Pluto In Capricorn — Transforming The Nature Of Death — Part Eight — Swine Flu And Ancient Bloodlines

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

soccerWhat is the goal?

Ghostly images of soccer matches played in empty stadiums in Mexico scream of meme. Where are the crowds? The people? The humans? Remember them? While the idiotic match played on, the only live witness captured on video was a lone mascot in the stands, some indiscernible mammal was the stand in for the natural world, a cartoonish double, a grim symbol of our precarious connection to nature.

Last week, pre-Swine Flu, a good friend had recently re-connected with me. She is currently working on a screenplay, and she wanted me to cast a chart for the main character of her film. I thought it was a novel and great idea. Her characters name? Myth Swinborn can you say “swine-born?” I just made this connection tonight when we exchanged emails. Is The Swine Flu, the tale for public consumption being told to the masses a myth? Controversial journalist, Wayne Madsen thinks so and so do others. The gene jumping that this flu has done is nothing short of freakish, combining Swine Flu, Avian Flu and at least two strains of human flu. Madsen is convinced that the flu was cooked up somewhere other than a mutant porcine host.

In the last, interesting, amusing and eliptical (thanks Tessa) tale of creation intervention by god-like aliens, we looked briefly at what Zoosh/Robert Shapiro and others have called. “The Custodial Race.” I posted the question, “who are they and what the hell are they doing?”

Some might be familiar with the noirish, sci-fi classic, “Dark City” directed by Alex Proyas. In the film, mankind is asleep and a strange group of manipulative bad guys with bald heads put people in a trance during a perpetual night, then dramatically re-shape the landscape and the buildings, while assigning new identities and lives for everyone, so that when they awake, they have new memories for lives they have not yet lived. It’s an incredibly dramatic example for what we’re talking about, but just as applicable.

In John Carpenter’s low-budget classic, “They Live” a race of grotesque aliens operate secretly behind the scenes, while most of humanity is in a trance. It’s only when a stranger, played by Roddy Piper rolls into town and finds a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see the aliens without the mask of flesh that conceals their true identity. If we’re looking at cinematic portrayals, a fusion of these two examples might begin to explain the role and presence of such a custodial race.

One of the aspects we have looked at regarding Pluto in Capricorn is the rise of the corporatocracy, which is a stratification of management and their decisions, supporting the fusion of government and business. Mussolini was a huge fan of this model. He called it “fascism.” We looked at how the government at a federal level has intertwined with business, especially Wall Street to create something quite unfamiliar to the most fiscally conservative types. Tim Geithner moves between Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue like a shape-shifter, one moment listening deeply to big money interests, then pushing for record-breaking borrowing, which will ultimately trickle back down to those same interests in some form, without them ever being on the hook. That’s just one model. Now. we’re about to see something quite different, yet will achieve a similar effect in a different arena–big pharma.

Some weeks back, The Swiss based Baxter accidentally shipped large quantities of human flu vaccine that was, drum roll please . . .dosed with Avian Flu!!!

Now it might not have hit the press if The Czech’s hadn’t put some under their microscopes and seen The Avian Flu swimming around in there. It was a much bigger news item in Europe than it was here, but the fact remains that it got out and there is no guarantee that all the tainted batches were uncovered or found. The Swine Flu is bad. Let’s not undersell it, but it pales in comparison to what the inoculations for Swine might have in them. Oh yeah, the inoculations. Think about how many injections are waiting right now to be jacked into the system? Who will order these injections? Who will profit off of them?

One of the things that the ancient Mesopotamian/Sumerian culture practiced was astrology, which was mostly synonymous with astronomy. Hey, if your creator god dwelled in a certain part of the sky, it might be wise to remember who they are and where they came from, along with the movements of other gods, to track the planting time of seasons and various rituals with key alignments, etc. Out of astrology and sacred geometry, ancient symbolism, etc. the first language of transformation, inter-dimensional contact, trance-mediumship, etc was formulated, the keys to Enoch were assembled and given to the priestly caste for safekeeping. The viziers and the scribes kept the secrets clutched close to their breasts, because. as we know, knowledge is power and the secrets of the gods are priceless. This became evident in Egypt, throughout the old and new dynasties, separated only by the unification of deific worship. Many of the esoteric symbols that populate our arcane belief systems can be traced directly to Egypt.

Followers of astrology are likely aware of Claudius Ptolemy, who raised the bar so high for astrology in Egypt, that many of the developments that he discovered and wrote extensively about in the Almagest and the Tetrabiblos are still with us, such as the ascedant placement at time of birth. While Ptolemy was cataloging the movements of planets and stars, that wasn’t the only knowledge going down in Egypt.

Author, Erik Hornung has done almost the impossible, which is to trace the magical and esoteric threads from Egypt, through Greece, Rome and Judaica, to The Middle Ages and The Renaissance in The Secret Lore Of Egypt. He does so in a way that an academecian would appreciate and be proud of. He traces the transformation of Thoth to Hermes Trismagestis and then the infiltration of Egyptian magic and philosophy into systems like The Kaballah and later in Freemasonry and Rosacrucianism. Others on the more conspiratorial tip, like Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion have been talking about this convergence for years as well.

As we have seen in our most public and current version of a secret society, The Skull And Bones, which is made up elite policy makers, these other societies have been a refuge for the ruling class for thousands of years, where the most powerful and popular members are usually defined by their bloodlines, many of which can be traced back to Egypt. As I have noted before, GW Bush can be traced back to Egypt. David Icke has done a spiffy job tracing the bloodline of Bush back to The Ptolemy’s of Egypt, originating with Phillip of Macedonia. This is known as The Merovingian Bloodline and is just one of many royal bloodlines. Icke views the bloodlines from a reptillian perspective. While I don’t discount the presence of reptillian shape shifters amongst us, I’m more interested in looking at these families as being connected to what Zoosh/Shapiro refer to as “The Custodial Race” the race that was stranded and isolated after the fall of Atlantis and “raised up” by Orians with a vested interest in maintaining order and disorder on the planet. So in essence, what we are dealing with is a celestial class system that justifies it’s rule through knowledge of ancient symbolism and magic, operation of it’s sacred rites and rituals and the ability to maintain control over the masses through finance, war, manufacturing and medicine. With Pluto’s return to Capricorn, we are witnessing a consolidation of powers across the board by the ruling class, power elite, and the custodial race as Enki, the first sea-goat and original manifestation of Capricorn morphs into Baphomet, The Sabbatic Goat (Levi) of The Knights Templar and assumes center stage in a magical circle that most of us are not privy to and merely witness the shadow play of history illuminated against an opaque curtain of space and time.

So was The Swine Flu cooked up in some Swiss lab like Wayne Madsen thinks? If so, why? Is it to sell huge amounts of vaccine? Grant yet more unprecedented power to the government by forcing quarantines and inoculations? Is it a numbers game and a way to deal with a whole new class of under and unemployed people?

Back when the US was colonized by “The Wasichus” (the white man), small pox and anthrax was dusted up into blankets traded or given to native tribes, which led to a rapid depopulation of a numbers. There’s not much new under the sun only the shades of the skin don’t matter as much anymore–maybe they never did.

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  1. S
    Susan from California

    I don’t understand the hype! What… around 50 people have died WORLDWIDE of this so-called flu so far…. 7,000+ people died in the US last year and every year from the flu! This doesn’t look like Captain Tripps to me… I think it is a smoke screen for something much larger… Now we will see how far the monsters in DC are willing to take this country down!

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