Pitch And Catch, The QB/WR Solar Conjunction Between Hines Ward and Big Ben

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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ben.jpgTwo fish that sync and swim.

I’ve been flirting with writing a football post for a while, so to take a break from the heavy stuff, here’s a little sumtin, sumtin for you pigskin fans.

I recently had Ben Roethlisberger on my fantasy football team. We traded him for a running back because of his upcoming, brutal schedule. However, we still have his top receiver, Hines Ward. I am a big, Hines Ward fan. No other receiver plays with the same type of aggression than Ward. Earlier in the season, he broke Keith Rivers’ jaw on a crushing downfield block. Ward is part Korean, part African-American and has set up an organization for Korean/American children whose fathers had abandoned them. Ward flies them out to games at his own expense and supports their journies through sometimes confusing world of mixed heritage. Ward is a Pisces, sharing his March 8th birthday with my son.

Big Ben, the man who has an alomost intuitive relationship with Ward, is also a Pisces, born March, 2nd. Besides a wide conjunction of The Sun, the two also share a conjunction with Aquarius (Mercury/Venus), these two conjunctions serve as an intuitive link betwen the quarterback and the receiver, perhaps the most important relationship on the field between two players. The Steeler success has been innately linked to how well Big Ben and Ward play together.

They also dispel any stereotype or notion that Pisceans are soft as the two have reputations as being some of the toughest players in the league at their respective positions.

When Steve Young and Jerry Rice were hooking upduring the fabled Forty-Niners glory days, they too shared a conjunction, a very close one in Libra (17/19 degrees) which conotes a very connected familiarity on the field of play, understanding where the other will be in space and connecting with them through the physical act of intention. When it came to producing staggering pass/catch stats, Hall of Famers, Young and Rice are at the head of the class and like Big Ben and Ward, their conjunct Suns play a large role in the dynamic synergy they share on the field.

However, sharing a similar Sun sign between a QB and a WR doesn’t always translate into success. Both Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens are Sag, however their natal Suns are separated by 18 degrees, which gives them some connection through the essence and expression of the archer, but obviously not enough, as Owens and McNabb’s relationship imploded and Owens left The Eagles in huff with a number of digs against his former QB.

If I was GM in The NFL, would I base my personnel moves on finding solar conjunctions, between QBs and WRs? Probably not–but I wouldn’t discount it or eradicate it from the process.

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