Pluto in Sag Kids Revolt, Re-Animating The Children’s Crusade, & Spooky Dads

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

kidsWith an almost supernatural alacrity, David Hogg, Emma Gonzales and Cameron Kasky have become the faces of the anti-gun movement in the swift and sudden aftermath of the Parkland massacre on Valentines Day. With a nearly unassailable position on the heels of the shootings, coupled with the free pass that most youth are often afforded, they’re the perfect faces, fresh and earnest for the next phase of gun control and even more. They are the modern day equivalent of Stephen of Cloyes and Nicholas from Germany (Hmmmmm, Nicholas), the youthful evangelists of the disastrous children’s crusades, which were launched from Europe in 1212. What we are witnessing is a modern day equivalent, led mostly by Hogg and flanked by Gonzales and Kasky. Their goal is to lead thousands of youth to congregate and march en masse in D.C. on March 24th.


Stephen of Cloyes was an uneducated shepherd, with no formal religious training or even leanings. I began looking into the life of Cloyes yesterday, on 2/21, which led me to this unusual article published in the San Francisco Call, on 2/20/1909 by Robert H. Fuller. The title of the piece is “STEPHEN of CLOYES; How a Strange Man Commanded Him to Raise an Army Composed of Children.” After a lengthy pre-amble detailing the cost of human suffering and devastating loss, generated by the crusades, Fuller then recounts the bizarre tale of who and what compelled young Stephen to become a blazing zealot, who would eventually lead 30,000 children on a disastrous quest to peacefully reclaim the holy land for Christendom. Here is Fuller’s telling of the strange tale.

He went with his father and mother-one day in the early spring to a neighboring city to see the great’ procession of th; black crosses, which took place on St. Mark’s day. There he felt as though his heart would burst when he beheld: the priests and the people marching through -the streets, dressed in black” and carrying crosses which were shrouded in, black, while they chanted petitions asking for mercy for, the poor, Christians who were in: such desperate case in the Holy Land. Stephen could not sleep that night when he returned home; so sad was he at what he had seen. Nor could he eat a mouthful of breakfast the next morning. “I never saw such a boy!” said. His mother as she gave, him the little ‘basket in which, she had placed the bread and cheese for his luncheon. “No breakfast, indeed! Why don’t you leave off bothering your head about these things that do not concern you? Before you know it you will be sick and then who will tend the sheep?” “I’m sorry, mother, but indeed I can not help it,” Stephen said, kissing her, and he took his way to the pasture, driving the sheep before him. It was nearly, midday when It seemed to him that a wonderful thing happened.

stephenofcloyesHe was, sitting on a gray rock under an oak tree looking out over he hills when he felt, a touch upon his shoulder. He turned with a start, for he had heard no sound of any one approaching. Beside him stood a stranger wearing a long robe something like the robe worn by Father John, the priest in the, village, only Father John’s was gray, while the robe of the stranger was black. His face was very pale and the expression was so friendly that Stephen knew at once that he intended, no harm. What made him uneasy was the look in the stranger’s eyes. They were large and black and full of a ‘ peculiar fiery light that seemed to go through and through him. He felt his heart bound with joy. And fear.

”Stephen!” said the strange man in a voice that thrilled the boy’s pulses. “Yes,” Stephen said. “Listen to what I shall say to you and obey!” said the stranger. “Yes!” Stephen replied again holding his breath so as not to lose a word. “You will raise an army and lead it to the Holy Land to save the Christians there,” said the stranger. “I am only a boy,” said Stephen. “How can I do this?” “The army that you will raise will be an army of youths like yourself,” the stranger replied. “It will not be clad, in armor, nor will it bear deadly weapons. It will be an army of peace, but it will win victories over the infidels greater than have been won by the armies of war.”

Stephen’s head was in a whirl and he feared that he might be dreaming. “How may that be?” he “asked. “Have no fear!” the stranger said. “When the infidels see the army of children advancing without weapons in their hands they will know their error and embrace the faith. They will set the captives free, and Instead of enemies they will become friends. Go forth and bear

As he spoke the throbbing in Stephen’s temples became so loud that the voice sounded distant; although it still remained clear. Then for a moment the pastures became dark before his eyes and ho saw nothing. When his sight returned the stranger in the black robe was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared as completely as though he had vanished in the air. But Stephen’s heart was filled with great joy, for he knew what he had to do.

Stephen went on with great zeal and what seemed to be even holy powers as it had been reported, that he practiced miracles, which gave credence to his impassioned exhortations that he and other children like him would finish the job that the adult Christians obviously weren’t capable of. But who was this robed figure? Did young Stephen erroneously snack on the wrong toadstool in the field? Was he a figment of his imagination fueled by the stark images of death he had witnessed in a procession of mourning of fallen crusaders? Or, was this figure an actual entity emerged from the dark Egregore, orchestrating a massive ritual, culminating in the decimation of the innocents?

The parallels between Stephen of Cloyes and David Hogg (and his comrades) are interesting, even from an astrological perspective, which we will also explore.


In a recent Off Planet jam with Randy and Emily (and a very good one at that), now available on Vimeo (since youtube deleted it due to bullying and harassment), they talk about how this isn’t just about gun control, but an occult working of chaos magick, with sole, express purpose of leading people into more and more confusion, while harvesting loosh, the bio-psychic essence we emit in heightened states of emotion, which fuels the reality construct in which we find ourselves in. Engaging the youth in this crisis filled stage-craft, opens up massive opportunities to drill into the psycho-emotional field of heretofore untapped consciousness as 3/14 becomes their 9/11, an indoctrination into trauma, circumcising the protective sheath afforded this generation up until this point in time. We’re talking Pluto in Sag and this is their coming of age.

