Pisces New Moon Sabian Symbol Download From Lynda Hill

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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william_blake_jacobs_ladder1Ascend and touch the light.

My friend Lynda Hill, “The Modern Seer Of The Sabian Symbols” delivered her new moon newsletter last week and I thought that it merited re-printing in light of “The Gathering In The Void 2” which takes place on 9 Ben, one of the portal days in The Mayan Calendar.

It seems as though that this Wednesday does indeed have the potential to be a potent opening for conscious realization and healing. So let’s jump right into what Lynda has to say about this forthcoming New Moon.

February’s Pisces new Moon occurs on February 25 in Australia and February 24 in the United States. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 7: Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist. This is an image that inspires feelings of chaos, concern and a sense of misplaced priorities. There is hope, though, and plenty of it; there is ‘illumination’ from a ‘shaft of light’. One needs to focus on the light that can lift one up from the ‘rocks surrounded by sea and mist’.

This degree brings to mind the scars, pain and loss of so many in recent months, especially here in Australia with the bushfires and the floods and the millions of people that have lost their jobs and their homes. It also brings up Princess Diana. Diana’s Chiron (the Wound, the Healer and the stories we tell ourselves) was on this Cross degree, directly opposed by Pluto on Virgo 7: A Harem. This fits so well with her story of being the daughter-in-law of the head of the Church of England (Queen Elizabeth II), and, her feelings of misplaced loyalties and being in a ‘harem’. It was reported in the press that at the time of her funeral, the tomb of her Egyptian lover, Dodi who died in the crash in Paris with Diana, had a heavenly shaft of light shine down onto his name, just lighting up the letters D and I on the tomb (Di, as Diana was widely known) – ‘illuminated by a shaft of light’.

The following is an excerpt of my interpretation of Pisces 7 from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Life With the Sabian Oracle:

“There could be a feeling that life has not been “good” enough. Thoughts of helplessness can come from feeling as though all is lost. Perhaps one’s aim was too high and things have came crashing down. Feeling forsaken or used can lead to a sense of loss of belonging or identity. It may indeed seem that much has been lost, but do we really have to continue to suffer so much? Seeing the positive or the spiritual messages that come in dark moments can shed new understandings that transcend even the most difficult times. With faith and a positive outcome in mind, you may experience a true awakening, or a reconnection with your spiritual ideals and hope for the future. A sign may come soon to show that you are on the right track to recovery of life and love. Letting go of outworn relationships, allegiances or beliefs will assist you to move on with a stronger sense of self. However, are there still some worthwhile and wonderful things that can be salvaged or things to be grateful for? Concentrate on ‘The Shaft of Light’ as this can lead you to see that ‘Light’ is indeed all around you.”shaftlight

Keywords: Renewed dedication after loss. Looking for signs of hope and recovery. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Rocks, mist, howling winds on coasts. Crosses of faith. Important and substantial sacrifices. Being devastated by events. Being in the “spotlight” in difficult times. Finding the way through the dark. The need for sacrifice. Alternative religions. Stepping outside religious boundaries.

Issues to do with relationships can be central to feelings of loss or the need to rebuild one’s life. Venus is about to go retrograde for 40 days (and 40 nights – a period in the wilderness?) and it’s slowing right down in order to turn around in the first week of March.The Sabian Symbol for Venus for this new Moon is Aries 14: A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman. This degree speaks largely of the fall from grace in the Garden of Eden. Something, whether a person, an emotion, a belief or plans for the future, has come between the couple and issues of control, jealousy, passion, temptations, sexual instincts and marking one’s territory (amongst others) can come up. Are you afraid to express your strength, intellect, beliefs, individuality or sexuality? Your passions? Your issues around relating? Is there fear or shame around your sexual needs or bodily functions?

Although there IS a great deal of tension, passion and heightened feelings around this ‘Snake in the Garden’ degree, there is a reward involved – the reward of knowledge and having one’s eyes opened. Just as Adam and Eve found knowledge from the bite of the apple, we can find enlightenment and insights through taking a good look at how we are in relationships, what we need and how well we’re doing around the issue of relating our needs and wants to others. Do you keep quiet when you should speak up? Do you put up with things that you know you shouldn’t just for the sake of peace and to stave off loneliness?lev_light

Mars brings up issues of control and management as it’s on Aquarius 16: A Big Businessman at His Desk. How in control are you? Are you managing your finances and life in a way that keeps things in line and neat and tidy, or, are you flaking off and hoping that the realities of finances, business, tax and money in general will just take care of themselves? However, there is a balance here as worry, the fear of loss, paranoia and jealousy won’t cut it as feelings could get out of hand, especially with Mars, just hours after this new Moon, is moving onto Aquarius 17: A Watchdog Standing Guard, Protecting His Master and His Possessions. It seems certain that around some issues we need to be vigilant and aware of exploitation and being ripped off, but we also can lose the sense of trust that we so need to rebuild life with the Cross Lying on Rocks.

It’s a fine balance which is made more essential with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, on Aquarius 25: A Butterfly With the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed. We are being asked to find that sense of equilibrium, that point of balance, and to not go into a tipping point where we begin to flap around without getting anywhere or making progress. This can also show problems, handicaps or mutations where one side is different from the other in some way. This call for equilibrium is accentuated with Mercury on Aquarius 13: A Barometer. This speaks of measured responses, stilling one’s self, reading the atmosphere, seeing the signs and putting out one’s feelers.

A realignment with faith, the rebuilding of hope and vision for the future, staying strong with the light – these are the central issues of this Pisces new Moon.

A special note: I realize that some believe that the new Moon only affects us for a few short days. This is not the case; the effects can not only last for a month, but we carry the energy forward into the future, sometimes for years. It all depends on how the new Moon is interacting with your chart, and, more importantly, the events that occur or the things you start at this time.

To find out more about Lynda and her work, go here.

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    ~ This is a beautiful read ~ Thankyou for sharing the beauty ~
    ~ I welcome this time of ~ change ~ And move gracefully towards a magnificently bright ~ future ~ 🙂
    ~ Peace to you ~

  2. a

    Thanks Angelica,

    Lynda is a real treasure when it comes to translating the symbols in ways that are potent, positive and meaningful.

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