Pluto In Cap vs USA In Cancer Stellium Is On, CEO Obama Fires GM Chief And Obama And Geithner’s Lion Pride

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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plutocapbuzzReality just keeps getting weirder.

Here are just a few notes, events and ideas that have been clanging around in my head regarding Pluto in Capricorn. The first is GM’s CEO, Rick Waggoner being asked, no, told by Barack Obama to step down from his position. This is more than just a precedent setting act, it establishes Obama as not just president, but CEO of the country itself and reflects the increasingly interstitial relationship between the government and big business and vice versa. It parallels what Tim Geithner is also doing at The Fed/Treasury, making a major land grab for new powers and “oversight” over hedge funds, etc. But before we get too far into Geithner, the Waggoner dismissal must be looked at with greater circumspection.

It’s pretty obvious now that the auto industry has taken bailout money, that part of the conditions to receiving the stimulus money was that Washington was going to rise to the top of the pyramid, that they would have hiring and firing power, along with other powers that we may not be aware of. What makes this move more than mildly interesting is that Waggoner could have been asked to step down by the board of GM, especially with enough political muscle being flexed by the new admin. It could have looked as though Waggoner was stepping aside due either to his own volition or at the behest of the board. But this is old school business. Welcome to the corporatocracy in 2009, where the president makes you step down. It was a clear sign of Obama exerting his power in ways that other presidents did not do and if they did, it was through much more covert and subtle machinations. This was clearly a big dog moment for the president elect. It sets precedent and it establishes not just the executive branch, but Obama himself as the alpha and thus sends the message to every CEO in the country that they too could be asked to step down (theoretically). This is a bold and blatant assertion of power that is a cultural manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn and the rise of the corporacratic state and mono culture. Ah, but Barack Obama wasn’t done.

In addition to his pushing Waggoner out the door, he also summoned Bob Basso to The White House, for a little chat regarding Basso’s activities as one of the net’s biggest youtube stars. You see Bob Basso plays “Thomas Paine” in his youtube videos that features contemporary musings on the state of democracy and the lack of true representation in his “We The People” series. Basso’s numbers are growing and so apparently is the administrations concern that Basso could be a force towards a growing populist movement. As Thomas Paine, he not only engages in modern political commentary, he also incites people towards actions, like sending their representatives, “tea bags.” Apparently the president elect wanted to discuss and I quote, “The disturbing nature of the videos.”

What we are seeing here, marvelously played out in costumery and attention to detail, right down to the appropriate era is the opposition I have mentioned in prior posts, between Pluto in Capricorn and The US Stellium in Cancer. As most star watchers know, the last time we saw Pluto In Capricorn, the American Revolution, the very same one that Basso is re-interpreting took place and here we are again as Basso incarnate as Paine re-inacts the Cap/Cancer opposition and Barack Obama, wielding more and more kingly powers (let’s not forget that he is a Leo), summons Basso in a grand, monarchical fashion. If anyone ever wanted to see astrological aspects being played and re-played in real time, well, get your popcorn, cause you’ve got a front row seat. Somehow, I doubt that this is the last trip to the White House someone will make to get a chance to understand “the bigger picture.”

Before I go onto my other rumination regarding Pluto in Cap, I just wanted to return to Tim Geithner briefly. It’s interesting to note that he too is also a Leo, born a mere 14 days after Barack Obama. While he may share close proximity, he also has certain aspects that are wholly different than Obama’s, one of which is a lunar opposition. Geithener’s Moon is in Scorpio (don’t cross him) while Obama’s Moon is in Taurus. Unless they are on the same page and it looks as though they are now, these two could get into deep and entrenched power struggles, however as moons in opposition usually do, they confer a sense that the individuals need each other in some way. Obama needs Geithner’s guile, insider knowledge, inner workings of the byzantine world of global finance, while Geithner needs Obama’s solidity, form and base in order to cast his voodoo economics. In harmony, they are a formidable pair of big cats, lions on the prowl of a legacy in the service of an agenda. In disharmony, they could end up as bitter rivals working against one another.

Geithner’s Mars is in Libra at 0 degrees, while Obama’s is in fastidious Virgo. Obama revels in details and minutiae, probably down to his cufflinks and cliff notes, whereas Geithner is driven by the almost obsessive need for balance. Libra is in it’s fall here and can produce either a vigilant champion of the peoples rights or a quarrelsome type that sees inequality at every turn and thus acts from a personal position, usually as an offensive/defensive posture. In balance, the Mars in Libra type can be a consumate dealmaker and diplomat. The other planet where they share a distinct difference is Jupiter, where it’s retrograde motion goes from Aquarius as it is in Obama’s chart, to Capricorn at 29 degrees in Geitheners. If you do the math, he’s a proud Leo with Moon/Scorpio, Mars/Libra and Jupiter/Capricorn. Tim Geithner is wired for power and it’s acquisition. He and Obama, so closely coordinated, yet differentiated by the stars share the same intent and purpose at present, but if one of them shifts their position and angle or relating, we’ll see some real drama at play.

