Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Notion Of Death — Part Three — Enki/Ea Creator God

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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copia_de_enkiIs this the profile of God?

To begin to understand the rise of Mesopotamia and what I would call, the birth of Eden, I think it’s important to have an astrological reference to anchor our association with that time and place. If we use 4,000 BC, with 3-500 years on either side to be our starting point, so 4500 to 3500 BC would roughly straddle two ages; Gemini and Taurus. We can see that the development of the wheel is critical in the age of Gemini (around 4300 BC) and movement, motion, motility, all things that we associate with that sign. But the wheel takes on even greater meaning as it becomes the rotating dias for ceramics and pot making.

The potters wheel is both the symbolic and actual bridge between the age of Gemini and Taurus as Taurus represents the elements of The Earth, including ceramics, mug making and earthen-ware. Much like the transistor is the technological symbol for the age of Aquarius, the potters wheel holds the same symbolic import for the time we’re looking at and taking that analogy even further, what are Adam and Eve sculpted out of? Clay. The stuff of The Earth, cast upon the potters wheel of creation. But who were the master potters and what were they creating?

The Epic Of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest pieces of writing to have been found. It’s an epic poem of creation, penned during the height of Sumerian culture, that recounts the genesis of this world. The main players are Gilgamesh, two thirds god and one third human. He rules over Uruk, an ancient city in the fertile crescent and what ensues under his reign is nothing short of a cosmological soap opera for the ages, out of this bloody struggle for power, control, sexual dominance and the first throw down between God and Goddess, two pivotal figures emerge; “Enki (Ea)” and “Enlil (Ilu).” They are warring brothers who do not get along. It’s fascinating to see the brother tale also manifest in the likes of Cain and Abel (Old testament)) and Pokonghpya nad Pokonongloya (Hopi creation myth) in just two other examples of this archetype. Keep in mind that we are talking about the cusp of The Age Of Gemini (brothers/sisters/twins) and The Age Of Taurus, form and matter. It’s also very interesting to note that Enlil was given domain over the air (Gemini) while Enki was tasked to rule over The Earth (Taurus). While The Epic Of Gilgamesh is replete with internecine power struggles between these god-like beings, some very interesting details begin to emerge about the specific roles that these two brothers played out.

A concise, yet telling description of Enki can be found at Wikipedia where the following traits emerge in The Epic are condensed:

“The main temple to Enki is called E-abzu, meaning “abzu temple” (also E-engura, meaning “house of the subterranean waters””), a ziggurat temple surrounded by Euphratean marshlands near the ancient Persian Gulf coastline at Eridu. He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. His image is a double-helix snake.” Did you catch that part about the double helix snake?doublecad

Where else do we see this image? It’s in our very own DNA of course, discovered and understood by Francis Crick under the influence of LSD, but that’s a different story altogether. Enki, who later becomes Ea is the creator god of civilization and it is no coincidence that we live on his world (Ea-rth) as Ea loosely translates into “Lord Of The World.”

As we arrive at this point, there’s any number of directions that we can travail. There’s the work done by the controversial scholar, Zeccharia Sitichin who posits that both Enki and Enlil were members of The Annunaki and dwellers of Niburu, yes, that very same Niburu that some people are convinced is winging it’s way towards us as I type. There’s another school of thought (thoth) that Enki was a master geneticist and is actually the God who forms Adam and Eve out of the biological fusion of simian and alien DNA and that we are the progeny, not of evolution with the eternal missing link, but are the missing link itself, the descendants of star seed.

So the question becomes, if Enki/Ea is the creator God of our world, to what purpose were we forged and is there a link between the epic life spans depicted in The Old Testament and some earlier iteration of our DNA that might have been quickly altered by either direct or indirect intervention?

We’ll find out more tomorrow.

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    Great stuff, Robert! Thanks.

    I have a book called “Star Ancestors” compiled by Nancy Red Star – a compilation of interviews with Native Americans exploring a “unifying ‘Sky Elder’ theme found in every Native American culture. It’s not exactly in line with the Enki/Niburu legends, but maybe there’s a loose link.

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