Palin vs Biden — Biden’s Scorpionic Redemption and Palin’s Vox Populi, The Serpent and The Eagle In Angular Accord

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

biden and palinWell it was at least more entertaining than the Obama/McCain snorefest. Biden with tranisting Venus in Scorpio just beginning to touch his stellium in Scorpio, seemed in command and well versed in the issues, this is par for the course with him as Scorpios are deep planners and Biden has no doubt had this date circled on his calendar since Palin joined the McCain ticket. The Scorpio Moon didn’t cause him too much unease and in fact allowed him to tap into feelings of grief when he recounted the story of his wife’s death and sons ensuing physical challenges as a result of their tragic car wreck. The transiting Scorpio Moon humanized Biden for a few, key moments.

While Biden was the picture of Scorpionic control, Palin was all over the map, channeling the spirit of Reagan, while adding a new twist of folksie, homespun homilies, invoking the memes of “The Soccer Mom” and “Joe Sixpack.” Much to the consternation of The Left, this is where she is the most effective, connecting with the populace, in ways that Biden, Obama and even McCain fail to do. She’s America’s cheerleader and that spirit was on full display tonight, in all of it’s eccentric, down home strangeness. But then, she would go completely off road when Gwen Ifill would ask her certain questions, like the one on same-sex marriage. It’s clear that this is where the pool drops off into the deep end for Palin and instead of having her own, individual take, she resorts to grabbing ahold of the talking point life vest to keep from going under. Remember, Sarah Palin has zero water in her chart, so her ability to retain information and experiences is not well supported by her chart.

Much like Obama, Palin is about projection, but unlike Obama who does have some water in his chart, her ability to be introspective and reflective is not her strong suit to say the least.

Whether it’s Joe Lieberman, Karl Rove or Cthulu who is crafting her script and sculpting her talking points, they need to be very aware of the fact that Sarah Palin is a loose cannon and while she did not embarass herself tonight, she flashed glimmers of dancing right off the edge.

I also noticed a genuine affection from Biden to Palin, as this is in alignment with his deeply Scorpionic energy.The big winner? Israel. Both candidates heartily agreed on their undying support for Israel as Biden pledged loyalty and fealty and Palin seemed ready to throw on some buckskin and boots to personally hunt down Ahmenijad herself.Tonight, the serpent and the eagle nested together in relative peace, while debating the merits of each ones vantage point, no matter how conditioned, ingrained or entrained.

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