Orphic Agent, World Redeemer, Uranus/Pluto Ascending, Keanu Reeves

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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k2.jpgLike, this savior thing is totally rad dude!

Cyberchrist, liberator of the damned, master of speed, code warrior, teenage time tramp, young Siddhartha, and now world destroyer is back. Yes, we’re talking about the most archetypally cast actor of our time, Keanu Reeves. Reeves has played the role of savior in one form or another throughout most of his acting career, his face, an appropriate blank canvas onto which we can project our neologistic aspirations and fantasies. Astrologically, there’s probably a pretty good reason why we do this with Reeves and why his roles manifest in the manner that they do.

He was born in Beirut, Lebannon, on September 2nd, 1964 with his Sun in Virgo at 9 degrees, in an exact conjunction with his Mercury in Virgo, all of which are conjunct Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, near the tail end of his 12th house, leading right onto his ascendant, with Uranus leading the pack and landing right on his rising. Does Keanu Reeves even really exist? I mean the person, the one that’s not bending space and time or routing devils? With his Sun in the 12th house, even his view of himself is obscured, details of his legacy withheld from him. His father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves spent ten years in a Hawaiian jail for selling coke/smack (Sun/Father in the 12th) and has always had an aura of mystery surrounding his claims about being a geologist, living in Beirut, where he worked as un-skilled laborer and where he met the woman that would be Reeves’ mother, Patricia Taylor.

Reeves suffers from dsylexia, a condition which, along with other learning disorders can be seen in many people who have a Sun/Mercury conjunction of three degrees to exact, which of course Reeves does.

Archetypallly, he reminds me of Orpheus with forays into the underworld of drugs and hustling (Private Idaho), deep cover (Break Point), hell (Constantine), Zion (The Matrix) and hell again (Devil’s Advocate, which is loosely based on a premise that The Rothschilds and Rockefellers father children outside of marriage and groom them–see Bill Clinton and Winthrop Rockefeller). Reeves is constantly involved in the act of descent, even “The Replacements,” an underrated sports film sees him playing the role of Shane Falco, a former pro quarterback whose paying gig is going under the water to scrub barnacles off of boats in icy Boston harbor.

Descent, shooting the rapids of the rabbit hole and coming back intact with some prize in hand on his hero’s journey is the cinematic tableau that he revisits time and again. But Pluto doesn’t exist as a hermetic force. solely dedicated to his film career, Reeves lost a child in still birth with then girlfriend, Jennifer Styme, who would later die herself in an auto accident–it’s power transcends film.

Now, in the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” Reeves descends yet again, this time to Earth and with him, he brings a mighty tribulation for the people and the planet, the ability to end all life upon it. Here is where Uranus on the ascendant, in all of it’s explosive fury manifests through the filmic prism that he lives his life through.

Outside of his old band, Dogstar, named after the planet Sirius and the Dogon tribe, a story that Reeves held a great deal of fascination for, we know little about his current personal life. Unlike contemporaries such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, all of whom lead lives closer to the surface of the public’s awareness, we know Reeves mostly through his roles, mythic portrayals of world saviors, troubled junkies and progeny of luciferian seed.

One day, when they unearth the film canisters, DVD’s and videos, a future race will piece together their own version of the life and times of Keanu Reeves and paint stained glass images on walls of shining light. portraying his placidly blank likeness in beatitude, rising above the inferno of chaos, with the ease of a casual god.

5 thoughts on “Orphic Agent, World Redeemer, Uranus/Pluto Ascending, Keanu Reeves”

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    Interesting, Robert. He has those powerful planets close together, ascending in Virgo – I suppose it’s the Virgo-ness and 12th-house ness which have him coming over, on screen, as quite bland, some say “wooden”, but the parts he plays are always a bit on the peculiar , esoteric side – even his chick flicks. I saw, and remember, Lake House, and Sweet November – both had to do with death -i n different ways . Pluto even manages to infect the weepies !

  2. Great post. I like the subtle reference to his “rad” beginnings in the photo caption. As much as I love him in the Matrix (probably a good thing that Will Smith passed up the role), I still see him as Bill (or was he Ted?) and that goofball in Parenthood.

  3. a

    Wow, this happened w/Twilight and I on Bill Hicks. Talk about linking up with the collective brain. The internet will be obsolete in a decade.

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