Paris, 1/7/15, Breaking Down The Charlie Hebdo Chart

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

psychTell me about your father.

Nothing is what it seems. Perhaps it never was. In the future lies our unclaimed memory for times that we have mistakenly forgotten. I used to hang out with a therapist a lot back in Oakland. He had secrets that I won’t reveal as he himself was a secret keeper, being the Gemini that he was. He did however tell me a few things about some of his clients, anonymous as they were. One of the aspects of psychotherapy that he had become more or less an expert on was ritual abuse. He worked with patients that had been part of a heinous cycle of familial-occult-practices, resulting in ritualized acts of deviance perpetrated upon them as children.

One of the common threads that ran through all of his clients was repressed memories that would later surface as adults, brought on by similar shock and trauma related to correlative events in their current life. These repressed memories have been at the heart of a number of very public cases, probably the most famous being the trial of the “Martin” (there’s that name again) daycare center. Keep in mind that it was children in the Martin case, who were recalling the horrors inflicted upon them.

In my friend’s work, these were adults accessing dark, childhood memories. I think it’s right about here where I am supposed to insert what I am going to talk about, so that you have the option to keep reading, since I know you all have busy lives.

Ahem. I am going to look at what happened in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on 1/7/15 through the astrological prism and I am going to connect it to a number of things, but primarily, the repressed memory syndrome on a collective level. Are you with me? Good. If you are, keep on reading.

Late in the morning of January 7th, the seventh day of the new Gregorian year, a micro-cadre of terrorists stormed the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. The magazine had been making fun of Allah and Muslim culture in general and not just recently, but for quite sometime.hebdo Now the Muslims weren’t the only ones that the magazine had been skewering. They had been covering the Prince Andrew pedo case and turning it on it’s head. Ironically, they had been openly critical of Israel as well, in fact, many, many times, lancing Zionism. personified by Benjamin Netenyahu. One would think that this would balance things out with the Muslims, but apparently, on a surface level, not. So Charlie Hebdo is what we might call “universally misanthropic.”

France’s history is steeped in satire. Moliere and Voltaire practically defined the genre with iconic works such as “The Misanthrope” and “Candide.” Voltaire had Mercury in Sag and while Sagittarius can at times be painfully pious, it can also be the most sacrilegious of the signs. Famous Sag satirists include Mark Twain, Bill Hicks, Woody Allen and Jon Stewart. They’re able to turn the truth on it’s head, often by hilariously exposing hypocrisy in social institutions and ultimately ourselves. Besides having an investment in satire, what else does Sag represent? Publishing. Religion. Foreign countries. Bang. Bang. Bang. Saturn compresses. Saturn clamps down. Saturn brings the whoopin’ switch.

So from a pure, hyper-potentiated perspective, we have a serious match going on here with the event itself and the astrological correlation of Saturn in Sag. But what really happened?

As the days pass and the internet starts bubbling up content from the likes of a disaffected Rothschild, to videos where people “die” from severe head wounds via high impact rifles and yet their skull remains magically and perfectly intact. Well get ready, because we’re going to dip into some astrological forensics and see the Paris event from the micro to the macro and what it means for me and you.

Let’s look at the chart for that day.


The first shots at Charlie Hebdo took place at 11:30 AM, CET. That would place Pisces on the ASC at 22 degrees (master number pertaining to culture). When Pisces appears on the ascendant in the case of an event, we must be careful and that d-word, “discernment” lights up. Nothing is as it seems with Pisces on the ASC. Reflection, deflection, illusion, confusion and projection are channeled. Pisces is the emotional body for the world soul. It’s the archetypal expression of Jesus and the “Piscean Age” and as a result manifests as spiritual beauty, hope, suffering, persecution and scapegoating. It’s deeply mytho-poetic in that it taps into the stratum of our collective DNA. It bleeds into the corpus of mass consciousness while evoking the horrors of victimization.

In our current dance of mass psychosis, we can’t live a day without hearing the word “bullying” being bandied about. Terrorists, lone-wolfs, etc., are all extensions of the bully club. Bully refers to Taurus “The Bull” and Babel/Ba-Bull, where the bull god and the golden calf was worshiped. The “Bible” is the cusp of Gemini (Bi) and Taurus (Bull). It is the Cult-Of-The-Bull aka “culpable.” Bullies are big business these days. There’s one around every corner and certainly one in almost everyone’s memory. Who hasn’t been bullied at some point? PSA’s condemn the bully daily, but they don’t empower you to fight back. No, instead they trigger your bully trauma and then they tell you to go tell someone else, usually someone in authority, who can take care of that bully. Now, the individual is lesser than the bully and the agency promoted to stop them. The anti-bully campaign is more about dis-empowering YOU than it is about bringing awareness to bullies.

