot at this stage? If he was killed there is no care for what’s obvious anymore.

    Much love.

    1. a

      Its all unraveling. I find it interesting that there seems to be a lot fratricide going on in the so-called truth movement just as these dark gates are swinging wide open. I may have to do some predictions soon.

  3. oh I get it… his jupiter/uranus in early libra is the apex of the yod with transitting jupiter in Taurus and transitting neptune/chiron in pisces. So neptune, chiron and jupiter (sounds like belief systems, big bubbles, sensing the truth) transitting at this time are creating an opportunity for his intention to upset the balance in a big way (jup/uranus). So the force of that erupts at the crotch of the slingshot, which just happens to be the Aries Point and his natal north node/chiron = life purpose to change/evolve/heal/teach the many. Transitting mercury and uranus serve to fan the Arian flames and get this obvious bump-off to go viral. Great chart Robert. Thanks for the brain stretch.

  4. T

    Robert said “When Saturn moves into Scorpio, we’re going to see a lot more of this. A LOT. We’re getting a glimpse of it at the final degrees of Saturn in Libra; The ceremonial rape of innocence”…..

    Saturn is traversing Via Combusta – isn’t this possible one of the worst combinations of planet and degrees for manifestations of nastiness? I often think we don’t pay enough attention to Via Combusta.

    Don’t know enough about Breitbart to comment, but was interested in your take on recent events. Thanks Robert.

    1. a

      Hi Twi,

      Always good to see you. You’re right about the Via Combusta. Its downright via combustible these days. Hard degrees. Saturn is coming back to my Venus one more time in a few weeks. Can’t wait.

  5. k

    Great article!!

    This Neptune in Picses is like being in my own personal Poseidon Adventure…with the Twlight Zone as the double feature!!

    1. a

      We’re in the Magen Star now. I noted it when Clif High picked this time as the crisis point for for his last data set run. I also talked about the Magen Star on Friday’s show. I believe there is enormous potential in the two, Grand Trines. both collectively and individually. I have been experiencing really high resonance for a few months now. This is counter to the chaos grid being projected via the dark meta-ritualization of consciousness since the Super Bowl.

      Breit (Bright) Bart has a number of definitions. My favorite is based on Bartholomew (Son who suspends the waters). Here we have the Piscean theme again.

      Andrew Breitbart’s death is a game changer.

  6. D

    Robert, all this talk on the internet of Breitbart being ‘taken out’ over his threat to “out”
    Obama during his college years–‘palling around with t*rrorists’ (Bill Ayers & Bernadine
    Dohrn)…isn’t this old news? This was the scuttlebutt from the 2008 campaign trail, was
    it not? Seems to be a bit of a tempest in a teapot, no? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’d
    think he’d need something more than this to reveal to warrant an assassination. Great
    piece, btw…Uber Neptune. xoxo Dee

    1. a

      Dee, it could be and the videos would have to be damning to really make a severe dent in Obama’s base, or at the very least force the media to cover the story in ways that it has not heretofore. I think its really interesting though in regards to the timing of Breitbart’s death and the “Rush” scandal. I also find it fascinating that Sandra Fluke has a Piscean last name. A “fluke” is a version of a “flounder.” Fluke and flounder. There’s some fish food for thought. Breitbart was a wild card and more than anything, that might have hastened his demise.

  7. D

    We can only hope that all this bad press will hasten Rush Limbaugh’s demise! I have never listened to this
    poor excuse for a human being but when I read recently that he actually is on 3 hours a day, 5 days a week,
    I was appalled. Who would/could listen to that wind bag for 15 hours a week? Anyway, great symbolism you
    found on Sandra “Fluke”…talk about ‘Uber Neptune’. And back to Breitbart…I find it fascinating that he was of
    Irish descent but raised by Jews in, of all places, Beverly Hills. I imagine he was psychically a trifle conflicted.
    xoxo Dee

    1. a

      Dee, I just looked at Sandra Fluke’s FB page. She signed up for FB on 3/1, just ahead of all of this. I find that just more than a little flukey or fishy if you like.

  8. D

    Fishy indeed.

