Pluto In Capricorn, Transforming The Nature Of Time, Anomalies In The Space Time Continuum

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

time.jpgLiberation from the slavery of time?

While I will wait until Brad Pitt’s birthday (tomorrow) to finish the Pitt/Jolie Astro-Bloodline series, I wanted to just make a quick post regarding Capricorn and time. One of the aspects that I have been experiencing and noting is how Pluto in Capricorn is transforming the very nature of time, right before our eyes.

Two quite recent events further indicate that the phenomenon of time is shifting, even as I type.


The first and most beguiling time story is the 400-year-old Chinese tomb that was recently exhumed and inside the tomb the archaeological team found a Swiss watch–not just any Swiss watch, but a precision, Swiss, watch ring. To say that they are baffled would be an understatement.

How did that watch get into a grave that had not been open since the body was dropped into it back in the 1600’s? The tools and instruments needed to create such a time ring would not have been available then. To give you an idea of what timepieces looked like during the period of when the body and Swiss watch were buried, here is an example of a very rare “Verge Watch” by David Bouquet, from 1650. Please keep in mind that this watch was considered “state of the art” for that era, a marvel and though an achievement unto itself, it’s not even close to what they excavated in China.


So what does this mean? Could someone have actually time travelled and landed in China during that period? Could someone from China have travelled to the future? Did someone send the watch ring back through time as some sort of reminder for a future event? Whether or not we can answer such questions now is almost irrelevant. The most important thing to note is the anomalous nature of the event itself.; that something happened out of time, that our entire concept of linearity is being challenged. We’ll have to wait and see as to how scientists, using their antiquated Newtonian/Cartesian models can unravel this one.

The other key and noteworthy event is the resurrection of one of the western worlds first computers,, the ancient Greek, Antikythera, which was recently remade from pieces of the original models by British curator, Michael Wright.


The Antikythera was the centerpiece of a book by Jo Marchant, titled,
Decoding The Heavens, which details the scientific infighting that has surrounded the Antikythera for years. In essence, it is a moving ephemeris that charts the movements of the planets through the zodiac and does it as a chronometer as well, clocking cycles of time, some of which are noted by years in which the ancient olympics took place as well as longer, seventy-year-cycles. This is noteworthy because it shows how influential astrology was to the ancient Greeks and again it manifests itself during this Pluto and Capricorn phase, causing us to re-examine time, it’s nature, it’s relationship to the stars and it’s social application. Here is a Guadian UK video on Wright’s new version of the Antikythera.

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