Pluto In The 12th House, A Dark Tale, And Trump’s Sacrifice.

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

It’s not uncommon for me to have clients with Pluto in the 12th House. As an astrologer, these sorts of things surface, get noticed and filed away. I can almost, to a tee, predict that something dark, painful and often tragic has occurred in the lives of these folks. It’s often a secret pain that they carry throughout the course of their lives. Pluto plants a dark seed there and it blooms into strange flowers; unearthly orchids of unspeakable beauty, x-ray nightshades, translucent lilies. These are Rimabud’s “Flowers of Hell.”

In many instances, the placement of natal, 12th House Pluto leads to careers in hospitals, mortuaries, and hospices. There’s a life long process of temperance that produces some of the most profound states of compassion in the individual who can submit and surrender to the mournful gifts of Pluto, mined over tears and time.

There’s other aspects of Pluto there that aren’t as gothic, or darkly serene. Pluto can also represent something much more ominous, on a supernatural plane. Pluto is power. Pluto in the 12th, without surrender to the shadow which becomes illuminated, is a form of obsession, compulsion and even possession.

When I was in my thirties, I had the great fortune of having Pluto transit through my 12th House in Scorpio. I experienced the gamut of Pluto’s powers and seductions. I managed an apartment building at the edge of the ghetto in Oakland. Ninety-percent of my tenants were black. Most of them were women. There was crack, death, loud, boisterous sex, heart, soul, tragedy. That was on the outer.

On the inner, I was pulsing with Pluto, doubling down in Scorpio. I wore black leather jackets, and black pants or torn jeans. I had a business called “Dangerous Dharma.”

I went down a decidedly Scorpionic path: sex, drugs and magick. I spent a few nights in jail (12th House) and had mind-blowing psychic experiences. I teetered precariously on the edge and at times was dangling there, saved by the grace of God and the one angel that wouldn’t give up on me.

My behavior and attitude were changing considerably. I bought a Pontiac, Bonneville, a classic hooptie. It was like I was merging with some other consciousness, something that was living out it’s hungers and desires through me.

I started doing phone psychic work. One of my clients was a young, Persian hooker from LA. She was the mistress of mobster. She wanted me to fly to LA, because “there were things she couldn’t tell me on the phone.” I actually considered going, until that dutiful angel dissuaded me.

For all of the dark gifts, and the seductive powers, there were nights of existential howl, grappling with the burning of the personalities dross.

What I eventually became aware of, was that at some point, I had made a deal, a deal I wasn’t even fully conscious of and something began living itself out through me.

It would take me three years, and a heavy dose of Ibogaine before I could shake this disincarnate part of myself loose.

It was my first hand experience of Pluto in the 12th.

Deals, sacrifice, and power can be part of the Plutonian Matrix in the 12th.

Yesterday, Donald J. Trump, came out endorsed Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte in their respective races for their Republican seats in the senate.

Trump has Pluto in Leo in the 12th House and the transiting Sun has been passing over it. The Sun in Leo is life force, and it also ego. Trump’s been getting hammered from the left and the right. There’s been no cover, no relief. No one in the Republican party would stand up for him. Even his Zionist, hand picked, vice-president candidate came out and supported Ryan before he did.

He also read from a script (see above). It was the first time he’s done that since the campaign started. This was an official position and anyone with a fraction of intuition could tell he was just selling it. With his Pluto in the 12th, the Sun transiting close to the zero point of sacrifice, he made a deal.

Trump has capitulated (for now) to powers that dwarf his. For those that see him as being crude, belligerent and bellicose, it was a gleeful moment as the high are made low.

For those that picture him as the unyielding, unbowed and unapologetic voice of the Vox Populi, it was disheartening. The people’s champion was endorsing the jackals that were nipping at his flesh. It was not his strongest moment, but after a week of getting bashed and battered, he needed to make a move. It was soooo 12th House.

It was a deal and a sacrifice behind-the-scenes.

Will it work out? Will Trump and his Gemini Sun, conjunct Uranus and the True Node, also in Gemini turn the tables on them at some point? It’s hard to tell. He’d better pray to his Jesuit God, that Hilary’s defective clone starts blowing bubbles and rolling her eyes like ferris wheels at her next, public event.

Here’s Friday’s show, listed below.

18 thoughts on “Pluto In The 12th House, A Dark Tale, And Trump’s Sacrifice.”

  1. g

    I have Mercury on 12th degree Leo Sun and Pluto conjoined at 15 Leo on the cusp of the 12th house with Saturn at 25 Leo( in the 12th ). Earth is closer to Hell than it is to Heaven . Rivers of tears wash the soul clean.

  2. C

    Thank you for sharing your Pluto transit thru the 12th. I’m so glad you made it through! I had it start when my daughter was born (I was 23) and she has had troubles with possession of a dark sort.

  3. t

    Hi Robert, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I know nothing about astrology, as I took the Feng Shui route. Your descriptions remind me of my favorite (yet mostly unknown) author Italo Calvino. The place in the imagination where the words form pictures.
    I found you through the Randy Maugins interview, that randomly popped up after a Cara St.Louis interview on youtube.
    I share so many of your viewpoints, including AJ- I knew when he introduced that bazillion dollar tv set, all my suspicions were true.
    Thanks for sharing your words and wisdom..