    From: http://pierandsurf.com

    “Basically self-proclaimed fishermen here, so we’ve all got a few phrases that we use” Like:

    “Soaking a Line”, “Soaking Bait”, “Killing Worms” & “Getting Some Pullage”

    Now, I wonder what could we glean from that? Sounds a bit “fishy” to me. (We can get a
    hell of a lot of mileage out of that line, don’t you think?)
    xoxo Dee

  9. D

    Tiresome, isn’t it Robert, to have to explain the f’ing obvious all the time but that’s exactly the opportunity available on FB. By a presence, a voice in the wilderness that takes the stand for what ‘we’ are and who ‘they’ are is going to be under attack and mob-ganged. But you are given the opportunity then to respond with your brilliance and clarity, planting seeds, igniting recognition and enabling the ‘them’ to expose themselves for all to see more clearly.

    Sorry, to hear of your ‘wake up’ call yesterday as we head into the ritual period already covered. But…… with a heavy grounding in caution, was exposed to information via the web that certain of ‘the illuminati breakaways’ suggest that some earthquakes are the result of a military counter-measure to underground bases which are being blown up. This is not connected to any ‘alien’ propaganda, so holds some merit? I don’t know. Frankly, as we the ‘uninitiated’ are awakening so it follows that this awakening is affecting those heavily programmed within the ranks. Their breakdowns are what passes for ‘news’ so it is a double-edged sword that their press continues to advertise their failings.

    Whether the puppets are performing in politics, muse-zach, fashion, film or military (cross over roles) they are just puppets and it’s an essential service to keep people focussed on what’s above and below these representations and you’re doing so takes their eyes of the Birdie long enough to widen the peripheral vision. As they’ve said ‘politics is for plebs’. They are all actors.

  10. D

    Robert, you know my experience with a zomboid above me. Your poor mum. The sooner she can get out of there, the better in my books. Yes, the place may be good to very good in every other respect, but that one aspect is prevalent with the legislation to defend those made insane via the great pharmacratic perogative. The cops, the landlords, the law. Although a clear contravention of ‘human rights’ (it is torture) the legislation weighs in favour of ‘the rights’ of the ‘disadvantaged’ and thus the cops (who need a big payoff and there’s no ‘juice’ in resolving abuse of this nature) the landlords and the courts are bound to pay lip service to crime prevention whilst promoting and protecting criminality. If we were coming from our Common Laws, I have little doubt that a clout on the snout might well sort it out. There are no boundaries or safety nets for these clinically insane.

    1. a

      Thanks DA. My mother just moved there last year. My father passed two years ago and she is in no shape to put her lovely condo on the market and pack it in. I will help her and we’ll prevail.

  11. D

    Sandra ‘Fluke’ – get it? Georgetown is Jesuit (Clinton etc.) so this is a way of broadcasting that others better follow suit in the depopulation agenda. What is a slut? A ‘Fluke’ who has been ‘soul snatched’ and programmed to deliver a fake narrative with a lethal bullet and the prostitutes are those buying into the controversy and thus programmed deeper into the consequences of calling a spade a spade. There should have been no apology. That there was should speak volumes about buying into this debate. There they are, telling us it’s a fluke and still we get caught up in it’s eddies. The obvious opportunity missed was to highlight the plight of students (although Georgetown students are selected and do not apply to this group) who have no other means of supporting themselves through higher indoctrination than by charging for sex. It is now acceptable to do so thanks to media and deviant indoctrination. As for the birth control aspect, go visit their site. It’s for very young children shows endorsement of same sex, group sex amorality with condoms.

  12. D

    Obama is handled by the Arabs. Who are managed by the Great Pretenders. I happened across info that Herusalem is being turned into the next Vegas. Ethopian Jews in Israel are protesting against the Ashkenazi regime and Dubai looks like Das Kapital purpose build playground for the elites.

