Pluto Opposing Obama’s Venus In Cancer, USA Venus And Jupiter In Cancer, Initiating The First Stages Of Transformation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

new_obama_pluto.jpgObama and The USA get ready to face Pluto.

It seems as though Obama’s first, astrological trial is right around the corner, when transiting Pluto in Capricorn forms a direct opposition to his natal, Venus in Cancer at 0 degrees. Some have speculated that the encroaching opposition represents the passing of his Grandmother, just a few weeks ago. But perhaps there is more to the taught pull of these two energies. Does is have ominous implications for Obama? I have seen numerous columns that have presented various assassination scenarios, from inside to outside jobs, with the intent that martial law would no doubt be triggered by such a tragic event. An event which could be very well orchestrated in order push an already uptight and rattled nation right over the edge. Or perhaps it might be quite less serious on the surface, yet cause intense power struggles behind the scenes in the young presidency. The most common interpretation would include his wife, Michelle, a Capricorn (26 degrees) and that there could be unbearable tension and power struggles in the home, but veiled behind the secrecy of Pluto. The opposition also smacks of clandestine affairs, usually sexual in nature. Something will be going down in Obama’s life that will challenge his unflappable calm straight out of the gate.

Also, as Pluto opposes THe US Chart, where Venus and Jupiter reside at 3 and 6 degrees respectively, it seems that whatever befalls Obama, befalls The US and vice versa due to his proximity to The White and sharing such a close conjunction with The US Venus/Jupiter along with his own Venus.

As Pluto moves like a death star to oppose natal Venus and Jupiter so quickly in Obama’s presidency, will he have to deal a national calamity that promises to be anything but ordinary? Astrologically, Biden is right–he will be tested and it appears so will we.

I ask those of you who visit here now and again as well as others, what your take is on this powerful alignment for Obama and what he and we might expect.

3 thoughts on “Pluto Opposing Obama’s Venus In Cancer, USA Venus And Jupiter In Cancer, Initiating The First Stages Of Transformation”

  1. T

    The ephemeris indicates that Pluto moves from 0 Capricorn in December through as far as 3* in May then retrogrades all the way back to 0* until October, 2009. It slides back again a way in 2010, so whatever happens will not be a short-lived event, I’d guess, more like continual stress and strain all round, for both O and us.

    I haven’t experienced a clear Pluto opposition since 1975 (opp Saturn) that was when I started a new career which continued until I retired. So it’s not always all bad! I have experienced Tr. Pluto conjunct Venus though and that was a real upheaval. Illness and death of partner….retrogradged then returned to my natal Venus, and I met current husband – then emigrated. How’s that for transformation?

    I don’t see an opposition being involved with a death though, so don’t think assassination is indicated. Thank goodness! It’ll be Capricorn v. Cancer – maybe forcing Obama and the USA generally to get real and get tough. Enough with the’ lightbringer’ motif for him and a serious tightening of belts for us, on the homefront.

  2. S

    Not an astrologer but I think he will have to deal with the ECONOMY, ECONOMY AND ECONOMY and the MAJOR problem is the government misdiagnosed the disease, has no clue about how to begin solving the problems, but is simply treating the symptom and worsening the disease which will end up killing the $. So, as we are already seeing, the swing is going from a hugely over expanded consumption economy to a hugely needed and very uncomfortable contraction and probably very hard landing for a lot of people.

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