Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Notion Of Death Part One

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

hourglassAre the rules of time in flux?

I recently had a discussion with a woman about life and that one of my few, current regrets is the relatively short life span, we as humans have inherited. If we look at the average life span, which is roughly 69-71 for men and 73-76 for women in the “developed world,” this is ideal for a society that existed sixty years ago. Social strata, while considerably more upward in some ways than now, was also a lot more defined.

Gender roles and rules, faith, family structure, the cycles of holidays and seasons all generally conformed to a world of linear time, digestible values and the sense that one could fulfill ones purpose by providing either for the family in the world or in the home. 70+ years are more than enough to insure the continuity of the species, along with learning valuable lessons of competence and quite possibly mastery. But something happened. Someone moved the cheese. Maybe it was the second world war. taking place on the heels of just recovering from the first. Maybe it was the atomic bomb. Perhaps it was Roswell, or Korea, or the death of JFK, or Vietnam, or LSD, or any of the mass cultural movements of the sixties. All of a sudden there was more social stimuli to go through and grow through, more minutiae, more complexity, more complexes, more addictions, greater expectations, shorter attention spans, serial monogamy, co-parenting, 24 hour news cycles, towers falling, economies crashing, the rich becoming gods, genomes mutating into chimeras and a sense that things were happening much faster than any of us can understand and integrate, even though we ourselves are mutating as well.

70+ years doesn’t cut it any longer. It takes more and more time to get through an increasingly prolonged adolescence, with more and more stimuli comes less and less meaning and context on many levels. As a result we lose touch with our souls and go through cycles of searching, creating rituals of transformation for ourselves out of whatever is handy and can send us deeper into the hole of a meaningless existence, where if we are lucky are resurrected into something resembling a clearer version of reality which begins to emerge. Then what?

Cracked and freshly hatched into this new realm of possibility we now get a limited time to practice and express some vital and inherent part of our nature. For someone that experiences this late in life or through a mid-life crisis, this gives them very little time on the back end to really “get it.”

I think we need to stare down this illusion of aging, especially as to relates to Pluto in Capricorn, which for me symbolizes not just a new relationship with aging, but mortality, longevity and ultimately immortality. Since there is so much to cover on this topic, I’m going to stretch it out over a series of entries. We’ll look at the work of Ray Kurzweil and the unsettling vision of transhumanism, the eternal lifework of Leonard Orr, the powers of mono-atomic gold and the seemingly eternal lives of Queen Elizabeth, Henry Kissinger, Fidel Castro and other global elites who never seem to truly fade or go away. So check back in tomorrow as we look at “Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Notion Of Death.”

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  1. T

    Looking forward to it!

    Maybe you’ll also touch on the oddity of biblical age spans, which if they are to be believed were very much longer than our own. Yet early humans and mediaeval folk , and even America’s early settlers had considerably shorter lives than we do now. Maybe something was lost in translation or misunderstood when transcribing the bible. Or perhaps there is something more mysterious involved.

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