  13. D

    Esther represents what the false jews use to entrap powerful men; charm, allure, hypnotism, manipulation and espionage. Just like Sarah and look at the damage Salome wreaked! Their top illuminati whores of all genders and ages, are assassins using entrapment. Blackmail. For 2000 years. Israel always fights behind the shield of another nation. It’s all been false flagging. Isn’t that story of Esther similar to Eve with the first Eve refusing to comply with degrading demands and the second Eve compliant? Esther is the second Eve or is it ‘fecund’? In UK; they came under the King’s protection despite The Edict of Expulsion. All of the dark rituals which mark the Jew-Ish(tar) Calendar all celebrate the slaughter of innocents. Now is it that a clue? That those calling themselves Jew-ish specifically and law, customs and power rituals do indeed come from the darkest depths of the inverted female womb (as symbolised within the Star of Solomon/Wizard) are broadcasting that their deity in this era is Ishtar? They are also telling us that they are not Jews as in the Judaic sense but kinda Jew-ish using the Judaic history as a front to promote Ishtar.

  14. D

    Yes, AJ is married to a Jew-ish woman and by association, so is Alan Watt Jew-Ish. There is a warfare between the Chasidic and Orthodox Jew-Ish. So factions are stirring for all believe in the ideological entity of Israel. And Icke is well and truly outed and all by association. For a clue, visit his ex wife’s site (she has had serious reprogramming) to see how off the fricking wall this masonic member of the Rhyde Lodge (as are prominent MPs) and the unwholesome Prince Michael of Kent. So for me it’s both disappointing and a revelation to see who else connects with these sources for they are they in accord, no matter how worthy the cause. It’s surprising how many are supportive. Those who say they’re fighting against ‘the system’. Those promoting the new religion under the old flags, etc. Icke has an event booked at Wembley and you don’t get no bookin’ at Wembley without support from higher influences. A huge programming event. Sarah is a fluke: she should wear the beehive hairdo. Just like the fluke witnesses interviewed post 911 etc. she’s a fluke student on a fluke agenda to ensure that ‘woe be to ye who call good evil and evil good’ we’ve been warned.

  15. D

    The Gianni Vercace’ vid It’s My House shows how her models are robots and Metropolis is here in that those at the bottom of Ishar’s star fuel the upper elites or the eye of horus. As Venus is Lucifer, star of the Eve-ning sky, the lower attributes of the female generative powers are being steered by this Foundation stone under the guise of ‘beautiful visions’ and Lucifer is said to be enchantingly beautiful. The Lucifer Project is instilling the mark of the beast whereby all and any transaction will be evaluated on it’s ‘carbon credits/debits’ automatically. In every day living this will mean that you will earn existence according to how you contribute to or are a burden to resources based on living down to the very act of inhaling and exhaling. Carbon is oxygen. It is a genocidal currency which is already hitting the $BN in terms of a viable currency. Smart metres are an integral part of this monitoring, reward and punishment. It is not an accountable system and there is no recourse of effective evaluation or redress.

  16. D

    Metropolis: 1927 two years prior to the big bang. Interesting that Zeitgeist is a Germanic term for a new wave or new age or revolution in thought: Nazi Utopian Thought and the Nazi Utopian religion was Thule; also the birthplace of super technologies covering MK-ULTRA, biowarfare experimentation and the beloved UFO. Kibbutz Kulture were reprogramming centres for socialisation; there was a lot of boozing etc. Fact is, the sites of of these Kibbutz were the lands and communities of the displaced.

    My half brother went to a Kibbutz and spent his time developing an addiction to vodka; it translated into an escapist fantasy for him but was in fact a propaganda exercise in exchange for free labour. As the communist manifesto and Agenda 21 declare no private property ownership you are one of the few who know that the elites do not ‘own’ property as such. Their fantastic ownership of land is held in ‘trusts’ with a ‘national’ false flag; thus evading property and land taxes created for the rest of us. In UK we have The National Trust where grandiose properties are funded as private enterprises yet under the cover of public treasures supported by public taxes. One of the biggest landowners in USA and Africa is WFN: Blue Blood Line Elite Military.

