Pluto Reverses Tracks–Changes Coming–Willow’s Web On Far Wednesday

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

metropolis_fritz-langIn the underworld, the hands of the clock move backwards.

Okay, now that Pluto has been stationary and is moving backwards, shadowing Saturn’s reversal, the cosmic wheels are throwing things down, in grand, retrograde style. As Saturn has returned to plant a parched kiss upon my natal Sun, I begin to reflect upon this blog, which was really an outgrowth of when Saturn crossed my mid-heaven and eventually moved into my 10th House, where my Sun rests just over the peak of my MC. I am revisiting the purpose and meaning of what I’m doing here and planning some changes.

In the weeks to come, I will be phasing astrology out as the main plank of the platform. I have which will go live fairly soon and there will be some posting that will be astro-centric, but nothing like the past two years. I’ll also still use astrology from time-to-time here, when something big shakes (like an earthquake) but the format and the feel of the blog is going to change (Uranus trine Ascendant). Until then, I’ll still be cranking out some astrocentricity. Horoscopes will also move to my new site.

On Wednesday at 11AM, Calemurian time, I’ll have Willow from Willow’s Web on FAR. We’ll discussing astrology, Q and A’ing one another and taking a few broadsides at The New Age. Please join us.

4 thoughts on “Pluto Reverses Tracks–Changes Coming–Willow’s Web On Far Wednesday”

  1. It is wonderful to follow your progress in your blog, radio show and now two blogs! You’ve been busy! Your vision is starting to manifest and I have always foreseen a great future for you now that you are finding your voice.

  2. A

    Ok Mr Uranus on your ascendant…I will follow your astrocentric stuff to your other blog…kind of like pruning a tree hugh?

  3. Hi Robert,

    I know is going to rule, I can’t wait to check it out.

    Have you checked out Poland’s chart and transits for April 10th? Pluto in Capricorn went right into a Uranus/Saturn/Neptune stellium, activating a T-square and Yod. It looks like the Russians are learning well from the Americans how to plane crash opposition leaders. An interesting blog post at supposes Russians utilized GPS tampering and cloud seeding (i.e. weather weapons) to accomplish the coup.

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