I was going to talk about life extension through Pluto in Capricorn, but I’ll save that for the next post.

8 thoughts on “Pluto In Cap vs USA In Cancer Stellium Is On, CEO Obama Fires GM Chief And Obama And Geithner’s Lion Pride”

  1. T

    Robert, you wrote : ” The first is GM’s CEO, Rick Waggoner being asked, no, told by Barack Obama to step down from his position. This is more than just a precedent setting act, it establishes Obama as not just president, but CEO of the country itself …

    I think you’re overstating this a wee bit, as Fox News are also doing. Following snip from Media Matters:

    In fact, the government did not fire Wagoner, but made his resignation a condition under which the federal government will extend further aid to GM. Moreover, a claim that the decision lacked precedent ignored similar decisions at American International Group (AIG) and at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where chief executives were removed in September 2008 as part of agreements to accept government aid.

    I think Obama is simply standing firm. If he didn’t, his critics would attack him for not doing so.. It seems that he just can’t win – but he will! 🙂

  2. a

    Wow, I can’t believe that I’m even remotely close to Fox News. I think I’ll wear my Che beret the next time I post. I think you’re missing my point though Twilight. This is precedent setting. Lee Iaococa was never asked to step down, nor can I think of any other CEO, but then again, the other administrations didn’t have the leverage that this administration does.

    Are you familiar with John Perkins’ work? He wrote “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man.” His role was to game the economies of third world countries, then when they lost their shirts on bad Perkins investements, with money leant by The IMF or The World Bank. He would then set up a debt forgiveness loan if a country would either vote a particular way in The UN if asked, or even sign their resources over to The IMF or World Bank for perpetuity. The very same model is being set into motion right now with the stimulus money, with the majority of it tilting towards default. Perkins has made this connection and you can see it in The Zeitgeist update on youtube.

    But the real focus of this post was about the rise of the corporatocracy of Pluto in Cap and the frankensteinian creation of the corporate state posing as government.

    Always appreciate your comments, since you’re one of the few people that does so on a regular basis.

  3. S
    Susan from California

    Obama has never run a company, let alone anything in the auto industry. I’m not even sure he graduated with his affirmative action college grant. I taught for over 13 years and saw a whole lot of shuck and jive during that time. I had many students like Obama, expecting to be granted his grade rather than earning it. He is basically a street-wise, but stupid human being. He can’t even speak unless someone tells him what to say. As a Toastmaster, I cringe every time he opens his mouth with ummm, ah, will, ummm. You would think that the least he could do is learn how to speak without a roadmap!

    This is one giant leap towards communism and I for one would rather be dead than red. Sorry, Robert, but I am a former flower child who saw what was happening ot our schools, etc. in the 60’s. This is an out and out power grab and unless the American people rebel, we are going to lose our country. You can laugh now, but what are you going to say if Obama declares that all salaries over $25,000 will be taxed 100% so that he can “spread the wealth around to the less fortunate”? Roosevelt did this in 1935 (folks that don’t know history, repeat history) and I’m certain that Obama is just waiting for the right slight of hand crisis to introduce this little trick. This will only hit home when your salary is affected. Then you will find out what the real meaning “for the greater good” means. Please note that the dictators in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, China, Cuba, Russia, Indionesia, etc. all live in palaces and have private planes and limos to drive them around. Stalin called his supporters useful idiots for a reason.

    Obama is an abomination that is going to lead us all straight to economic hell.

  4. Robert, I commiserate. I wrote about the black market and was called a “Rush Limbot”. There was not a shred of politics in the the post.

    I think this is the saturn/uranus opposition, live and in living color. It’s quite painful in my opinion.

  5. T

    Sorry if I appear to be missing the point, Robert. Perhaps I don’t see “the big picture” as well as you do.

    I just feel the need to defend the President sometimes. I feel he’s being “got at” from all angles, even by his own party and I am appalled. He has taken over at what is probably the worst time the country has seen since WW2, he is doing exactly what he promised to do, which is presumably what the majority wanted, for they elected him. He should be given a chance to do his job – it’s only 60 days since he took over FFS!! I believe in loyalty, it appears that it’s an unknown quality for much of the US population.

    Sorry, Robert, but this gets me really steamed up.

    I feel as though I’m living on a different plane of existence than, for instance the commenter above (Susan). I find it quite scary.