    Every time one of their properties requires any form of work for any purpose, the public pay by way of grants. As they own all the land, they own everything upon the land. So when people think they own their properties, they are very much mistaken. On the deeds of the mortgage it is stated that they are merely tenants. By applying for a ‘mort’ gauge and handing over the deeds, they are handing over their property rights. In both WWW’s property was seized for defence purposes and huge numbers of people displaced. In South Africa it has been the norm for some time for homeowners to find squatters and be unable to move them out again. Each according to his ‘need’ is entitled to take from those who have been ‘set up’ to take the fall for the faux impressions taught on slavery. The sin of omission. To this end, any black can claim right to any white’s property. Although it is illegal, the police will imprison and evict those attempting to defend themselves, families and property. Crimes against the person are rife and cover all gradients in the spectrum. These crimes are often committed by the police, as they are kept on such low wages, open to corruption and promotion!

    And speaking of South Africa, my ex next door neighbour told me he was from the original tribe which created and formed South Africa; he was fair haired, blue eyed white. He told me that his people travelled up from (somewhere) and were the first settlers and that’s why the entire story of Apartheid was a cover for this fact that South Africa was never populated by blacks originally. Wish I’d been able to find out more first hand but he had to move back to his wife’s Australian home. They were both devout Christians though of which denomination I failed to establish but he gave me a book which claimed to prove the argument that Jesus Christ was living flesh just as scripture says. Well, I read the intro. I read some accounts. All Rabbi’s! One account was an interview with a Rabbi who was awaiting trial for embezzlement pertaining to a divorce and child maintenance case. He had abandoned his wife and ‘kids’ to remarry illegally. He arrogantly predicted they couldn’t touch him just before he was found guilty and sent down. This is one example that counts for ‘testimony’. Yet, he was very astute as to certain truths and aspects of the conspiracy. Before he left, I offered the book back. I remained wholly unconvinced. This was Jew-Ish theocracy tying itself in knots. Theo=Zeus; so if Jesus Christ is an aspect of Zeus, sure, the book demonstrates the thinking behind that religion and those promoting it. It must’ve made a few bucks amongst these Jew-Ish Christian converts. I offered him the book back; he said he didn’t have room in his luggage! Well, who needs more ‘baggage’?

  17. D

    Metropolis: a production team member called Rusty Lemonade also went on to write Electric Dreams, The Turn of The Screw, Obsession and Journey to The Centre of The Earth: Rusty is so obviously a programmed dolly monika all fizzed up and ready to pop. Rusty nail is something connected with a religious ritual of carrying a rusty nail. Director, Steve Barron Director of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Merlin, Coneheads, Arabian Nights. These award winning programmes serve to train and enforce young MK’d slaves whilst initiating children generally further along the misty paths of magickal thinking.

    Every time we view Mad Honour we are entering a virtual ritual and it’s difficult to both research and remain immune and that counts for everything and many in the truth movement are fronts for reinforcement of these symbols, rituals and triggers whether intentional or not. I think we kid ourselves to think we’re immune.

    FB FBI FBID: the ultimate tool for behavioural conditioning. There’s a whole tribe of intelops posing as FB ‘friends’ pouncing on potential influencers, promoting and promoting those who are programmed. It is really irritating that we can no longer comment on hardly anything without a FBID. Which means we will be hounded and ridiculed throughout all our posts. Just the way it is.

  18. D

    Holy moses: the left behind is what’s been on my mind in respect of the ‘144,000’ who will be raptured to heaven. If the maths stack up and they do, the 72 names of god that the darkies speak of could actually be as has been suggested, the 72 fallen angel’s or demons who each have 200 aspects (multiples in other words) and 72 x 200 is the 144,000 Elect. So would this mean that before the great ‘whatever’ the demons withdraw from the earth plane?

    That’s always been the mind stopper for Yahova’s Witnesses who have somehow got the notion that they are one of the 144,000. It’s entirely possible that through possession, each of the aspects can multiply through such disciples to infect others to reach a substantial critical mass. I think that’s what we’re seeing, a pandamic plague. So makes me wonder that when these 144,000 aspects return to their 72 principles in the heavens, what will become of those infected? Will they be free of possession? Or will they, like the parable of Jesus casting the demons into a herd of swine, be driven en masse to suicide? So this Jesus had the ability to caste out demons and also the ability to command the natural world through ‘super’ natural means.

