Pluto And Saturn Hit Reverse And Resurrected Tiger Talks To God

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

risenHe has risen.

Pluto has downshifted and thrown itself backwards in space, joining Saturn as we revisit Virgo, ever so briefly and re-focus on the march towards “The Corporatocracy” with Pluto in Cap. The general atmosphere and tone over the last few days has been all nerves and wires, frayed connections, sparks, blown fuses, and muddling through bureaucracies. This is a time when you put on your high-boots and waders. Your steps might be slower and more labored, but you have to keep raising one foot out of the muck, avoiding the mire.

Many Plutos ago, when I was at Findhorn, we had to clear out a trench and re-position a posted fence in said trench. It was a typical, late November, Scottish day. The ground was thick with cakes of mud. A hard drizzle coated our bodies, weighing our limbs down with the burden of past labors from far less contemporary times. In my California mindset, I thought, “Why don’t we just tackle this when the weather is a little better?” That thought was dispelled after our fourth hour out there, realizing that this was our day, wrestling with that congealed manifestation of matter that just won’t conform and bend to our will. Feet mired in clay. But we got through that day . . . eventually. This is what this time with Pluto squaring off against Saturn, yet again, in reversal speaks to us. We will do our part to soldier in the muck and scrape it off at days end.

Saturn’s return to Virgo, even if ever-so-briefly, 4/8 to 7/21, will cause people to re-focus, one more time about their work and if they are doing everything they can to maximize purpose, extract meaning, stay healthy and get ready for the next seismic shift of Pluto moving direct, back into Capricorn. Saturn in Virgo forces us to get down with potentially limited resources and find useful and practical ways to make them manifest. It’s also perhaps, one final pass over our personal neurosis, checking in, reexamining them before we enter back into the fray of balancing the karmic debt between the sexes through Saturn in Libra upon it’s return. Is there a formula for a successful pass through during this time? Stay healthy is the first step. Keep things in a manageable perspective. Don’t allow institutional thinking to overwhelm your ability to solve your own problems and challenges. Saturn in Virgo is David. Pluto in Capricorn is Goliath. Think like David, act like Goliath.

It wouldn’t be fair to not have a peak at the Tiger Woods drama, now unfolding before our very eyes. Keep that “eyes” in the back of your mind for just a moment.

Many posts ago, I talked about the ritual death of Tiger Woods, that even hinted at the possibility that there could have been something much more than his commercial and public self taking a dirt nap. But lo and behold, he has arisen, on the heals of Easter, Tiger has assumed his Phoenix like form, where he will play at “THE MASTERS.” Yes, down in Augusta (Inspiring awe and reverence; imposing and magnificent, St. Augustine), Georgia, the one state actually named after a king from another country. Augusta, not far from Atlanta/Atlantis, is where “The Phoenix” is emblazoned on every “manhole” cover. This is where Tiger will tread upon the holy green.

Woods, Capricorn, reemerges and returns, just as Pluto reverses. It’s time to reverse the hands of time, before Tiger died metaphorically in our minds. But not only is time reversed, but space, dimensions, and heaven as well apparently.

Just in time for Tigers’s resurrection/redemption Nike unveils this most curious commercial, where Woods is staring us right in the face, unflinching, but not unblinking (remember those eyes) listening to his father reminding him of who he is, like an august voice from a golden realm of sages, disembodied and channeled in mediumistic fashion. There is Tiger, almost taking commands on cue from his dearly departed Psyoperator. Watch how Tiger blinks (here comes the eyes part) on cue, with almost every statement or question offered up by the spirit of Earl. Watch at the end for the curious flash of light that might signify Earl’s flash of the spirit, or it might even be more like the flash of a copy machine, making a clone of that moment for your memory. You are Tiger Woods. You are being slightly admonished. You are the target of this parental inquisition. You are the recipient of the transmission of guilt. Is this supposed to make us instantly identify with Tiger and thus absolve him more quickly for whatever transgressions the public has heaped upon him?

It’s strange, cold and surreal, not any sort of departure from what has been happening with Woods since Thanksgiving though. Thanksgiving to Easter. The ritual winter of sleep. He has arisen and The Father has spoken to the son. The message? Go buy some more shit with a swoosh and please forgive my son as I have forgiven him.

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  1. D

    The most sickening part of the whole Masters spectacle was the sanctimonious golf temple hypocrites and ersatz paragons of virtue–like the smarmy Jim Nantz–who paid his longtime wife a fortune in a bitter divorce settlement (for a much-younger woman) late last year. If I remember correctly…and I do…Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, and yes, little Freddie Couples, to name a few, have had dastardly and bizarre domestic break-ups and flagrantly adulterous episodes.

    But THEY weren’t given the whipping boy treatment…Augusta’s TRUE heritage.

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