On The Road To Super Bowl Sunday

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

When you meet The Buddha in Malibu. . .

First off, props to Shawn Carson for bringin’ the yang over the past couple of days. Love your comments and insight Shawn. Keep it comin’.

I’m in LA getting ready to head out to Vegas in an hour or so, to partake in the great American ritual of excess known as “Super Bowl Sunday.”

I started the journey off in the late but capable hands of Jane “Boobs McGee” Piper, who piloted her topless Miata to the edge of Santa Monica where we hung out with Richard Horowitz and Sussan Deyhim, two of my favorite people on the planet. When it comes to football, Richard doesn’t know pass interference from offsides, but it didn’t deter Oliver Stone from choosing him to score “On Any Given Sunday” which happened to be my pal Jane’s favorite sports movie of all time. He recounted the story of when he met Stone for the first time to discuss the gig and Oliver had just gottten popped for smoking hash oil in his car, down in the valley. Wihout much fanfare, Stone handed the duties over to Richard.

I have previously written about the two of them here in my interview with them back in 1998. But the readers digest version for those that are not aware of them is that they have one of the most respected and honored careers in the world music community. Sussan studied with The Beijart Acadamy as a teen, learning dance and music from some of the finest practitioners in the world at the height of Persian cultural renaissance during the reign of The Shah, when he spent millions of oil dollars on music and art festivals, like the legendary Persepolis festivals of the seventies. She’s since gone onto international acclaim as one of the finest vocalists on the planet.

Richard has an exquisite feel for the music of Turkey, Morroco, India and Iran and deftly employs those sounds and others in films he scores. Hanging out with them usually becomes a six-degrees of synchronicity parlor game as people from our collective past surface and wrap around our increasingly intertwining stories.

We spent the afternoon having lunch at Moonshadow in Malibu, where a foursome of frisky Persian women sprawled out on one of the beds they have on the deck, overlooking the deeply blue Pacific, were drinking wine and playing footsie with increasing affection as the afternoon wore on.

I promise to get back to The Super Bowl when I hit Vegas this afternoon and look at Big Ben Roethlisberger’s chart.

3 thoughts on “On The Road To Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. s

    Hi Robert,
    Made my day to get mentioned on your latest post! Between the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” of the sad tales of failed advertising sales, and the overall crappy Saturn and Neptune aspects that seem to abound here, I am thoroughly enjoying your Vegas excursion, vicariously. Great to know you are in capable hands this weekend! My professional advice is to just “let it ride”. Not sure how you made the money to afford such a geat vacation (You must be a REALLY GOOD astrologer), but why not do as my friend Tight-Bob is doing and put $50 on the Cardinals to win @ 2to 1 or so? Like the beeer commercials used to say, “grab the gusto”!
    p.s. What do you make of T JU conj. Whisenhunt’s N SA ? I say, great defensive effort. Steeler fan would say, Great defensive breakdowns. This is also the Solar eclipse degree of a few days ago….Any kind of aspect to N SA makes me nervous….know what i mean?
    See ya later, Shawn

  2. s

    Hi Robert,
    Couldn’t help but post my obervations on Rothlisberger’s chart. Hey, it’s not as if
    i am getting nagged night and day on my astrological expertise, ya know…It might be worth some money to know Big Ben’s actual time of birth. We know that he was born in Findlay, OH (Ben is undefeated in Ohio as a pro),but the time of day would be particularly helpful in ascertaining, among other things, the exact degree of his Gemini Moon. I understand that this type of info is more readily available from Ohio as opposed to some other states. If Ben was born early in the afterrnoon, he is enjoying the stationary trine from transiting Node to Natal Moon. This would be a considerable bump in the “horseshoe factor” Don’t you think the symbol for the Node looks like a horseshoe? He has also been enjoying the trine from T UR to N NO, although that aspect is now seperating. Nodal aspects are particularly lucky. Ben has a few good aspects going this Sunday, though they are all a bit wide for my liking. Wide = erratic.
    T ME is seperating from a square to N SA. Might Ben be saying “Goodbye” to his chance at being a two time Super Bowl winner?
    Looking forward to your observations, Shawn

  3. S

    I wonder if Ben might be saying good-bye to all the conflicted feelings he’s been carrying around about Ken Whisenhunt. I don’t think anyone has had the full story, but comments are sometimes made—including one by Nate Washington this week—that Big Ben was frustrated by Whisenhunt’s dictatorial style. His new OC, Arians, seeks his input on the game plan, etc., Apparently, Whisenhunt just told him how it was going to be. This might have been because Benw as a second year QB but he carried around some bad feelings about that for a while and this week he seems to have been actively trying to put those to rest. Maybe he’s letting go of a little resentment monkey that’s been clinging to his back?

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