Pluto In Capricorn And The Hidden Gifts

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

blur_hippiesWill their purpose finally come into focus?

I’ve bashed Pluto in Capricorn quite a bit, but there are legitimate, even positive reasons it’s in our lives while it animates the titanic rise of mono-culture, the growing corporatocracy, etc. It allows us to define as ourselves against the enormous shadow it’s casting across the landscapes of our psyches. But there’s also an inherent toughness that’s part of the energy that we can tap into as well. The Goat is tenacious and able to eke out the slightest foothold on even the smallest crevice. The Goat endures and finds stability in unsteady terrain. The Goat can eat just about anything as well. Getting the hints? Finding the parables palatable? The Goat also has the top of the mountain in it’s sights (provided it’s a mountain goat), which metaphorically, we know is related to the ascent towards the top of ones profession or trade.

I witnessed this energy last week in LA, hanging with Sussan Deyhim, Richard Horowitz (Uncle Richard) and Greg Ellis. All three are working musicians, and they are flat out working it. Greg was re-hearsing like crazy to go on tour in Honk Kong with China’s version of Norah Jones. He wanted no drum fill or pattern to slip by. He had just finished working on the soundtrack to The Watchmen and was deep into mixing Sussan’s latest piece. Sussan and Richard were working on simultaneous projects including “Gershwin In The Desert,” a separate track with Bill Laswell and Sussan’s ongoing project in development with Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologs). In essence, these people are working their asses off, knowing that they have to in order to continue to do what they do, which is what they love and therein lies a HUGE clue for this time; It’s only hard work if you’re not totally into it. For Richard, Sussan and Greg, music is their passion and life and for them to continue to make a living out of it, they must re-invest in their spirit with with vigor right now. Which leads me to my next piece.

Is it so bad to be laid off?

This might sound totally insensitive, but hear me out for just a moment. How many people that were recently laid off hated their jobs? I would wager a fair amount. How many were secretly relieved to no longer do the type of work they did or who they did it with? Again, I’d bet quite a few. Now the feelings of relief were quickly displaced by feelings of fear and anxiety, and what I am going to say might sound blasphemous, but perhaps this is an opportunity for most Americans that they cannot yet perceive. Perhaps those that can get beyond panic, anger and anxiety can look at their lives with a different focus, clarity and a new determination to rise to inner heights that they have neglected, or seek out new trails, different paths up the mountain. Of course this will take immense communication and cooperation from families if they are involved but the downturn in Pluto in Cap has the inherent opportunity to bring out the tenacious, rock-climbing and cloven-hooved, purpose driven achievers in us.

If we can face our fear and have clear objectives inside ourselves, with those that we love, we can re-write the stories of our lives so that they don’t play out in a desperate wait for the guys in the white hats to ride in and save the day. In fact, if we are to avoid splitting at the seams as a nation and even a world, people must follow their passion and inner calling now more than ever. It might seem counter to the basic act of survival that many people are now staring down, luxury in the face of destitution, but therein lies the magic of faith and perseverance. The knee-jerk reaction to driving a car in a spin out is to jerk the wheel and turn the other way, but if one can simply steer into the direction of the spin, turning with the momentum, the vehicle will straighten out.

While Pluto in Capricorn does not offer the same sense of freedom and flights of fancy provided by other signs/energies like Aquarius, Sag, Leo or Pisces it has drive, endurance, patience and strength at it’s core. It’s a time of rolling up sleeves and making things happen. Why should this energy be solely the province of bankers and government types that see themselves as recasting our system into some sort capitalized socialism? The stars shine down equally upon us all. There are some other benefits to this energy/alignment as well.

The sixties generation that has Uranus in Cancer, the first of which was born in June of 1949 are now being zapped by the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn. The idealism and creation of a new Eden by a large and mostly disaffected demographic never really took root the way they had envisioned it, even though Tofu is sold everywhere and moms do yoga, however with Pluto about to sweep across the skies of their lives, their time is coming. Their mission is far from over and they’ll get a second chance to draw their ideal world down into being, but this time they’ll have a more urgent sense to get it right, fueled by their increasingly intimate encounters with their own mortality. The alarm clock for this generation is going off now and they’ll activate their activism on both sides of the left/right duality. They’ll put some “octane” into octenegarian Along the same lines, older generations, pre-boomer will be invigorated by Pluto In Capricorn as The Goat rules aging, no matter which generation reaches elder statehood. My father at 73, just started his own website, taking on the evil empire of the local Homeowners Association. His site, ‘Echoes From The Canyon is quickly becoming a unique tool for education and relating to one another in his gated burb, rallying around the inequities of the HOA. He’s finding purpose and technology is helping him achieve. While many are already off the tax rolls, with many more to follow, don’t write them off at all as Pluto in Capricorn will re-invigorate them with renewed purpose.

3 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn And The Hidden Gifts”

  1. T

    I like your take on this, Robert. I also like the way you talk about your father’s website (I’ll trip over later and take a look). It’s coincidental that I found a comment this morning on that old post of mine about the Killers’ song “Human”. It was an anonymous, rather cheeky but well-meaning comment about my age, and the commenter being basically somewhat surprised that such an “old gal” could do what I do. I was annoyed at first then had to laugh at myself first then at the commenter.

    Ageism is as obnoxious as racism and sexism, but people still get away with it frequently (not when I’m around though!)

    Thanks for what you’ve said with regard to the older generation. My husband’s about the same age as your Dad, and iIm not far behind, but we don’t feel old or elder or anything other than what we’ve always felt. Just us. 🙂

  2. e

    Yeah! Thanks for putting this into perspective, Robert – I’m noticing a lot of people (including myself) getting serious about living their passions and being willing to really work for it. Thinking about how Pluto’s entry into Cap coincides with the Saturn/Uranus opposition – seems like there’s no way out except to go for it.

    I also like thinking about Pluto in Cap in relation to our elders – not only our elders taking on more power and living their passions, but (I hope) a cultural transformation where we see the necessity of respecting and honoring our elders, and learning from their wisdom.

  3. J

    Bingo. Riichard. Pluto in Capricorn should not be feared as much as greeted with understanding, says she with Pluto on the cup of her seventh.

    The issue about work and passion that you discuss cannot be underestimated. When I had my children, my husband also a 1948 boomer insisted I have a career, if i wanted one of passion. on the basis that we spend too many hours working to not feel and connect with out work. He gave me one of the biggest gift of my lifetime with working with me, and processing different possible professions. I have always been told I was spoiled because my hobbies rolled into one, wonderfuyl career. Now between you and me, it is a bummer ..LOL to lose one’s hobbies.

    I do believe many people have been given an oppportunity, though let’s face facts, the situation is hard. Entrepreneurs usually gain in times like this. In fact, many little business pop upand succeed in recessions. Need is the mother of invention. If you want I can give you a list. I also ask you which employee are you going to fire in times like this..1) the one who says yes but you can tell by their facial expression they don’t like where they are or 2) The enthusiastic, authentic employee who cannot get enough to do, and beams?

    Odd enough many of my friends never retired and do not want to. They are still working, and not being laid off. Why? They own their own busienss (LOL) or they really “dig” what thet are doing. Many are in second careers.

    Your insights are so vlauable. I thank you.

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