Pluto In Capricorn, Conspiracy Theory Becoming Conspiracy Fact? The Physics Of Intention And The Re-imagination Of Being Human

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

darkcitydirecorscut.jpgWhat are the limits of intention?

What happens when conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact and how will people respond? This is the question that I am kicking around after my friend Marv, sent me this column from a well known UK columnist, Gideon Rachman, where he is openly floating the idea of a one-world-government. This is not Alex Jones, or David Icke, or even Bill Maher, but a fairly conservative writer for financial newspaper. It’s an idea that’s rapidly circulating through the barium laced clouds across the planet. It’s an idea that is gaining momentum as the global economy continues to be on life support, and an idea that will be put forth in very positive terms, framed as a major socioeconomic shift that will benefit everyone, from health care, to security, to ensuring that everyone will have a fair chance, from the jungles of Brazil, to the streets of Compton.

On the surface, it sounds appealing, but as we are again witnessing with Pluto in Capricorn, it echos the rise of a mono-culture, a less technocratic version of singularity and convergence. But is this a good thing and how will those who are in the business of marketing this global governance deal with those that are attached to the quaint and anachronistic notion of nation states, states with nations and local municipalities? This is what the mad-tin-hattters have been shouting for years and now, unfortunately, their extreme and dire prophecies seem to be self-assembling before our very eyes. Here is where we will see the beginning of the Pluto/Capricorn opposition against The US stellium in Cancer take place and the unsteady polarization between factions are triggered.

So let’s assume for a moment that conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact and that along with it comes a fractured social landscape that heightens all of the latent fears that are associated with the one world governance, like FEMA Camps, chips, forced inoculations, etc.. Is there anything that the individual can do save the baring of arms or waiting for Gabriel to blow his horn? Are we just passive witnesses to this drama, waiting for it to be played out and react to the stimuli as we are prodded and poked? In essence, what can we do to offer an alternative, a variant version of a particular timeline and outcome?

Much has been made lately regarding the physics of intention. From Heisenberg to Ramtha, from “uncertainty principles” to “secrets” the whole idea that we can alter the physical space and events around us through aligning our thoughts with positive intentions has been a potent node of transformation for many. But what if we could use the power of intention to not just attract a new job or relationship, but alter the very gravity where our thoughts emerge from the electro-chemical discharge of synaptic fire to activating an exponential chain effect of conscious awareness, of inherent unity, and along with it, an opening of our collective heart? And what if as a result, we had a wholly different relationship with matter? With the elements? With the whole concept of power and what it means to be a human?While these are lofty propositions to say the least, Dr. William A. Tiller’s experiments in the physics of intention hints at such dynamic and transformational possibilities.

Dr. Tiller worked with four, seasoned meditators, who imprinted a device with their intention to raise the PH level in water when this device was employed in close proximity of water. Tiller wrapped the devices in aluminum and then shipped them 2000 miles away, where they were put into use in a lab with water. The PH rose measurably enough for the experiment to be ruled an initial success, but that was only the beginning.

As Tiller and his team repeated the experiments over and over again, the results happened quicker and were more pronounced. He noted that the physical space in the lab was being altered by the original intent and repeated application. Eventually the device wasn’t even needed to achieve the results of the experiment. Here is what Tiller had to say about the phenomenon; “In one of the spaces that we have used, the alteration in the space of the room has remained stable for well over a year, and it’s still going strong.” Tiller ran a number of different experiments in the space, using magnets and north/south polarity to gauge the impact on the intention of the physics in the space and he concluded that they were, “producing domains of order in the vacuum.” In essence, they were changing the very laws of physics in the lab/space.

This is potent stuff and leads us to the very edge of what comprises physical reality and how, with focused intention, the right application of will, and a heart balanced in a field of conscious unity, we can alter the space of our world. What would we do with such immense power and even greater responsibility?

Pluto in Capricorn is power. In the Tarot, The Devil card (Capricorn) represents lust, envy, and domination, but it also expresses magnetism, the power of attraction, mesmerism and just plain old power. If Pluto in Capricorn is energy coalesced and manipulated by esoteric technicians that are fully engaged in the symbolic and real re-formation of our world, then why is that energy not available to others outside of that small circle as well? According to Dr. Tiller and other quantum physicists, it is. The question then becomes, how do we access it and what do we do when when we do? It’s a quantum koan for our times.

To read more info on this experiment and Dr, William Tiller, you can go, here.

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