Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Seven — Swine Flu, Culling The Herd, The Grim Reaper And The Custodial Race

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

xiii_-_deathThe grim reaper as death in the major arcana.

While I was planning on going in a linear fashion regarding this series, what’s currently happening with The Swine Flu outbreak reminds me that life is anything but linear–especially now. At some point, I was going to stare down the concept of “the custodial race” as described by William Bramley (Gods Of Eden) and others. David Icke alludes to it as well. I first came upon the concept many years ago in a book by Robert Shapiro (no, not the lawyer), but a channel from Arizona, who penned an interesting tale called, Shinning The Light which in many ways dovetails the Enki/Enlil dynamic, only “Zoosh” the narrative voice in “Shinning” unfolds a tale about Yaweh and Lucifer. half-brotherts.

Yahweh is from Sirius, while Lucifer is half Sirian/Orion and is a shit disturber that’s nudged to travel to an azure jewel across the galaxy, located in the cradle orbit of it’s solar system. Things unfold pretty much as you would think. Lucifer has great ideas, is rebellious and Yahweh plays it pretty close to the vest. But then they get into the creation of the hu-mans business, with Lucifer leading the way, which manifests in rebellion and Lucifer starting his own Earth/Terra colony in the outpost known as “Atlantis,”

In Atlantis, Lucifer becomes a creator god and gifts the atlanteans with crystals, technology, you name it. In Patricia Cori’s work, also channeled, The Sirians go into great detail regarding the manifestation of Tesla’s first incarnation as a galactic mage who opens portals and stargates in Atlantis, which ultimately leads to it’s downfall. For those that are into an arcane and occult telling of tales, it involves crystal skulls as the main technology. But that’s another story.

Atlantis gets trapped in a conflict between the spirit and the will, projecting it’s shadow onto Lemuria and creating a devastating weapon that not only destroys Lemuria, but brings about the ultimate demise of Atlantis.

According to Zoosh, there are small fragments and outposts of atlanteans living in places other than Atlantis, one of which was living in what we would now call South Africa. Frightened at the possibility of being abandoned and alone, they contact the spirit of Lucifer who had longs since past, but was still revered as the bringer of light and life. Lucifer picked up on this signal in the realm of the spirit and then passed it along to the orions, who sent a search party to Earth and decided that they were going to get in on the game. They promised this frightened and dispossessed bunch that they would help them and in fact, make them the overseers of this world, sort of a management team, which Shapiro/Zoosh would thus refer to as “The Custodial Race.”

The custodial race would watch over Earth for the orions, while being given technology to run the show over other life forms, present or yet to manifest. There was one catch thoug–their DNA would be restricted and tied off. Sound familiar? Again, according to Shapiro/Zoosh, this was done by, get ready for this, introducing cocoa, coffee and tobacco. Now, I’m not sure how much I believe this the latter, but I find the whole concept of the custodial race interesting and quite relevant, especially as it relates to how most sacred sites of the ancient world are aligned with Orion rising at almost the same degree at it’s apex in nearly every temple, across the globe. So, what does this have to do with what is happening right now in Mexico and across the world?

When I started this series, I was deeply interested in longevity and still am. I saw Pluto in Capricorn as a revolutionary aspect that would open up new possibilities in this realm, some of which could be construed as positive or negative, depending upon ones belief system. But Pluto in Capricorn is also about death. Pluto represents death and life force in re-birth, while Capricorn is often associated with the scythe and the sickle, hand tools of clearing the fields of life by death itself.

William Bramley gets deeply into the symbolism of “The Grim Reaper” which firsts surfaces in our modern consciousness during the great plague of Europe. In fact, Bramley recounts tales of people actually seeing a shadowy figure, in fields, with a longish device that looked as though it was spraying smoke or mist. Was our vision/version of the grim reaper more than just a folk tale told to make sense of a world that people could not understand? Was he more than just a supernatural excuse for death? Was he in fact an agent of some custodial race that was charged with “culling the herd?” Bramley recounts other moments along these lines, where either war, plague and famine breakout and stops humanity in it’s tracks, shutting down development and evolution.