Bullies, terrorists, extremists, lone wolves, etc., etc., become deconstructive codes for individuality. Individuals think for themselves and if they happen to look into something like GMOs or chemtrails or Sandy Hook, or Paris or any other rubber stamped scenario uttered out of the mouths of the talking heads there’s a category just waiting for their particular brand of aberrant behavior. Of course, if individuality is going to be stripped away, you can’t tell the masses that, so they simply replace it with faux individuality, like standing up for gay football players, transgender cheerleaders, robot sex slaves, pizza drones and dime bags at 7-11. Yeah, that’s real individuality. See what the Pisces ascendant stirred up?

Let’s put it another way. With Pisces as the rising sign for this event, something is “fishy.”

Delving into the ever mysterious, 12th House, we see Chiron in Pisces at 14 degrees. Chiron as you know is the aspect of the psychic wound of the individual. It’s part Saturn (burden/lesson) part Uranus (dealing with the uncomfortable other) and part Neptune (agent of shame and guilt). Chiron is like the angel that we wrestle with in the chart.

Ultimately, all of those elements add up to our shadow and for most of us, that generally tends to stay hidden. Here we have Chiron in the hidden house.

The 12th House, classically has been defined as a the outerzone of the chart which equates to madness, imprisonment and self-undoing. Over time, it’s reputation has been redeemed by evolutionary astrologers. I see it as a mix of both light and dark, a vast portal of potential. From the padded cells of mental hospitals, to the gateway to the soul, the 12th House spans the gap between insanity and dispossession, to redemption and soul recollection. It is also vast Bardo state and the dream generator of the living matrix. It reveals what is hidden and what has been implanted in order to take root and flower into the other eleven houses and thus the totality of the chart. Get my drift?

Chiron here indicates a wound in collective psyche. Remember, Pisces can tap into victimization like no other sign. With Chiron/Pisces we’re dealing with everything from the wounds of Christ, to uncontrollable addiction. It can manifest as a flat out rejection of anything spiritual or religious, opting for the control of Virgo and the rational mind. Everyone going through their Chiron Return (1960-1969) has to address the issue of faith during these times. It’s deeply personal. Conjunct Neptune, Chiron is amplified and the resonance is sent out like a subtle shock wave through the rest of the chart.

In this chart Chiron sextiles the Sun in Capricorn, so it is activating it in the 11th House, which is of course, the house of Aquarius. The Sun is right over that cusp at 16 Cap. The Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so it initiates and gets things started. What is the 11th House? Groups, associations, friends, the internet, the world of tomorrow, isms, and get ready for it, a collective order, one which can take a number of shapes including a new order of the ages or a new age. And what do we see here, but the cardinal aspect of the oligarchy in Capricorn as the Sun itself as the gatekeeper of the 11th House. It works in a dual fashion as it begins to unveil (see Chiron) who or what is actually behind the 11th House manifestation of the move towards global governance. In the 11th House, it is broadcasting this to the entire world via traditional and new media. And not just use the media to broadcast the event, but also tie people together is some form of organized unity.

FranÁois Hollande on Paris march

While France is decrying extremists, Eric Holder is simultaneously referencing “lone wolves.” See how this works? Activate trauma, implant language, evoke image, create fear, manufacture “the other,” hatch a new threat, draft a new law to combat the threat. It’s a battle for the hearts and minds (whatever is left) of the masses. The social currency is the last vestiges of will that most of us our clinging to. It will all ultimately come down who does a better job at defining tyranny.

What happened in Paris and Australia (Lindt Cafe) are global. They are event based tributaries of of pseudo-terror which empty into a sea of quivering masses, pining for the imaginary victims, railing against the wrong bully, and summoning false gods to contain and punish them. It’s an old racket and it is called “extortion.” But instead of getting a few bucks each week for “protection” the stakes are much, much higher. Just how much is your soul worth to you?

When we look just to the right of the Sun. you’ll see Pluto in Capricorn, the black hole of the astrological cosmos, “The Eye Of Sauron.” It’s powering the Sun, like a dark, anti-matter generator, just ever-so-slightly in the 10th House. This is a bridge defying moment, shifting the energies from the 10th House (traditional government) to the 11th House (global rule). This is big piece of what this event is about. It’s not going to work though.

When we look at the Sun/Pluto, they’re both squaring Uranus in Aries in the 1st House. Lately, most astrologers equate the people with Uranus in Aries and the elite with Pluto in Cap, and there is some truth to that, however, both parties/energies can invert.

What I mean by that, is that the ill-eat, can use Uranus in Aries to throw a color revolution and make it appear like the people are rising up, thus they can control the opposition. We used to have elections to do that every four years, but they’re running their course as people become more cynical about the process, so revolutions are a lot more gratifying, since they happen in the now and produce immediate catharsis and release, which of course most people want these days anyway in the form of “freedom on demand,” tapping into Uranus in Aries. So, you see, it is not that cut and dried. However, it does have some merit.