    If he the word Jesus is Hesus and looking from the perspective of He- Is-Us and an example to us and all those who call themselves ‘christains’, Jesus demonstrated the good use of such powers as opposed to the wizards who used deception, arts and crafts to harness the will and power of the people to destructive ends. And if this so be the case, then Jesus was murdered for demonstrating the power of man put to right use and the sacrifices which had to be made in order to attain self mastery in right use of will. This upstaged the Kabalist and blew the lid off their claims to god like powers.

    Homophobia as next anti-semitism: you bet. Lest we forget, the KKK was engineered by Mancini and Pike who was a high occultist and of course Jew-Ish; the atrocities of the KKK were specifically designed as a harbinger to the black civil rights movement. As it is a part of natural family life for the Elites, sodomy is the path to initiation from aged 3 but at any time up until puberty and a male child is advocated as the most pure portal. So intrinsically homosexual.

    False flags: hide behind the atrocities of the blacks (which they caused) to further the good works of anti-semitism through the umbrella of the civil rights movement. Stir up racial hatred by giving special and intensive indoctrination on the roots of black slavery, omitting that you are responsible for the roots of white slavery and all slavery. Hide behind whites who take the brunt of victim based prejudice. Jew-Ish are NOT white. In fact, if the ‘white’ red haired blue eyed tribe of South Africa history is accurate, and these are the Jews, we know that slavery began in Africa and was running for centuries before the British and USA elites got involved towards the end, the very end. The Jew-Ish were the merchants, traders globally. They drove the market.

    Feminism: hide behind white males virtually kidnapped into being butchered by wars you engineered then expose the atrocities of these men; atrocities which have increased exponentially amongst the general population since the Korean War; after which the first American serial killer was recorded. Those promoting feminism were all Jew-Ish and fine they had plenty of cause to complain about their men but not to include our men in their vitriol. It has produced barbie doll whores and vicious homosexuals; giving rise to men hating women, women hating men and increasing levels of deviant violence.

    Someone suggested that the Order out of Chaos is misleading in intent: we have to learn to mirror or reverse things on show sometimes as this contingent of Jew-Ish pretenders and pirates, are nothing but hell bent on creating chaos out of order. That’s why they were kicked out and banished all over the relatively ‘free’ world. They are now at the apex of power controlling the powers of man, exerting downwards pressure into the womb of Ishtar.

    Andrew is right in pointing another false flag out: LiberalISM in the tune in turn on drop out mantra of the ‘do as thou wilt’ creed of crowley parading under the false flag of free speech (allowing for ‘motivated’ minority groups to have special promotion), freedom of religion (allowing for satanism). Liberals are generally homosexual, athiest/agnostic, exhonerating reason and science as superior to empathy or nature. They always promote the underdog to rip into common law rights, true equality and true justice.

    These puppets, eye-dolls are conduits of manipulation both ways. When an idol we ‘love’ that speaks words on our behalf is vilified, ridiculed hurt or murdered, the impact is calculated and predictable. Similarly when someone questions one of these idols, the people so want the idol to be true, the attack is predictable. We have yet to understand that these are not personal real living men and women like you and I. They do not share our concerns and care nothing for our fate. On the other hand, a patsy set up to cover the tracks of the perpetrators will be a conduit for immense hatred and they may be entirely innocent; the Jew-Ish media cry’s ‘monster’ and the crowd respond with ‘crucify him’! ‘crucify her’!

    So by these means we ‘beg’ for our own imprisonment and destruction. Freedom for everybody within Common Law is the only way freedom can be experienced. If we applied Common Law, then within a few generations, I guarantee we’d have freedom on Earth as responsibility would be rewarded and criminals would be punished. Currently, criminals are rewarded richly whilst the lawful are persecuted under criminal legislation. Theirs is no law and order. Theirs is the god of Chaos, of Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. At liberty to take liberties with the freedom of man, through fraternities and secret brotherhoods, who are equal in allegiance to their oaths and achieve their common purpose. One of the most effective methods of reducing man to savage stupidity is to step by step take them down the ladder through ‘injustice, inequalities, divisions’. All executed through the brotherhood of baal. The French Revolution replay. And it’s interesting that France is now overseeing British military ops.

