Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Five — The Wrath Of Enlil

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

enlilDon’t mess with Mister E! (Enlil)

I tell ya, having Mars in Pisces going retrograde in my fourth house has not been very favorable when it comes to moving forward and getting things set up on the homefront in my new life–slogging backwards through memory and time, box-by-box, waiting for AT&T to finally connect me up to this new fangled world wide web thing.

It’s getting close with Mars now moving forward towards martial Aries, repeat, martial, not marital Aries.

So I apologize if my series on longevity is taking longer (hey a new way to practice longevity!) than I would like. That said, let’s quickly recap where we’ve been so far:

• We began by looking at the epic ages of The Bible, starting with Adam (930) and his equally aged progeny.

• Based on creationist time, we saw this as around 4,500 to 3,500 BC.

• This coincided with the cusp of the ages of Gemini (the wheel) and Taurus (agriculture).

• This roughly coincided with the rapid rise of Mesopotamia the fertile crescent (Tigris and Euphrates).

• The creation myth which tells the story of this period is The Sumerian poem, The Epic Of Gilgamesh.

• Two figures emerge as pivotal characters in “The Epic.” Enki/Ea and his brother (some say half brother) Enlil.

• They are roughly given charge of the planet and Enki’s role was to theoretically create a slave caste to mine for gold.

• Sitchin and others have theorized that the brothers were Annunaki from Niburu.

• Enki governed land and sea, including all fluids like semen and beer. He was licentious and loved his new race–maybe too much.

• Enki, due to his land/sea connection becomes associated with the constellation, Capricorn (sea goat) very early on.

• Enlil as we shall see, ruled the skies and became the wrathful and vengeful deity that demanded strict obedience and even worship.

• Enlili was put in charge of managing the operation.

Back in the mid-nineties, I was really drawn to the work of Barbara Marciniak. I thought that her first book, Bringers Of The Dawn was fascinating and important as the channelled work by Pleiadian intelligence focused a lot on the subject of DNA and how our original DNA was twelve separate strands, each strand corresponding to a level of consciousness as well as dimensions, where the corresponding consciousness would aggregate. The Pleiadians talked about a time when we were becoming to smart, too fast and had to be slowed down by an outside force that was far more interested in controlling our development than supporting and accelerating it. Thus, this is where we have the current version of our DNA, a double-helix, an infinite, yet tied loop that supposedly keeps us hemmed in to the current consensual space/time theater we occupy.

For The Pleidians and Marciniak, the way out, is the way in; the method to begin to uncoil The DNA is through various exercises, including dance, spinning, toning, etc. This made a great deal of sense to me and then one night, I went to see Marciniak channel her star pals in San Francisco and couldn’t believe how cold everything was. The theater was freezing and Marciniak’s message and demeanor weren’t much warmer. While I valued the info, I steered clear of Marciniak from that night forward.

I think the concept of tying off, or looping the DNA is an important one and intrinsically linked to the concept of longevity and our own mortality.

If we are to believe that Enki had a surgical hand in creating a race of worker drones to plumb the Earth for the precious gold, teeming with multi-dimensional properties, and if Enki, as it is reported fused the ovum of a simian, with his very own star seed, then we would have some of the same qualities of these very same parent gods. If Enki and his bro/half bro lived incredibly long life spans, then it would make sense that the longevity would be passed onto the hu-mans, that the earliest versions of our selves could indeed live to be between 700-900 years of age. It would most surely insure getting lots of work out of one form and not have to constantly re-create new models in order to get more work done. In Enki’s mind, longevity must have equaled ROI, but that was before the lord of planned obsolescence, his drag of a relation, Enlil stepped in.

The Encylopedia Mythica gives a fair accounting of Enlil and his powers:

“Enlil holds possession of the Tablets of Destiny which gives him power over the entire cosmos and the affairs of man. He is sometimes friendly towards mankind, but can also be a stern and even cruel god who punishes man and sends forth disasters, such as the great Flood which wiped out humanity with the exception of Atrahasis. Enlil is portrayed wearing a crown with horns, symbol of his power. His most prestigious temple was in the city Nippur, and he was the patron of that city. His equivalent is the Akkadian god Ellil.”

That bold section (my emphasis) is critical when it comes to Enlil., because, if you look at the biblical ages past Noah, they begin to dramatically decrease. Solomon is a mere 58 when his earth suit expires.

In his widely underappreciated work, The Gods Of Eden, William Bramley explores how when humanity reaches a particular apex, some external event sets it back. He explores the history of floods, plagues, famines and wars that continually knock humanity off of it’s evolutionary axis, and thus forcing it to regroup and find itself, yet again. Enlil seems to be one of the earliest outside agencies to exploit this agenda. Notice that he could be a stern and cruel God. Notice how he ruled the air, the wind, breath, and heaven itself. Was Enlil a manifestation of Yahweh/Jehovah? Was his puckish brother a more Luciferian manifestation, stealing the fire (spark) of life from the gods? And what of the great flood?