Uranus in Aries in the 1st House is the radical with a gun. Uranus is radical. Aries rules guns, knives, etc… We are seeing this front and center and it’s squaring Sun/Pluto. The actors and the events are at odds. On the one hand, we could say that this is actual conflict as the armed and ideologically driven mad man takes shots against the system and while on the surface, this is consistent with the narrative of the event, perhaps the square means that it isn’t squaring up at all. That the theory is riddled with invisible bullet holes.

Instead of casting the event as a trauma based assault upon our psyches, it is in actuality, waking us up, and that the false unity that they wish to create based on tapping into our emotion and fear is working, but in the other direction.

Out of all of this, we are coming together, not as a cadre of spineless victims, but sleepers awakening and finally seeing who controls the synthetic nature of our reality.

Every false flag is like a shot of espresso to the slumbering human soul.

Now Uranus is doing an interesting thing, while it is squaring off against the Capricorn meanies, it’s trining the Moon and Jupiter in the 5th House, both of which are in Leo, lounging comfotably in their noble mansion. That’s the heart people. Leo rules the heart.

Yes, i know, it’s also the sign of nobility, but who is to say that the 5th House and Leo is simply theirs by divine right?

That’s our heart too and Uranus is like a ray that turns it inside out and upside down. We get to reclaim it as our own and kick start some radical creativity as a result.

Thank you masters of the universe.

Now the Moon and Jupiter are opposing Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, hanging out in the 11th House. That conjunction alone is worth a blog post, since it’s the voice of the Aquarian Age (Mercury) and the relationships that connect it (Venus). Just as an aside, when Mercury (Hermes) mated with Venus (Aphrodite) they produced the “Hermaphrodite” which is the symbol of the New Age as it is the biological reconciliation of duality. Baphomet is often portrayed as a Hermaphroditic deity.

Are there other aspects or definitions that we might need to consider? Is this opposition about the masses (Aquarius) opposing the ruling class (Leo)? Or is it the open heart in a standoff with the ideologically driven mind? Perhaps the answer can be uncovered in the depths of the 8th House.

This is one of the most interesting aspects of this fascinating wheel, with Saturn in Sag (1 degree) in the 8th House. Sag rules publishing, rules, religion and foreign countries. Saturn is the heavy. 2175_1024267699Saturn is the Lee Van Cleef of the zodiac.

It brings the big guns. So if we do a little astro-math, it looks like for all intents and purposes, that Muslim (religion), from another country (Yemen) killed the staffers at Charlie Hebdo (Magazine) for retribution/karma (Saturn). Right? Well that’s on the surface. We’re in the 8th House baby, we gotta go deeper. What’s the true meaning/nature of the aspect? Just follow those red lines, like a trail of blood, all the way back to the 12th House where they link up with Neptune and Mars.

You know, I talked about this Saturn/Neptune square on GaiamTv with Regina Meredith and pretty much described this event. The Neptune Square is the deception. It adds a layer of illusion, but the illusion is hidden, buried like a gas main across the chart, from one deep house to the other. Climb down that rabbit hole and you’ll make the connection, Unless you do, you’ll be duped. Mars is in the mix too. In the 12th it’s the hidden enemy and it’s in the final degrees of Aquarius, sparking, arcing fusing, ready to explode into Pisces.

It’s the radical, smoking gun, firing off the magic, invisible bullet that never pierced the skull of Ahmed Merabet, who according to Ellie Katsnelson (a disaffected Rothschild see below) isn’t his his real name, it is “Avigdor.”

Avigdor is apparently off to a new life in Argentina somewhere and will emerge in six years as someone else.

This isn’t too unlike the agents of the matrix, who become other people, but retain their snake-like core, shedding their skin into a new identity, shape shifting from one false life to the next.

Yes, Neptune/Mars, are not conjunct, but wreaking havoc in the unknown and hidden spaces where these phantasmagorias are conjured up, then unleashed unto the reeling masses.

Mercury and Venus, incestuous and ready to pounce sextile Saturn and thus the message is drafted and crafted; “Unity Through Tragedy.” We will unite against extremism. . .

So what is the fall out of this and the Lindt Cafe event? Well, I can tell you this much, “They aren’t done yet.” Saturn will be squaring Neptune up through the end of 2015, so don’t expect this process to go away anytime soon. That’s the bad news and as we know, they like to make all kinds of laws to protect us as a result The good news, is that we get to see it and deconstruct it–that’s if we are willing to look.

So what are the potential outcomes to this? Who are the winners and losers? Well, since there was an Israeli/Jewish undercurrent to this event in that the “terrorists” wound up at a Jewish/Kosher Deli in Porte de Vincennes, a neighborhood in Paris, the day after (1/8), taking hostages. malgiffords Porte de Vincennes considered one of the “Gateways” to Paris. It is also the location where Valmont is murdered in “Dangerous Liaisons.” January 8th, just happens to be the day that the Gabby Giffords event occurred in Arizona in 2011. How’s that for a sync?

