Pluto In Capricorn, Transforming The Nature Of Time, More Anomalies In The Space Time Continuum, Non-Local Communication

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

mont_2.jpgGathering in the void
Sometimes I still marvel at the more-than-occasional synchronicity that pops up through this blog and linking astrology and the archetypal, socio-political-meme-machine, all together. Well it happened again yesterday. While I was putting the wraps on my Frank Zappa, birthday/”Star Of The Day” piece, another writer, Wes Penrewas covering similar ground, even using the Robert Johnson, selling his soul to the devil example that I sourced in my Jay-Z and The Illuminati piece I had written some months ago. He even quoted Dave McGowan at length.

These crazy connections are all out there, it’s just a matter of sifting through the weird and making some comprehensible sense of the seemingly disconnected pieces.

So what I attempt to do here is out there in the ethers, in strands, but the timing of Penre’s piece, falling on the same day as mine was pretty interesting.

Now Penre could be a serial plagiarist, but I seriously doubt that, so the timing of the event says to me that, “we are plugging into the global brain and we’re able to link up in odd and seemingly random ways.”

As we have previously noted, the very transformation of time as we know it is now taking place in Pluto in Capricorn and synchronicities are one way of gauging the malleability of time and space.

I’d like to push the envelope just a little with this realization.

I would like to connect with as many people as possible on the morning of the 31st, in meditation. The time would be 6 am PDT for thirty minutes. The intention would be to notice thoughts, feelings and names during that half hour and write down whatever comes to you during that half hour. If there are names, jot them down. If you have images, write them down as well. This is not an exercise in sending light and love, it’s an experiment in noticing, awareness and non-local communication. The idea would be to come back to this site later in the day and add your comments to a dedicated post that I will write. Then, we’ll simply compare notes and see what we come up with. My gut says that we will have some very unique connections.

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    Good idea, Robert – but you’ll need to remind us again. I’m bound to forget on 31st.

    I had a sychronistic blogging thing happen yesterday. I was struggling to draft something on Leonard Cohen, left it to go to the shops, and when I came back I noticed in Elsa’s widget that Art and Astrology blog had already “done” Cohen. I suppose it’s not that surprising as his song is tiop of the UK charts, but the timing was interesting. I went ahead on a slightly different tack afterwards. :-)

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