Open Season On Wild Horses In Mercury Retrograde In Sag And Much, Much More

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Bring on the dancing horses.

Epiphanies, revelations and syncs abound. The world’s esoteric guts are getting turned inside out. Mercury continues its backward arc in the sign of the centaur. Is it any wonder that the Obama administration just passed a law that lifts a ban on killing horses for meat? This is a ritual slaughter. The horse is symbolic of freedom, the open plains and expansion–all Sag. They are the hoof and heartbeat of America in its most native expression. They were the four leggeds of the first people. The country was literally built on their back until the iron horses replaced them. Open season on them is deeply troubling, not just for their own well being, but what they represent. Mars in Virgo is squaring Mercury in Sag, which accentuates the occasionally ruthless nature of Mars in Virgo (efficiency at all costs). The justification of feeding people versus the ability to roam free gets played out here in the square. Does it seem deliberate? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Staying with the Sag animal theme. . .


Now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been abolished, the military just announced in senate Bill 1867, the end to sodomy. Yes, if you are now a member of the armed forces, anal sex is no longer a punishable offense. However, in addition to two consenting adults being able to freely penetrate one another, bestiality, which had also been outlawed is now legal as well. I am not making this up. I wish I was. Mercury Retrograde seems to be taking us right back to Babylon on bullet train with a giant spiked cock on the front and a big fat caboose in the back. Now, I’m sure that in order to ensure sexual freedom in the new army, they wiped the old law out in full, including literally doing it doggie style. Sighhhhh. That’s the least of our problems.


It truly saddens me to report to you that S 1867 contains deeply troubling language that essentially allows the military to apprehend and detain without due process, for an indeterminate amount of time, anyone considered to be a terror suspect and a risk to safety. The language is incredibly broad and has lots of leeway. Unlike the UK, which has a 28 day detention limit, this bill has none. Passed 93-7, it rests solely on the slumped and heavy shoulders of Barack Obama to stamp veto on it. Will he? Will he? This is a pandora’s box and it comes as no surprise, with thousands of people taking to the streets in OWS protests. Once Osama Bin Laden was ceremonially removed from our consciousness, there had to be a new threat. Its not in some distant land (Sag) its much closer to home (Merc in Sag retro).

Things should get mighty interesting when Uranus goes direct on the 10th, just as the Full Moon in Gemini goes into eclipse mode. Whoa. The Moon is in the USA 7th House on the USA Mars in Gemini. There’s a restlessness there that makes me loosen my tie (if I wore one) just thinking about it. Get your shopping done early. More on the eclipse next week.

Just for shits and giggles, I went back and looked at the year 1867 to see if there was anything interesting went down then. Well, I found a few things.

•African American men get to vote in D.C.
•Canada is formed
•The Manifest Destiny Treaty was enacted (First peoples moved off their lands)
•Das Kaptial was released
•Otto von Bismarck forms the North German Confederation

Lots of interesting stuff there. You’ve got the relocation of the native nation, the ideological birth of socialism, the beginnings of the consolidation of German power and the formal aggregation of Canada. Well at least we can be thankful for the latter. My life would be a lot less richer without the likes of Jim Carrey, John Candy, Molsons, Mike Meyers, Leonard Cohen, Kid Koala, Katrina Keough, Jill Sarafin and all my other Canadian friends.


The power of faith is on tap for the next 48 hours. Even though the Moon will do a little square dance with the Sun and Mercury, squares are the impetus to action. They’re dynamic and stimulate volition. The Moon in Pisces is evocative of great faith and perseverance. Its artistic as hell. Poetic to the core. Its daring you with Sag in the background to make your life into art. To affirm love in the face of oppression and forgive. I can tell you right now, we’re on the verge of miracles. It all depends on you and how much faith you’re willing to channel and anchor. How boldly can you affirm your being in the darkest days of the year? Vesta is getting a lot of press right now. Its big and bodacious, in the final degrees of Aquarius. Vesta is symbolic of the light that is eternal, the never ending flame of wisdom and dare I say, “hope?” Give yourself permission to love and live without fear. Make no excuses and say a little prayer for all of those who are scared and depressed, faithless and lost. Its time for us all to come home now.

10 thoughts on “Open Season On Wild Horses In Mercury Retrograde In Sag And Much, Much More”

  1. c

    Robert I found another interesting blog you dont have to post this I just wanted you to take a look at what they wrote about Lilith conjunct jupitor . What I found interesting is the events that happened the last time this has happened in the past . And the events we are now dealing with . I also wanted to say fridays show was on the cutting edge as your interpetation of the currents events are spot on.

  2. p

    It often happens that when the times are the most soul-crushing, that beauty rushes in to fill the fractures.
    Your writing has taken another turn in recent weeks & I see from the increase in the amount of comments that people are taking notice.
    You seem to have taken a dive into the source of inspiration. I’m not saying that you weren’t inspired before, I’m just saying that
    it looks like you’ve gone deeper than ever.
    And in the process, you have BECOME inspiring.

    “It’s time for us all to come home now.”
    After 22 years as an expat, that’s exactly what has been going through my mind — funny (for lack of a better word) you should write that
    because it’s only been within the last 72 hours that I’ve been thinking about that. The thought never really occurred to me before.
    I would love to “come home”, but unfortunately I don’t think I would be able to
    a) find affordable shelter & b) find a job.
    Ironic? After living in 7 countries, I have better chances of finding a & b in another country than I do in my own.

    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for these recent posts.
    Can’t say how much your words mean to me at this moment.
    Glad to know you’re out there.
    My best wishes for you and your own, personal journey during these challenging times.

    Warm regards.

    1. a

      Hey Pamela,

      Its taken me about four months to get the residue of alcohol out of my system, so maybe that has helped. Or perhaps I’ve tapped into something that needs to be said and am a good carrier pigeon at the moment.

      I hear you about coming home. When I wrote that, I had no idea where that came from, really except this whole concept of occupying, which for me is about coming home, if not geographically, then spiritually. It seems we have abdicated our place on this planet and taken in some nasty tenants. I am sure you’re fine wherever you are.

      Thanks for all the kind words.

  3. A very enthusiastic *nod* to Pam ela ~ she is spot on here, Phoenix. Your writing began to change in subtle undertones not long ago. More recently, the changes cannot be ignored and I daresay are very welcomed – and very compelling. While you have not lost in any way your master weavery of bringing to light esoteric, applicable meaning in patterns otherwise nary noticed & undiscovered after daring to delve into the depths through layers and layers of ideas, concepts, history & alchemy & parlaying these patterns bringing them much more meaning & insight than what existed before you worked your magic ~ but there is a new, more human, more relatable and even a more expansive compassion that I have not witnessed before in your writing.

    It is palpable, it is relevant and it is meaningful. Managing to accomplish this without losing your tastefully sarcastic bent & biting satire, really is magic of brilliance.

    At some point, the slaughterers will become the slaughterees as manifestation becomes nearly instantaneous – we no longer have to wait around for Karma.

    I love this piece, this is a favorite. Don’t eat horses. m’kay? 😉 Especially not those frustrated show ponies.

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