Pluto In Capricorn, Deja Vu And The Coup, Transforming The Nature Of Time, Flux In The Temporal Field

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

deja-vu-1-10244.jpgHave you already read this post?

Saturn is often referred to as “The Lord Of Karma” and unto Capricorn it bestows, “The Law Of Time.” Saturn/Capricorn traffics in long cycles, epochs and eras, but also in the linearity of time itself. Capricorn is a vertical energy/entity, it’s entire symbology is built on ascent and aspiration, patience, fortitude and timing, all inherent in it’s archetypal matrix.

Capricorn’s constant movement upwards/forwards reflects our relationship with time as a concept that is consensually agreed upon in linear terms. But what if a powerful planet like Pluto enters into Capricorn and while we see the two acting outward upon us, what if it acts upon itself and transforms the very nature of the sign itself, redefining qualities that we always associate with it? What if Pluto is going to transform the nature of time, during it’s time in Capricorn?

Over the past 72 hours, I have been experiencing major fluctuations in the event cannon as they result in synchronicity. I won’t get into the granularity of my personal life, but let’s just say that anomalies are more the norm than not. Even as I type this, I am listening to Ian Brown warble on about “Time Is My Everything” just randomly showing up on my itunes playlist.

Yesterdays post on “one world government and the physics of intention” was tracked back by The Gideon Rachman column which inspired the contents of yesterdays content and in it, I reference my friend Marv, who just happens to be a Capricorn and they used that passage for the track back text. Later in the day, Marv IM’ed me to tell me my link to the column was wrong, so I had to go back into the post and fix it. That’s when I discovered the track back. I sent the track back and the text with Marv’s name in it to him and he rapidly replied, “I’m experiencing a deja vu, like we’ve done this before.” I chuckled and typed that we were “hacking the matrix.”

Last night, as I scanned the cable guide looking for a diversion, I ran across a movie called . . . . “Deja Vu” starring Denzel Washington. It’s about a domestic terror event (keep this in mind) in New Orleans where a ferry is blown up and 500 people die. They shot the movie on the heels of Kartrina in New Orleans and the psychic imprint and collective trauma was still very much intact when “Deja Vu” hit the theaters.

Quickly summarizing the plot, Washington, an ATF agent gets drawn into a top secret program that can actually view events that have already happened. They had figured out how to bend time by pulsing enormous amounts of energy into the ionosphere. Washington is eventually brought up to speed and into the fold and then a series of timelines, probabilities and events get played out as Washington inserts himself into the past to save the future/present. Guess what sign Washington is? Yup, Capricorn. born on 12/28, two days off of my friend, Marv’s b-day (12/30), who earlier in the day surprised himself by experiencing a deja vu. This is what I mean by the acceleration of anomalies now taking place. Pluto is rapidly transforming the very nature of time, right now, right before our very eyes. If that’s the case, then timelines and event probabilities are all very much in flux.

The content and timing of “Deja Vu” is not coincidental, at least not in my mind. I haven’t seen this film come up on cable before and yet, there it was. Besides examining the nature of time, and the power of love to alter destiny (a somewhat tepid subplot) it focuses a great deal of “time” on the terror event, where a “domestic terrorist” aka a twisted patriot in the mold of Tim McVeigh, is driven by his own version of destiny, with a religiously extreme motivation, sacrificing a few lives for the preservation of freedom.


Why is this film being circulated on cable now? Why, in the midst of all of the sturm and drang surfacing around the Rachman column, the increase in gun and ammo sales since Obama’s election is this film appearing on the screens of our minds at this time? Is it a possible manifestation of the temporal flux in the event cannon, much like how The Coup somehow managed to capture the tragedy of 911 on the unreleased cover of their 2001 CD,Partaay Music? Or, perhaps there could be even more ominous motives, like firing memes into our collective awareness, to effect a sense of already knowing what is going to take place, that when a possible tragedy like the one portrayed in the film occurs, we have our own sense of deja vu, and of course have the answer of who, what and why already waiting for us. And if we notice such anomalies, or conscious manipulation of symbols and content, can we effect the course of destiny, the nature of reality, time itself? By inserting our attention/intention into subtler realms of temporal phenomenon, do we, like Heisenberg change the nature of what we view, by simply seeing it from a different perspective? By climbing inside the concept of time, courting madness and having to sort out the attendant confusion that results from it are we altering those very events themselves, events that have yet to happen?

Now that you have read these words, if you look at our consensual reality even slightly differently, how in turn will that further impact events in the space/time continuum and if you had never read this, would reality, or at least a self-assembling version of it have remained the same? We won’t know, but I have this sneaking suspicion that we are going to reach a number of possible forks in the road when it comes major, planetary events and Pluto in Capricorn is already challenging our perception of what our current reality is as it exists in time and how we might be able to alter it in the future by shifting our awareness.

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