    The story of Marie Antoinette is interesting. Her downfall was crafted by those in control of the press of her day; the pamphleteers flooded obscene cartoonery depicting the naive and sheltered young queen as a debauched slut engaging in lewd sexual behaviours. Then there was the diamond necklace sting whereby some diamond merchants in London set up a distinguished member of the clergy who the queen was averse to. These merchants played on the desire of this sycophant when they suggested that Marie would like him to purchase some very rare diamonds on her behalf in order not to offend the French people during such times of austerity. The clergyman was deliriously flattered and readily agreed to the assignation having been assured that he would be paid after delivering the necklace to Marie. Having secured the finance and purchased the diamond necklace, a meeting was arranged at night in a secluded wooded area. The women was a whore made to look like the Queen; he hat was pulled down low, with a dark veil. Given the clandestine nature of the meeting, the clergy man with stars in his eyes handed over the necklace. As time past and no money was forthcoming, the clergy man made enquiry of the Royal merchants who denied all knowledge and Marie then accused the clergy man with treason. Marie was painted as the villian who heartlessly squandered the nation’s wealth whilst people died of hunger on the streets. Such is the power of the pen.

    Bees: yes, forced to eat sugar to produce honey. The Bees Knees! Watched a 5 year old programmed kitten demonstrating how to make a bumble bee face with make up. And the Bee-Hive hairdo of Amy Winehouse, the BeeG’s and the black and yellow symbols used for advertsing MKULTRA electroshock programming grade one.

    Lindsay Lohan poor girl: she’s had such a terrible time. A shot taken at Terry Richardson’s shows her beaten, traumatised and obviously raped, with torn fishnets shows how battered she’s been; a punchbag for these douche bags. And all those bitchy remarks in their pornographic fag mags.

    Yes, it’s the sixties all over again but with the darker undertow on the ascendant and OWS is another sham as we know parading under the banner of ‘anti-capitalism’ and the drive toward the electronic carbon based monetary system.

    AL Qaida is another false front for INTELOPS.

    1. a

      I thought I would reply to this one comment instead the entire batch. First off, I am detoxing from the 60’s and 70’s and unraveling the massive amount of programming that was I immersed in. The 60’s and 70’s were like a cheap motel version of a mystery school, with the lowest form of symbolism and imagery made available for mass consumption. Take the peace sign for instance. Its the broken cross reversed which is essentially the defeat and desecration of Christianity, but it is also a Nordic rune as well. The runes were used by the Nazis and the Thule Society in their symbol for the SS, which was the rune “Sowelu” which essentially means “Sun.” It is the male principle, Sol Invictus. The peace sign is “Algiz” reversed. Algiz is a symbol of protection. Reversed, well you do the math. I gained quite a bit of knowledge in the open mystery schools. I hung out with David Spangler (noted Luciferian), Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin, again noted Luciferians. I roamed the hills of Marin County with Peter Caddy and spent a month at Findhorn dealing with everything from mild dysentery to fourth dimensional entities. I gained quite a Babylonian education in the process and as I untangle the knots, I can see just how indoctrinated the world has become, force fed without much reflection on the process, since we are almost always pinballing from trauma-to-trauma.

      Now that said, I learned a helluva lot, both directly and indirectly. I feel like an initiate gone rogue at times. I am not one to throw the baby out with the baptismal waters though and in fact “believe” that we can reclaim these symbols on our own terms and see them for what they are and if we so choose, recognize the patterns like a map or code.

      I think where we get tied in knots is when we give our power over to them. It takes the volition of our own will out of the process and as a result, negates God. The will as I understand, the true will is our highest will. When we align with that, life becomes effortless. We are dialed into our purpose from moment-to-moment and it really doesn’t matter what you do at that point, because the point is to become conscious and aware, which has so many dimensions attached to it, that it is a lifework in and of itself.

      I find it fascinating that this whole school of astrotheology is emerging and is the backbone behind the Zeitgeist movement. Astrotheology is practiced by Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and Archarya S. Even though he is not necessarily credited, though he is acknowledged by Peter Joseph (double disciple) as an inspiration behind Zeitgeist, I would not be surprised if Maxwell was a paid consultant for the film.

