Pluto In Scorpio Kicks It Into High Gear In Turkey, The Transpersonal Putsch Is On

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

This is no Arab Spring.

Last night, I got a dispatch from Turkey through a friend. There’s layers of human experience running through the three separate posts to friends on FB; hope for a better form of democracy, envy of the EU and the “European” way of life and fear that Erdogan will set the whole thing on fire and a country that has risen for the better economically over the last five years could be split apart by the opposing forces of freedom and control. It always comes down to those two, doesn’t it?

But there was another piece that his Turkish friend touched on and that was the bulk of Turkey’s protestors. They are young. As he states it, “They were born in the nineties.” Here is how he describes them; “Dear friends, The core of the protesters are made up of kids born around 1990, so they are called the ’90 generation. They are a different breed, part of the global cyber-generation with individualistic, environmentalistic, spiritual and freedom values – when did we become so old?:) Their creativity and sense of humor disarmed the sternest opponents. This caricature circulated within hours of moms arriving at Taksim:) Square. The Prime Minister gave an ultimatum and asked the parents of the activist kids to take them back home to safety within 24 hours, or else… Within hours, their mothers came to the park where their kids had set up camp over the last two weeks…and formed a human chain-shield between them and the police. As of now, the Prime Minister is seeing the representatives of protesters. We remain hopeful of a reasonable solution and a new era of better democracy.”

It’s an amazing scene as mothers support their children, forming protective bands around them in the solidarity of blood, the transmission of energy from the core of the feminine essence of God, protecting their legacy and the future of Turkey itself. This, is love unconditional.

Of course the generation he’s talking about is Pluto in Scorpio and likely a smidgen of Pluto in Sag as well as the first wave of that generation is around sixteen/seventeen right now. Take notice world. These two generations pack a massive wallop. The millenials, the Pluto in Scorpio kids have ZERO fear. They are willing to meet just about anything head on with a force and intensity that no other generation has exhibited, save maybe the boomers. Some are nihilists, some are anarchists, others are simply tired of being pushed around.

It’s ironic that there’s such a push on bullying in public schools, while the mass bullying of communities and cultures goes mostly unchallenged. There’s a story circulating on the Net about an animal control officer in Florida that killed five stray kittens with a handgun in front of the mother that called animal control and her kids who had found the feral brood. Since when do animal control officers carry handguns and when did we authorize this type of psychic brutality? Where’s the SPLC on that one?

I’m digressing just slightly, but these kids have had a enough and when I say that, I see them as being the psychic repositories of all the generations before them over the past sixty years. Scorpio is truly the first transpersonal sign. It’s the continental shelf of the zodiac, where shoreline drops off into unfathomable depths. They are carrying and channeling all of the failure, repression, suppression and burden of every generation before them, starting with Pluto in Leo, then Virgo, and Libra. All of their angst and social impotence are stored up in their collective memory and they will do as Scorpio does; work it out. They are the shadow masters who will reflect back everything that has been denied and pushed aside and they will do it with a supernatural fury.

One of the challenges with this group is that they could be manipulated to an extent and controlled by sly pied pipers, playing to their vulnerable extremism, but they’d better do it early, because once this group gets burned by a movement or a leader and they all recognize it, they will fall for it no more. That’s Scorpio in action.

They’re also an extremely occult group that has no problem tapping into illuminati fashion and symbolism, because at a superficial level, these arcane tools present a certain amount of power as sigils, signs and systems of manipulating and controlling their environment. With Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn is transiting across their Pluto and they are coming alive, activated before our very eyes.

The global elite have had no problem feeding them their Luciferic brands as they work arduously towards externalizing the hierarchy, but they need to be careful about what they are doing, because once these kids move beyond the fashion phase and sniff out the real rats, they’ll turn their formidable numbers and force back on them. Who’s gonna run this town?

We’re going to witness something we’ve never see before with this group. They will either save this planet or burn it down.

The Pluto in Sag kids who are starting to emerge will have no stomach for lies of any kind and they are going to be as physically gifted as the Pluto in Scorpio kids are psychically gifted. I was reading about the 16 and under USA basketball team and they are raving about the talent level, comparing it to the Jordan/Barkley era of the NBA. The Pluto in Sag kids are warriors. Will they get along with their Plutonic antecedents? It remains to be seen as they will exhibit a type of morality that Pluto in Scorpio will not adhere to. This could lead to a deep philosophical schism between these two transpersonal generations. But what we do know is that this is not business as usual on Terra. There are forces afoot that are going to change the way we live, for better or worse and they are under thirty. Let’s hope they can tap into the authenticity of their karmic mission and activate the evolutionary codes by equalizing the hypocrisy and tyranny of the ages.

7 thoughts on “Pluto In Scorpio Kicks It Into High Gear In Turkey, The Transpersonal Putsch Is On”

  1. J

    Pluto in Scorpio, Sag, and Capricorn probably don’t like to be stolen from. I’ve been thinking about ‘generational theft’ and its consequences since Stan Druckenmiller went public this past winter against the huge unfunded liabilities that are being left behind for the kids. Funny thing is, my Scorpio baby boomer dad reflexively and vehemently defends social security etc. Biggest trophy of New Deal Rooseveldt may wind up biggest vortex on the hundred year chart.

  2. E

    We are not controlled by groups like the Illuminati. Rather, we are fascinated by said group. At lease those of us that are born in 1989 & 1990. We recognize them but we are entertained. I know what im wearing if I choose to wear a triangle. Many of us are against the god you have worshiped for so long. That is not to say that we are for Satan, but, rather for free thinking. Many of us have questions, that those Pluto Librans and Pluto Leos can’t answer.

  3. J

    I believe that each generation “starting point” starts with every fixed generation, notice how Leo Pluto’s protected Virgo and Libra’s so they could build their new personal world, lifestyles and health?, now its time for the Scorpio generation to build their dark world so the sagg and caps can grow their own ideas that require a little bit of darkness, sadism, evil , etc

    And yes Scorpio Pluto’s are fed up of the lies and all the shit they have to carry

    We hate lies and we just can’t wait to rebel and build a new world

    I’m serious, no joking here

    1. a

      Great and astute comment. Pluto in Scorp has x-ray vision and there’s no coincidence that many of them were just coming of age during 9/11/01. Hormones kicking in, bullshit detectors on high. Scorpio must face it’s own shadow more directly and intensely than any other sign and your generation must have it’s own reckoning along these lines. Once the occult as fashion trip is ditched, you guys will find yourselves. I’m pulling for you. Thanks for stopping by,

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