From the website, Halexandria,Com, there is a great distinction between the intentions and application of will by Enki and Enlil:

“If there is a philosophy of Enki, it manifests and explains itself in early Mesopotamian and Egyptian thought, where the true creator of the universe was manifest within nature, and that nature enveloped both the Anunnaki, and the humans.  Nature, as the Great Mother, was still supreme, despite any patriarchal scheme to the contrary.  Admittedly, Enki’s claim of his birthright, the one being based on a matrilineal succession — essentially the mitochondria DNA link, which is wholly passed through the female line — was in Enki’s best interests.  But Enki was also the maternal grandfather who came to the aid of Inanna when things went badly during her Descent into the Underworld.

With the arrival of Enlil, however, who in his best interests must demean the matriarchal line of succession, and thus nature itself — everything changed.  The Great Mother was dethroned and replaced by a supreme male (as opposed to a male consort for the Queen).  The idea of cooperation — as exemplified by the council of Anunnaki making cooperative decisions — was quickly replaced by competition, and harmony was forsaken in favor of subservience.  The supreme god became abstract, and any physical connection with human or nature was lost — and thus the link between nature and human also destroyed.  When Enlil hit town, there was a whole new deal put into effect.  “

Abraham was the first hu-man to experience the wrath of Enlil. Again, from Halexandria:

“According to Laurence Gardner [1], “The dominant tenet of the new thought was based wholly on the utmost fear of Enlil, who was known to have instigated the great Flood [or else acquiesced in not warning the humans, or making any attempt to save them], and to have facilitated the invasion and destruction of civilized Sumer.  Here was a deity who spared no mercy for those who did not comply with his dictatorial authority.

“Abraham had experienced the vengeful Enlil first hand at the fall of Ur, and he was not about to take any chances with his own survival.  He was even prepared to sacrifice the life of his young son, Isaac, to appease the implacable God (Genesis 32:9).”  “The oriental scholar Henri Frankfort summarized the situation by making the point that… ‘Those who served Jehovah must forego the richness, the fulfillment, and the consolation of a life which moves in tune with the great rhythms of the earth and sky.”


There seems to be something deeply connected to the flood and the rapid decay of the form as experienced by the children of Enki/Ea. What could it have been? Was it relaed to a pole shift and did the bio-mganetics of our body get thrown out of whack? Off kilter? Was there something even more dramatic, like a magnetic pulse or a burst of energy which facilitated the flood itself and as a result, skew the encoding of our DNA? Was the food somehow different post flood and no longer provide the worker caste with the nutrients of the gods?

Horpefully, Enlil willing, we’ll look at this and more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Five — The Wrath Of Enlil”

  1. e

    Thank you, Robert! Really enjoying this series, and I’m impressed you’re doing any writing at all in the midst of post-moving chaos… I LOVED The Gods of Eden – rocked my world. I’m a big fan of Barbara Marciniak’s books, so I was sad to hear about her chill factor. Oh well (maybe the Pleiadians like it cold?).

  2. A


    You have definitely tapped into one sensitive subject for me. Barbara Hand Clow talks about Sitchin and more in depth about Pleiedian intelligence. I saw her speak in 1996 in Washington DC and the energy in that room was amazing. There was a break in the lecture where she was signing her recent book, The Pleidian Agenda, and I had the book with me but I could not get up from my seat. I just looked at her and knew I was in the presence of someone very special. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do. I love to read and that is the only book I have ever read 3 times. Every time I read it I learn something new I missed before.
    From what I have read, the Annunaki were not peaceful and came to Earth to subjugate hu mans. Before the flood, hu mans did know that something very bad was going to happen. They prayed, tried to make passage to safer places but in the end many hu mans did not survive. Everything changed even the food. It’s ok to say Atlantis you know!
    Some of the old ways are preserved and are being passed down. Another great book by Rosita Arvigo called Sastun chronicles her apprenticeship with Don Elijio Panti (if Iam not mistaken) who teaches her healing practices that have been held secret for generations. Of course your blogs about Terrence McKenna and others discovering pathways to the divine are also proof that they did not obliterate all avenues to the divine.
    Thank you for providing me brain food! My gray matter thanks you.

  3. D

    Robert, I loved this! Just yesterday I was reading about Enlil and Enki in Halexandria Forum and I found it gave me food for thought. I am studying for my third novel, “Nightfire Song” which is yet incomplete and unpublished. However my first two novels are published on Amazon. I chose to write in novel form because I felt safer presenting my information in story form. I have noticed that people get fiercely upset when you make a comment they don’t agree on. My novels are based on the Annunaki starmen Enki-Ea and Enlil and fits the format to a tee to what I read in Halexaandria Forum. It was a challenge to me to bring the story of these otherworldly arrivals to living breathing life in novel form. My story includes the relationship of these two Annunaki to the natural inhabitants of the earth when it was in a pre-ddeluvian golden age. I’m not meaning to advertise my novels. I only want to say thank you for your very fascinating information. You, unlike many readers I’ve come across make a lot of sense. I stress in my novels that I am no expert. I beg readers to know that no man or woman knows this story, nor does science. It is all speculation. I believe our greatest source of information is found in myths and legends as they encode information for those who see and hear. As far as channelers, do I believe in them? I believe if a channeler has something good to say there is no problem in relaying information this way. What is wrong is if people take it as 100 percent factual just because someone says they received the information directly from a certain star world. I wouldn’t presume to say I think I channeled when I wrote my story, but I would give it no less credit, but people really would rather hear that I did. All in all, when it comes to otherworld stuff, we all must believe only what our inner source, spirit tells us.

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