  6. a


    What concerns me the most is the precedent that is being set here and I fear for the auto-workers and their pensions, especially if Obama forces GM/Chrysler into bankruptcy. Those auto-worker/union pensions are at risk as far as I’m concerned and if they do get tapped to pay for the debt, then it sets yet another precdednt again. The UAW is still one of the few unions that have any clout left and the government coming in to run things is akin to union busting.

    The real issue, the true cancer of the economy is the five banks that are hemmoraging toxic debts right and left. We’re talking Chase, B of A.Goldman/Sach, Wells Fargo/Wachovia and Citibank. It is these five banks that pose the greatest threat to the global economy at large because nearly all the other banks in The US are solvent. Obama and Geithner need to isolate these banks get them out of private circulation, cordon them off from making anymore trades, buying toxic debts, etc and then completely restructure them, while allowing the relative safety of the other banks remain vital and healthy, because if they don’t the big five will take all the other banks down with them. End of story and the solutiion, which most of The EU is just itching to implement is a global governance, global currency, et al. China is already calling for this as it holds most of the bad paper that the US has sold them.

    What many people fail to understand is that the stim pack is the exact same model that has been worked out over the past forty years in developing countries by the IMF and The World Bank. If The US defaults on the trillions coming through the stimulus package, and without the bulk of the money going towards re-investement into the private sector, domestic industry, etc, it most likely will and then the IMF or The World Bank, or China, or whomever will come in and dictate the terms of settling the debt. That could be anything from privatizing natural resources such as water, to actually resturcting the entire government and monetary system itself in the form of The NAU.

    These are very perilous times and to come in and begin the rush towards establishing the corporatocracy with breakneck speed is not only unwise in my opinion, but also threatens the very core of individual freedoms put forth by the framers and if allowed to function in earnest, without outside intervention, the constitution itself can become the social and economic ballast we so badly need.

    I know that sounds antiquated and quaint to most progressive minded folks, but I cannot see anywhere in the constitution that allowed the repeal of Glass Steagle, etc. It has been the bureacracy and lobbying industry that has grown like noxious vine around it, that is choking off our very vitality to act in a way that gives us our very best chance to overcome these challenges to our future.

    Don’t be a stranger around here.

  7. a


    You know I love you, but Barack Obama is not doing what he “alluded” to which is decommision and dissasemble the war machine that he said that he would likely do. First it was, we’re going to be out of Iraq in a year, then three, then a longer presence. He was gong to shut down Gitmo and it now appears that that isn’t going to happen. he was going to curtail the use of torture and now that isn’t going to happen either. I believe that this is one of the reasons why his own party is turning on him.

    I see things as part of a continuum. Reagan led to Bush, Bush led to his protege, Bill Clinton and his assembled staff, like obert Rubin and Larry Summers, who set most of this in motion by repealing Glass-Steagle, etc, which in turn led to Bush II, who basically set this counrty aflame with an unjust war, bombing Iraq back into the 1900’s while allowing Halliburton to take advantage of trillions of dollars for no bid contracts, which has now led to Obama who has filled his staff with ex-Clintonites who helped create this mess in the very first place.

    For me, if Obama had begun to dismantle Homeland Security, repeal The Patriot Acts, 1 & 2 and then commited, mind, body and soul to rebuild the economic infrastructure and domestic output, I’d be singing his praises every single day, but I have seen none of this and in actuality am witnessing more and more layers of bureacracy being heaped upon us.

    I often feel like a stranger as well. I’m not on the left, nor am I on the right. With Jupiter in Sag in the first house, trining Uranus in Leo in the ninth, I just want to be free and not at the expense of others.

    You’d find good company here in Northern California. Anytime you want to seek some politcal refuge and asylum, you’re always welcome to visit me. 🙂

  8. T

    I’m sure you would prefer this not to drag into a long drawn out discussion, and I won’t say more than this: Re Iraq – yes, he did say that he wanted out quickly. Joe Biden however said from the start that quick withdrawal wouldn’t be feasible. What Obama would like to do, and what he CAN do are two different things. Can you imagine what the Republicans would have said had he done what Dennis Kucinich wanted – bring the troops home within weeks? It would never have passed congress. It couldn’t happen, and perhaps it shouldn’t have happened for practical purposes in Iraq.

    Re unions and pensions at GM – I agree that it would be a tragedy if pensions were lost. I have confidence that Obama will have this down as an important consideration. As I understand it he is trying to prevent formal bankruptcy, so that the administration can have a say in what goes on during restructuring.
    I see few options available. The whole situation is fraught with danger and difficulty.

    We do seem to be in the wrong states – both. Maybe we are where we are for a reason. Can’t for the life of me think what it is though 😉

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