      Zeitgeist is New Age socialism, collectivism, murdering the image of Christ as a sacrifice for their Venus Project, which interlocks neatly with the Rio Summit, Agenda 21, etc. The modern version of Metropolis, which I extrapolated on in my show.

      Whether he is consciously aware of it or not, Thrive is the Libertarian version of Zeitgeist, albeit with more individual vs collective mannerisms. Its yet another prescribed pen to herd people and their attention. One of the main figures in Thrive is Barbara Marx-Hubbard, who is a died-in-the-wool Luciferian, member of CFR and scion of Louis Marx, one of the earliest exploiters of cheap Japanese, post-war labor. The last name Hubbard is quite interesting in that it triggers an association with not only “Captain Ron” but also Al Hubbard, one of the main movers and pushers of LSD in the early and mid-sixties. Foster Gamble has a very close relationship with BMH. Its not like she’s some tangential figure in his life and newly minted paradigm.

      You should watch the movie “Ishtar” with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty. You’ll see it in very different light based on your recent epiphanies.

      Ultimately, I think that what we are dealing with here is interdimensional and parasitic and it is manifesting in the here and now. The floodgates have been opened and this is symbolic of the opening of the sewage dams by the Israelis into Gaza, but also reflects the interdimensional opening of the floodgates.


      This is Chiron in Pisces. Negative, dark, brackish, shit filled waters flooding homes and meager crop lands.

      But this will never hit the mainstream news and even if it did, most Americans have been conditioned to believe one of the following tribulation fairy tales;

      A) The Christian Version: These people are fallen. They worship a false idol and this is God (Yaweh) made manifest and teaching those heathens a lesson.

      B) The New Age Version: This is what they get for thinking negative thoughts. They need to not give that shit so much power and make soup out of it. Now please leave me alone or send me pictures of Angelina Jolie meditating topless.

      C) The Racist Version (which dovetails with the Christian version): Good. Those godammed darkies deserve that and more.

      D) The Liberal Version: Oh my. That’s terrible. I’ll do something about it as soon as I finish typing my 15 page email to Sleeptrain so that they will drop that woman hating, filth spewing republican mouthpiece, piece of shit Rush Limbaugh.

      E) The Conservative Version: It doesn’t effect me or my family. Hmmmm, maybe I should open another Subway in Springfield next quarter?

      So there you go.

  19. D

    That’s funny! But the Racist Version is, more to the point ‘kill the white man’. They still don’t get it. They don’t get that the Jew-Ish aren’t ‘white’! For all the knowledge, insight and wisdom on In search of Black Assassins he adroitly refuses to acknowledge the obvious. Fascinating to reconnect with the Hyskos trail and the fall of the 18th Dynasty. Has no one heard of Professor Thomas Martin? He’s discovered the truth about white, black and all slavery and he’s a brother who looks and sounds very much like Malcolm X. Spent a ghastly few hours on the trash media links on horrific child murders masked as ‘members of the public’ when they are clearly very retarded controlled satanic occultists. They mostly all have Jew-Ish names. Ask a Jew-Ish person if they consider themselves to be of the white race.

    New Age is ‘hey we’re all ONE!’ All this horror of religious doctrine has suppressed sexual expression; the highest expression of love between people, with nature calling down the Archonic Demons for ‘protection’ and ‘peace’. A constant round of initiations follows the seeker, searching for ‘enlightenment’ whilst their world falls apart: personally and globally. Angels are Demons.

    I met BMH. Attended a ‘breakfast/lunch’ seminar she gave …… on an island called Raven’s Ait. Very strange event and even stranger after I left. I know the ‘there you go’ Robert. But it doesn’t matter whether the mainstream and their entranced swathes get it, know it or not. Those who will, will seek it and find it, stumble into it as events unfold which leave them no option other than to question. The rest are too far gone to consider under these and future circumstances and are best evaded like toxic shock. We have to get deeper into our native senses.

    I don’t personally care about other people waking up anymore; they will or they wont and those who wont will kill those who will. I’ve served my time to no apparent avail for some 30 odd (very odd) years and they don’t wake up through effort on my part. They run a mile.

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