Pluto In Capricorn, Transforming The Nature Of Time, More Anomalies In The Space Time Continuum, The Strange Tale Of John Titor

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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cern_lhc_t2030shigh.jpgJohn Titor’s blast to the past–CERN.

After I posted the latest edition in the 1913 series, my pal Twilight commented about going back into the past, knowing what we know now. Well, her comment prompted me to go back and re-examine the life of a man named “John Titor.” John Titor claimed to have been from the year 2036 while he was hanging around our time, during two separate stints (1975 and 1999/2001). His time here in the 99/01 period was spent with his parents, yes his birth parents and his younger self, at their home in Florida and online, where he shared his amazing story in chat rooms and on websites. His story is remarkable and historically correct up to a a point.

Titor had been sent back in time by The US Army to retrieve an IBM, 5100 computer, from 1975. Apparently, during The US Civil War (yes, civil war) and the big world war that followed, Unix computers were wiped out and Titor was sent back in time to 1975 get an IBM 5100 so that it could be used to translate other computer syntax so that they could reassemble Unix as a language. One of the reasons why he was chosen was because his grandfather worked on the computer. There is a subtext to his writings and chats that he had something to do with Y2K and might have actually had a hand in Y2K not happening as many had proposed it would. Here is a brief summary of how the future unfolds according to Titor and “his” timeline:

• Civil war breaks out in The US, but in Titor’s timeline, this takes place in 2004.

• The civil war is based upon overt attempts to restrict peoples rights and freedoms.

• It comes down to rural vs. city as people that are more rights centric leave the cities to have less government intrusion on their lives.

• The civil war starts with a series of Waco-like events.

• It lasts for roughly six years.

• It is culminated by Russia wiping out most of the large cities in the US via nukes.

• Russia is actually an ally in this regard as it helps the rural resistance.

• Europe is basically screwed.

• Australia had to fend off the Chinese and did so successfully, but they are isolated and angry at their government and the world.

• Civilization is clustered around universities.

• Water has to be boiled and distilled.

• There are five presidents that govern over the five regions or states that will comprise The US in 2036.

• The constitution gets overhauled, but is more effective as a result.

• There are 20 political parties.

• People grow their own food and livestock.

• A Lincoln-like president would try to unite the people, but would be unsuccessful due to the factions around him.

• Children are not born with as much frequency and when one is born, they are cherished.

• Family is much more important than it is now.

• Mad Cow disease became a very big problem.

• Nothing of note happens in 2012.

• There is great anger held towards us from those of the future.

• Reverence for life and a new type of relationship to God is born.

Titor’s time travel was enabled by a device, (shown here in a cutaway), that used principles that were discovered at CERN

Now when Titor was talking about this, 2001, very few had heard of CERN at the time and Titor seemed incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. Essentially, they were able to produce anomalies in the gravitational field, which in turn altered the laws of time and allowed them to begin to send objects through time. Ultimately, Titor becomes one of them.

I have been noting that the nature of time is changing, speeding up and more malleable than it has been at other times. It is through Pluto in Capricorn that time itself is accelerating and plasticized.

Titor talks about various worldlines, or timelines and that his is not the only one, but it is one that is directly connected to our time. That said, his prediction for civil war in 2004 is off. If that is the case, then something has changed. Has it changed enough to avert the crisis that occurs during Titor’s timeline? I’m not sure and ironically, Titor thinks that the civil war and big war are in some ways essential and thtat it allows a reset function to occur. In his description of his world time, it sounds like a cross between Kevin Costner’s “Postman” and the TV show, “Jericho.” The culture is definitely more on the Cancerian side of the Cancer/Capricorn axis as they are more self-sufficient, communal and family oriented during their time. So in the opposition between Capricorn and Cancer, it seems as though Cancer ultimately wins out.

So the question becomes, now that we are familiar with Titor’s timeline and it’s attendant message, can we effect the future? If so, how? If we begin to practice some of the Cancerian social traits in advance, can we ground a more loving, holisitc and communal spirit in advance of the uncoming leviathan of the corporatocracy?

One of the things that I was attempting to do with “The Gathering In The Void” was to sync energy, thought, intention and spirit amongst those of us that got together–to notice our oneness and in some ways, just through out attention and intention, that we could send ripples of awareness through time (or at least our time). I’ll crank it up again soon and might even make it a monthly occurrence to fall on the new moon.

Speaking of time travel, when we visit the future tomorrow, we’ll return to 1913.

3 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn, Transforming The Nature Of Time, More Anomalies In The Space Time Continuum, The Strange Tale Of John Titor”

  1. T

    John Titor – what a very strange tale, Robert! New to me. I’ve read some of the background on a message board where they discussed the subject for several years after he eventually “disappeared”. Nobody knows whether it was a hoax – nobody ever will know for sure.

    Whoever Titor was, if not from the future, he should be writing sci-fi or making movies – the tale had me fascinated. It’s good to consider these things with an open mind. Considering them does help us to see the present in a different light – whether the future as presented by Titor was a figment of someone’s imagination or not.

    Time travel is the single most intriguing thing there is to think about – space travel is interesting, but time travel is far and away more so.

    Ripples of awareness would be a good start – and there’s nothing to lose by trying, Robert. It’s a good plan. 🙂

  2. I remember when that was happening & then later his lawyer or whatever would be on Art Bell.

    If I was from the future, I’d be mad at us too I bet haha.

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