  4. J

    Wow I just had to pause this. I don’t know if I can listen to the rest. I had so much respect for you from the Open Mind program but now not so much. I don’t know what world you live in but if you are a minority in this country there is absolutely NO doubt that Trump is not fit as a human being and certainly not the presidency. Our mortal lives are at stake. We are anxious and afraid for our future. Maybe you can sustain yourself through a Trump presidency (and good for you) but we are not so fortunate. That’s what President Obama means when he says unfit and thankfully most of the world agrees. This is not a time to promote hate and division. I’m really disappointed sir. 🙁

    1. a

      Well, that’s too bad. I think you missed the point of the post entirely. I have very little faith in Trump or any of the proposed candidates. What I saw was that a deal was made. I commented on it. Astrological lay I was tracking the rise of the Sun onto the ascendant. There is a deep, globalist agenda afoot. We know Hillary will do their bidding, if she lives long enough. Trump might as well, but with Sun/Uranus conjunction, it could put the breaks on the TTIP, which is really what you and everyone else should be concerned about. Sorry if I disappointed you. Can’t please everyone.

  5. S

    I never comment but your post has compelled me to respond: exquisitely visceral writing. We learn so much more about astrology when an individual is brave enough to share their experience. Thank you is really insufficient to convey my gratitude.

  6. S

    No matter. Those with Greater Pluto placements still will soon bring the deeds of the dual corrupt elite to Justice. Those born under Pluto in Scorpio ; as did our founding fathers; have yet our own will to instrument upon these liars!

    Fight fire with fire!

  7. M

    I find this very insightful, even if others don’t. I have Pluto in Virgo in the 12th, and it trines my Mercury in the 4th in Capricorn- I found this quite relevant, and don’t feel you are promoting hate at all.

  8. R

    My dreams are very intense, horrifyingly realistic and transforming. I often confront personal demons/strong emotions in this realm. I travel to dream places that I’ve been to before. There is definitely some wierd sexual, taboo dreams that I will never open up about because then I feel like I violated myself xD.When I wake up its like I’ve gone on an adventure and is really eye opening. 
When I’m in public I can sense a certain vibe from the atmosphere depending on where I am and people. My imagination is so powerful it’s like I have to put a lid on it because a few people have “seen” what I think about and it startles them so I try to tone it down a bit. 
I can tell what people are really thinking or feeling if I simply observe or think about that particular individual deeply. That way I know when they’re lying, acting fake, etc. 
My interpretation of this is since I have Sagittarius rising it is the extension of myself and when I close my eyes , imagine, dream or all alone by myself it’s like my most inner hidden self that I barely show to people. The place where a complex world exists. When I go to sleep each night I sometimes visualize myself swimming to the middle of a large dark and exceptionally deep lake, then I float. As I descend into my sleep the water submerges me to its deep, powerful depths until all I see is movie/life-like images. And when I wake up, I rise back up into consciousness

  9. S

    Thank you for sharing this insightful article. I would like to share another Natal Pluto in 12th House article that I saw which explains a bit more about why people with this in their natal chart acts this way. Here is the link

  10. N

    Recently came back from Gabon, after initiating into Bwiti. We ate A LOT of Iboga. Some seriously powerful stuff occurred… I’d like to get in contact with you, and expand on this if we can. I’m only now delving into my 12th House Pluto and what it means. Thank you for this article.


  11. f

    I have Pluto in the 12th, and agree with you, Admin, about Trump and about deal-making. Though I’d like to add that his 12th house placement also says something about sacrifice, perhaps? That maybe he’s been sacrificed at the soul level, in order to shake this country awake. That we all get to hate him for his actions, and that it will (hopefully) unite us…

  12. I have Virgo sun uranus pluto and sun in 12th.somehow a stellium packs more of a punch here. Im trying to drag all the stuff out of my 12th house closet into the light especially this year of digging deep. Include a 8th house moon and Venus in Scorpio in the mix. Thanks for the insight.

  13. a

    I have Pluto in scorpio in 12th and just wanted to pointed out what Rubyfire7 said. I have very deep and lucid returning dream about apocalypse. It’s always some sort of natural disaster. I always just stand there and watching and I’m always alone in the end. I feel terrorised by the fact that everything will end and no one is around me. Then I feel a sense of peace. Those emotions are so intense it’s even more intense when I feel them in real life. I also dream about possessions, having a lot of sleeping paralysises. My whole life was traumatic, I was going to the cemetery and crawl down into the graves to collect bones, was I broke into a pathology to a dead body, been to jail a few times but only for 1-2 days, I was a drug addict for 15 years, come off everything without medical help, got hepatitis c, then I got cured, my father killed himself,etc..etc..etc..
    This is a very powerful position, I am still learning how to handle this energy, but I feel the great power of the transformation already,stopped drugs, doing school,working,cutting off alcohol too,etc.

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