Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Six — Bring On The Flood

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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de-antro-nympherum-by-williBlake’s vision of the flood.

“Mix the heart of the clay that is over the abyss,
The good and princely fashioners will thicken the clay,
You, [Nammu] do you bring the limbs into existence;
Ninmah [earth-mother or birth goddess] will work above you,
The goddesses [of birth] .  . . will stand by you at your fashioning;
O my mother, decree its [the newborn’s] fate,
Ninmah will bind upon it the image (?) of the gods,
It is man . . . . “

The above is from the Sumerian creation poem, The Epic Of Gilgamesh. It’s directive of Enil aka Ea describing how he would create a new species in order to do the dirty work That new species is likely us. The original hu-mans in the guise of Adam and his brood lived to the ripe 900’s. Seems like Enki did his job a little too well and as a result, they (likely The Annunaki of Niburu) decided to hit the reset switch and that took shape in the great flood. Ultimately it is Enlil who creates the dreaded flood because the noise of the hu-ans had become too much. Again, from “The Epic” we have the hero of the tale, Utnapishtim (likely Noah) recounting to Gilgamesh, the narrator of the poem how he was warned by Enki/Ea;

“Utanapishtim spoke to Gilgamesh, saying:
‘” will reveal to you, Gilgamesh, a thing that is hidden,
a secret of the gods I will tell you!
Shuruppak, a city that you surely know,
situated on the banks of the Euphrates,
that city was very old, and there were gods inside it.
The hearts of the Great Gods moved them to inflict the Flood.
Their Father Anu uttered the oath (of secrecy),
Valiant Enlil was their Adviser,
Ninurta was their Chamberlain,
Ennugi was their Minister of Canals.
Ea, the Clever Prince(?), was under oath with them
so he repeated their talk to the reed house:
‘Reed house, reed house! Wall, wall!

O man of Shuruppak, son of Ubartutu:
Tear down the house and build a boat!
Abandon wealth and seek living beings!
Spurn possessions and keep alive living beings!
Make all living beings go up into the boat.
The boat which you are to build,
its dimensions must measure equal to each other:
its length must correspond to its width.
Roof it over like the Apsu.” “

Here, it is clear that Enki/Ea breaks with his clan and gives direct guidance to Noah and instructs him on how to get the hell out of Dodge. Interestingly enough, Enlil eventually lifts up this heady survivor after initially punishing him and as a result, Utnapishtim/Noah is ultimately venerated by the gods themselves.

What was the flood and why is it so popular across a number cultures as a main theme in their creation myths? If there were other outposts of culture and commerce like Meso-America and The Mayans, as well as The Chinese, where according to Will Hart in his book, Genesis Earth those cultures also experienced an explosion of growth, literally overnight, with many of the same creation themes at the core of their stories, then perhaps the flood was not merely just an overflow of the Tigris and Euphrates, but a planetary event brought on by the immense, destructive power of some force that caused tectonic shock waves across the globe, resulting in enormous tsunamis that swallowed land whole. In fact there are at least 150 different versions of the flood told by various cultures throughout the world. When the waters recede and our Noah character begins anew (Anu) life and lifespans are very, very different. They rapidly became the age/life spans that roughly correlate to our life spans today.battlefieldearth

One of the more interesting, modern parallels of “The Epic” is curiously enough retold by L. Ron Hubbard in Battlefield Earth. Remember, Hubbard was an occult adept who worked sex magic with Jack Parsons, Crowley’s man in America and JPL’s young, jet engine genius. The two of them performed “The Babalon Working” where they used Parsons’ wife as sexual portal to summon a “moonlet” (inter-dimensional being) into form and it’s likely where Hubbard got his download for Dianetics which would include aspects that are very similar to the characters and plotline of Battlefield Earth which involves a race of space miners that descend upon Earth in order to mine . . . you guessed it, gold. The main alien character in Hubbard’s novel seems to be a manifestation of both Enki and Enlil. The movie version, which stars John Travolta is so bad, it’s actually quite memorable and worth seeing.

We’re now going to move on from Mesopotamia and Sumer to explore the concept of mortality and immortality in the next great epoch and civilization, Egypt.

EDITOR’S NOTE Abra, a frequent reader and commenter mentioned Atlantis and it is my belief that Atlantis is not directly related to the period we’re covering here and in fact, it is also of my opinion that whatever forms we assumed in Atlantis, might look very different than the earthsuits we inhabit today. I’ll get back to Atlantis at some point as it relates to the concept of a custodial race that governs most of the activity, here on Ea’s place.

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    Susan from California

    I’m curious about Lillith. Is she ever mentioned in the Gilgamesh tale? What happened to her progeny after the flood? Is that out of sight, out of mind?

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