In the great, unwashed bowels of the deepest and darkest conspiracies, there is a consensus that those in power (the upper 1%) no longer need us useless eaters, especially with the advance of technology, resulting in a Toffleresque world of future shock, where machines have outpaced and outstripped the need for masses of people to generate light/fuel/energy and unimaginable wealth. There are those that have been predicting this very moment for a while and when I began to look at Pluto in Capricorn back when it shifted last year, I saw the intrinsic opposition of this alignment as it expresses itself against the US stellium of planets in Cancer. Cancer is about nurturing, healing, giving life and protecting, while Capricorn is about survival, getting to the top and individual achievement. The two oppose one another in a great cosmic standoff and the circle of iron, the cage match between life and death is The US itself.

There are those that believe that the Swine Flu is a bio-weapon aimed not just at depopulation, but control, giving the powers that be the excuse to cordon off cities, declare martial law, force inoculations or be trucked off to a FEMA camp for quarantine. And who knows what’s in the inoculations?

The Swine Flu seems to be not just a replay of the Spanish Flu that killed lots and lots of people in 1976, but an amalgam of Spanish/Swine, Avian and Human flu. How does this occur nature? The most agreed upon answer is that it doesn’t. This “strange brew” as it is being referred to exhibits almost all of the tendencies of being cooked up somewhere.

Now, there are pragmatists out there, some of which actually stop by from time-to-time who believe that nature has an intelligence that is always doing it’s best to achieve a homeostatic balance amongst all living things and cooks up these diseases and plagues to keep things in check. But if that were true, then why did birds, recently exposed to Avian Flu suddenly mutate and create a gene that made them immune to Avian Flu?

The complex crossing of strains in this strange brew flu has nature written all over it, but it’s more of an inhuman nature that might have a very broad agenda at work.

This is where we will re-visit “The Custodial Race,” who they might be and what their stated and unstated goals are.

3 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Seven — Swine Flu, Culling The Herd, The Grim Reaper And The Custodial Race”

  1. T

    Robert –

    Your experience of Death articles are interesting and amusing, if rather elliptical. Where you trace Gilgamesh and Enlil, you omit the tale of Inanna. She has gone from evening star to morning star most recently; she has descended to the land of her dark sister, died, and returned.

    Enlil did not send aid; Enki created the clay neuter creatures to descend and provide succor.

    I was reminded of our first gathering in the void. I returned to look at what we felt. I wrote:

    My experience was simple: it began with seeking, it was sustained with a sense of calm communion, it resolved with several themes.

    the watch
    heat generating from the inside
    wheat & barley

    Whit Sunday – Pentecost

    Pentecost falls late this year–I believe it is the end of May.

  2. a

    Innana also got Enki drunk (which doesn’t seem too difficult) and extracted hundreds of secrets from him. These secrets were called, “mes.” Once Enki sobered up, he decided to wreak havoc on Inanna’s city, Uruk, which shifted the power from Eridu to Uruk. She’s obviously a powerful figure, she’s the goddess of love for crissakes, but she does not enter into the proto-surgical role that Enki does, nor does she have the same sort of managerial component that Enlil does. You reference her descent into the underworld and that journey on a mythical level is profound. What does it mean? Is it literal? Is she dealing with a race of subterranean beings? Is it a metaphor for some type of initiation? It’s a fascinating tale and I’m glad that you have found my posts interesting and amusing.

  3. e

    I was hoping you’d mention the swine flu thing, Robert. In addition to the Pluto in Cap resonance, it seems like the extreme shadow expression of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction – just at the moment when humanity could potentially experience an incredible healing/spiritual breakthrough, the World Management Team unleashes this engineered disease, along with, no doubt, a mass vaccination program. I’m trying to keep the faith that people will see through this farce and stop giving power away to the pharmaceutical-military-industrial complex…

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