Before I get into the social ramifications of this generation from an astrological perspective, it’s important to continue to connect the dots with Stephen of Cloyes, David Hogg and to a lesser extent Nicholas from Germany.

What can take away from the fantastic tale of young Stephen with the stranger in the field, is that he was being programmed and guided by an outside source, who gave him his vision and his talking points to take to the world and passionately state his case for his divinely ordained quest. When Stephen returned home, his parents were pleasantly surprised and had no objection to his raising the youth of France to march towards Palestine. In fact, they saw another side of Stephen they had not seen before, speaking in a way that they had never heard. Buttressed by his new found oratory skills, they released him into the world.

David Hogg, who looks like he’s around 21 from the shoulders up, has demonstrated the same ability to speak up and articulate his case in defense of disarming the nation. Within a week, Hogg has become a spokesman for not just a cause but also a generation or so CNN would like you to believe. While Stephen of Cloyes had his mystery man implanting the seed of his disastrous vision, who or what is behind David Hogg?

We know that his father Kevin is a retired FBI agent and his mother Rebecca works for Warren Buffet as a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway. Pictures have surfaced of Hogg going on a tour of CNN as a VIP member of the network, thanks to his mother’s time, money and connections. Rebecca Boldrick (Hogg) has been leading anti-Trump groups on Facebook and in private. She’s an activist and her husband ex FBI. What might be more interesting than Kevin Hogg’s past profession is his most recent at a company called Cubic Simulation System based in Pompano, Florida. Cubic seems to be a one-stop-shop for everything from managing traffic flow, to robotics to training and maintaining combat ready forces. Want a peek at one of the entities of the deep state? Cubic certainly fits the profile. How do I know this? The wonders of the Internet led me to Kevin’s Linked In page.

So now we have not just a father that is ex-FBI, but is actively engaged in building a better beast, as an active member of the deep state. David Hogg is not your garden-variety-high-schooler with a passion for activism. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him as being groomed for this very role. The hooded figure giving Stephen of Cloyes his marching orders might be a lot closer to home for David Hogg.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.37.38 AM

As David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez (channeling Emma Goldman) and Cameron Kasky launch their new children’s crusade, it’s important to put them in the astrological context of time. They belong to the Pluto in Sag generation, which was born between 1996 and 2009. They are quite different than their Pluto in Scorp predessors. Pluto in Scorp rejects conformity on some level, but ironically in many of their lives, their rejection of so called conformity leads them into prescribed presets that are supposed to be anti-conformity but wind up being just another form of co-optation. This isn’t uncommon for any generation, as rebellion is commodified at the cost of truth in the marketplace. I recently received a comment about Pluto in Scorp dealing with issues of power, flexing their generational muscle as advertisers continue to fawn over them and push products in an anti-marketing fashion. Just check out the latest ads for the iPhone that is anything but slick, powered faces that are common, average and in some cases, borderline un-photogenic. Apple thinks they’re clever. But the Millenials were not shot out of a cannon like the Pluto in Sag kids, who could turn their precocious sense of idealism into a type of fascism—yes they are capable of it, they can play the role of ideological bullies if they are convinced that they are in possession of the moral high ground. Of course, it’s all astro-turfed, but the idea is to get to these kids even sooner, before they hit college campuses, because this is a fresh, new, voter block, revved up and ready to hit the polls in November.

I promised that I would make an astrological connection to the Children’s Crusades of 1212.


The Children’s Crusade of 1212 was prime for motivating the youth of Europe to be led to their demise. Pluto was in Leo, the very same Pluto that fueled the Boomers rise to power, fame and glory, the same energy that sustains them through their latter years, refusing to acknowledge father time, invoking 70 is the new 50 and working up through their golden years, some out of necessity versus want. Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Leo, 18/15 when the boys of France set off for St. Denys. That’s growing up real fast, but at the expense Saturn’s hardship and Pluto’s transform or die declaration. But wait! There’s more! Chiron (though not discovered) was at 14 Leo, so they had a fateful Saturn/Pluto/Chiron conjunction in Leo, the sign of children. They were convinced of their ability to heal (Chiron) due to the fact that they were children and innocent.

There are two, very contemporary aspects that are also in the mix. Jupiter was at 20 Scorpio and Uranus was in Aries at 14 degrees. Jupiter is currently at 22 degrees of Scorpio and it will retrograde back to 20 Scorpio, on April 18th, the day Chiron enters into Aries. Do not underestimate these children. Uranus is at 25 Aries, not 14, but still in the same sign. The other key factor in the radicalization of some of these kids in the Pluto in Sag gang is transiting Mars in Sag going right over their native Pluto’s, triggering the explosive nature of Pluto.

Here’s today’s audio companion to this piece.

4 thoughts on “Pluto in Sag Kids Revolt, Re-Animating The Children’s Crusade, & Spooky Dads”

  1. S

    Well done Robert, thank you for con-sidering (being “with the stars”). The operative aspect for me on Stephen of Cloyes’ tale is the word “obey” right after the shock of the seemingly benign figure appearing. Classic trauma>>>programming. No free will involved. Let’s hope the outcome (slavery, suffering, shipwreck) is not the same for this neo-crusade. But as The Morovingian said to Neo in the second Matrix film in an untenable situation, “Let’s see where this goes.”

  2. J

    Wow, that is some creepy story… Whether or not specifics like that are true, i.e. the specific word ‘Obey’. But the myth of a negative being able to carefully apply such pressure and seeming to provide positive purpose is interesting.

    I wonder how accurate the historical accounts of such events are.

  3. P


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