Since there’s a hint of anti-semitism running through the narrative with the Kosher deli, Bibi Netenyahu front and center and the Mossad “officially” sent in, we can see this event being used to re-contextualize the Jewish people/Israelis as victims and objects of sympathy, because, quite frankly, the latter has a lot to do in order to re-build it’s image after leveling Gaza last year. I’d say they’re winners on the surface (if this Ponzi-PR scheme works).

The security and intelligence gathering companies always win when this shit happens.

They get to sell more info, more data and the equipment and software that scoops it–a big win for them.

The flagging and failing cable news stations get a win since people get glued to their screens for a while, leaving the internet, ever-so-briefly.

The lawmakers are gonna win big, because they are going to roll out new laws that are gonna make your head spin. It won’t be enough to just capture and detain the phantom perps, but stop them before they ever occur. We’re talking pre-crime and just like how 911 kicked the “Patriot Act” into gear, which allowed the president to circumvent the constitution and make pre-emptive strikes versus selling approval for war to congress. They’ll do their darndest to pull dangerous people off the streets-you know, those extreme, lone wolf types that exhibit extreme behaviors. Remember, we’re dealing with a Pisces/Neptune square and perception is everything, even if it isn’t real.

350px-Urizen_by_William_BlakeSaturn in Sag is the heavy chains of law, burdening the human spirit. When I think of Saturn in Sag, I am reminded of Blake’s demi-urge, “Urizen” or “your reason” the oafish and gravity challenged god of man’s laws (reason). Lawmakers will be potential winners, as will the contractors running the FEMA Camps, which is where the Lone Wolves will land.

The losers are the very same ones though, because at the end of the day, people are going to see these events for what they are. Remember, If they’d dig a little deeper, they’ll see Charlie Hebdo had been quite critical of Israel and Zionsim. They’d also been all over the Prince Andrew pedo-case, but people aren’t aware of that, just the sensationalistic cartoon depicting Muhammed in a sacrilegious fashion.

Lindt Cafe and Charlie Hebdo, (and more) are part of the global event spectrum where the heavy fog of Neptune obscures the real machinations behind Saturn in Sag.

We are living in a time where we are either going to awaken fully and finally throw off the chains of planetary slavery or we will be hurtled back into the dark ages of a neo-fuedal system, monitored and controlled by surveillance technology, 24/7. Welcome to Saturn in Sagittarius. The choice is yours.

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you.

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5 thoughts on “Paris, 1/7/15, Breaking Down The Charlie Hebdo Chart”

  1. p

    now we see how the DGB meme fits in (agree re: wild claims @ times) 🙂

    the royal pirate families decided over 400 years ago to stop fighting…WITH the east on board…go watch pirates of the Caribbean, its all in those movies 🙂

    the truce basically said all the gold has to go in one pot, and we issue paper against it…but pirates trusting pirates is tough business to be in!

    the pirate royals are actually trying to “out” themselves so we may all grow from it in fact 🙂

    your last sentence, in my eyes is more apt:
    We are living in a time where, each of us, is either going to awaken fully and finally throw off the chains of self slavery or be hurtled back into the dark age of a neo-fuedal system, monitored and controlled by surveillance technology, 24/7. Welcome to Saturn in Sagittarius. The choice is yours.

  2. n

    One of these days, they will round up a demigod, or watcher, then reality will readjust. Nothing to see here.
    Hell is mechanical, Heaven is empty, and Purgatories abound. The sky will change, but mostly none will remember.

    I do not know who is who. I do not know why any soul power is subject to detection, and erasure, and monitoring. Some stuff gets drowned at birth, and still persists.

    Ghost worlds, indeed. Some angrier than others. Funny how the various situations are leaking so much, these days.
    That used to be just certain places and times. Now it seems containment of multiple Antichrists has been traded for assurance of damnation, just to watch evolutionary pressures pick and choose.

    Everyone in the pool. Seems rather like madness, all at once.

  3. D

    The script we’ve been running for so long now is duality-based. Even when we win our freedoms – when power changes hands to the ‘good guys’ – the dynamics remain and the important things get sidelined – ‘there’s not enough money’ kind of thing. We are increasingly becoming aware of ourselves as one organism (human and Gaian) yet so much time gets taken up regulating separation and trade offs.

    Your insights here are valuable – rethinking the great square – what if Pluto in Cap is deep earth-based wisdom comng through to empower human intelligence to co-resonate – and U in A sparking new thinking and actions..?

    Of course the shadows and the blur at this point of Saturn switching classrooms, but the actors are gathering on stage and suddenly their same old black and whitenesses have lost their aggregate

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