Piercing The Veil, Journey Through The Labyrinth Of The Outer Houses Begins, Quantum Quickie Scopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Time to re-trace ancient routes.

Yesterday was the day that Harold Camping re-racked his doomsday scenario for 10/21. Just in case you missed his last one, back in May, that was marked by an Earthquake, but didn’t occur, so he re-cast it (yet again) for 10/21. Interestingly enough, we had two, very intense quakes in the Bay Area on Thursday. Both topped out at around 4.0 and were just below 10 miles deep, which according to the likes of Dutchsinse, are HAARP generated quakes. Let me say this about those tremblers; I have experienced many earthquakes here and for quakes that were just around four, they both had a feeling of violence and power that was alarming. They started off like a bomb exploding and then the long, hard waves.

Sun In Scorpio On Monday

As we course through the final degrees of Libra, the dark season is upon us. Light recedes more each day (in the northern hemisphere) and the veils grow thinner. Scorpio is the beginning of the transpersonal journey in the chart. Its also the transpersonal journey for the world at large. Here, as a collective, we begin to embark on the exploration of issues and challenges greater than our individual perspectives, through the outer houses. Its a shared journey of mystery and deepening, one that’s not always easy to understand as its occurring. From Monday on, we are in the labyrinth of change, tackling the forces of cycles and waves, greater than our own individual lives. The gift of Scorpio is the ability to see in the dark and possess the vision to peer into the season of night ahead. Seeing into the dark takes some practice, but the cultivation of inner vision, especially when applied to the externalization of events, is essential. Its the timeless sight of the shaman, that with a little practice, is available to all.

Camping might have been a week off on his prediction or piggy backing on Carl John Calleman, since next Friday, the 28th, is the end of the Tzolkin in the Mayan long count; 13 Ahau. This is when Calleman predicted the end of time, not 12/21/12. His reasoning being that 13 Ahau will not occur again before 12/21/12 and on that day, the long count is 4 Ahau. So we’re still a week away . . . according to the controversial Mayan researcher. But as we leave Libra, let me give each sign a quick, shamanic forecast, a bit of focus for your inner vision.

Quantum Leap Scopes For The Weekend of 10/21

Sometimes it takes three to tango–start the music.

Get over the cost of love. Its priceless.

Go out create a new oracle. I suggest reading the sediment of a good cabernet.

Push back with purpose and subtle, yet firm conviction.

Be the myth you always dreamed of for the next 48 hours.

Stare unflinchingly at the ghosts of your past and they will blink first.

You’re doing all the heavy lifting now. Don’t stop.

The slumbering dragon begins to stir, its time to shake off those old scales.

You know you’re right–now its everyone else’s turn to taste your truth.

Go re-build a bridge you once burned. The world will better off for it.

Climb down from your ivory tower and dance your ass off.

Too much feeling is never anything to fear, affirm your humanity and dare to embrace as much as you can.

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