On The Road To Q-Anon’s Chart Part 2, The Turning Point, Nayirah’s Lie & The New World Order

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

NayirahThe Q narrative is beginning to breakdown and the whole thing is starting to resemble a massive psyop. In a recent podcast on my “Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame” I broke down the emotional currency of children and innocence, how children and how it’s been used and abused to further agendas of any order or design–on demand manipulation.

Nayirah was a doe-eyed and innocent fifteen-year-old, fresh from the horrors of Kuwait, where she testified before the Congressional Committee on Human Rights (a pet project of Aquarian/Luciferian traitor,Tom Lantos). Nayirah, on the verge of tears, told the committee that she had seen Kuwaiti babies ripped out of their incubators by Saddam Hussein’s soldiers, in what can be best described as a satanic fury. With Lantos and Rep. John Potter looking on with grim grimaces and now what looks like canned compassion, Nayirah’s story sold the first Gulf War. The daughter of the Kuwati ambassador to US, wasn’t alone in her preparation for her big moment in front of the committee.

Hill and Knowlton is an international public relations firm that specializes in high powered PR, where they can launch new products and wars for your eager consumption.

Hill and Knowlton was hired by the Kuwaiti government through a front called. “Citizens for a Free Kuwait.” Nayirah’s father was not only an exiled sheik from Kuwait, he was also personal friends with G.H.W. Bush. “Citizens for a Free Kuwait” had received over $11,000,000.00 from the country of Kuwait, and while it’s unknown what Hill and Knowlton actually received from CFAK, but it’s likely that they got the bulk of those funds. When they did, it was clear that their strategy was going to revolve around the emotionally charged testimony of Nayirah. Hill and Knowlton coached and prepped the Sheik’s daughter so that she could pluck heartstrings like Hendrix.

It worked.

The HRC was co-chaired by D Tom Lantos (Aquarius) and R John Porter (Gemini). Lantos knew who Nayirah was and who her father was as well, and theoretically kept her identity secret from everyone, including Porter, according to Porter. Lantos claims he did this out of concern for the girl and her safety, then does what pols always do (Porter included) that it wasn’t solely her testimony and there was enough atrocities to spread around. But atrocities aren’t equal. Atrocities associated with children count for more. The death of children and the desecration of innocence move’s the needle like no other. It’s likely that Gulf War I doesn’t happen without Nayirah’s crocodile tears, and Lantos’ utter betrayal. It started with babies getting tossed from incubators to Iraqi soldiers taking bayonets and dismembering pregnant Kuwaiti women and removing the babies right then and there. Children, the emotional and spiritual currency to move the needle.

It was all lies.

I decided to take a little Jupiter retrograde journey down the rabbit hole and look at the chart for that day. Here’s what we get.


The patently false narrative for GWI was sold on 10/10/90 in Washington, D.C.. I went with the ten theme and used 10AM as the time. It also made the 10/10/10 thing complete. The chart provides some mind-blowing revelations.

astro_2gw_nayirah_testimony.58595.62707The first thing that jumps out at me is the ascendant with Scorpio on the AC at 19 degrees, and there, lurking just below the surface, Pluto in Scorpio at 16 degrees. Jupiter squares Pluto and what sign is it in? Leo. What does Jupiter do? It expands, that’s the nature of Jupiter and with squares, the expansion is forced in some way. Leo of course rules children amongst other things. This aspect alone should give us enough info that looking back, this was not on the up and up. Then we turn our attention to the MC, where we see Leo again, at 29 degrees, with Regulus, the fixed star of royalty lording over the chart; Royalty and children.

Sitting right next to Jupiter is the South Node in, you guessed it, Leo. The South Node, the soft underbelly of the chart, the equivalent of the unsecured backdoor of the chart. I’m convinced that most of our poor decisions in life are made from the individual acting from the South Node, versus the North/TN. Jupiter is expanding on the forbidden zone of the South Node, pumping it up, making a big deal out of it. And they’re both in the 9th House of other countries, law, philosophy and religion. Also placed up there is Chiron in Cancer, ah, the wounded mothers and emotional girls have to get in on the act—don’t they? Jupiter isn’t finished in the chart by any stretch.


The Yod is one of the most dreaded and misunderstood aspects of astrology. In the old days, it was called, “The hand of God” and “The finger of fate.” If you had one, often the seer that was interpreting the chart would often fall silent for a few moments, pondering the words that could describe this vexing aspect, since such an important and potentially ominous portent would require words that would match the gravitas of those two, 150 degree angles where signs have nothing to do with one another, but within a 3 degree orb, they do. They’re mismatched, strange attractors that have a broken path between them. The recipient of the Yod, or any inconjunct for that matter must intuit their way from one planet to the other and it’s significance. It’s not a mental trip.

In this chart, Jupiter and Mars form a Yod with Neptune, that’s a sextile (Jupiter and Mars) and the inconjuncts to Neptune.

Mars is in Gemini, which always portrays two, separate realities, identities and of course, Mars is violence and aggression. In Gemini, it’s almost always restless (kinky too), a body in motion stays in motion with Mars in Gemini. Mars in the twins can be a bit cruel as well. There are two signs that are more inclined to spying than any other in chart; Gemini and Scorpio.

Again, Jupiter is doing it’s pumping act, adding fire to the airy Mars, and the two of them inconjunct with Neptune, the planet that is the Alpha and the Omega can usually reveal extreme potentials when it comes to the sacred and profane. What is the mystery of the Yod here? What are the forces that are obliquely influencing the situation? We know Mars aka war is getting pumped up and expanded by Jupiter–that’s a given–but there’s an agenda with Neptune and it’s not clear. In the 2nd House, Neptune can either represent some sort of spiritual value that exists at a base or primary level in the 2nd House, which is probably it’s best translation, but it can also represent a complete lack of realism, where precious resources are squandered and when they are exhausted, there can be feelings of outrage, victimization and even outright collapse. This is an important story, taking place in the 2nd House. Here we see the heart of the Millenials core, outer planets; Uranus/Neptune/Pluto. While clearly, there’s a foggy path to Mars in dualistic Gemini, and the broken links to it from Neptune, the 11th House has the Sun/Venus/Mercury in Libra in it.

To me, clearly, this is the day that Bush’s New World Order was born, with those three planets, Venus ruled, dominating the space of groups, organizations, and collectives, that house is laced with justice, again with Jupiter’s billows pumping it up, fanning the flames and oh the indignation, South Node Leo, exploited, razing the fake spirits of phony babies that never died. The tale of the tape though is the T-Square with the stellium of Libra and Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, hidden away, occulted, violated mothers that never existed, but tugging on the self-same emotional cords. That T-Square is the polygraph of the chart. It’s all bullshit. Are we done? Nope.

One final piece of clear betrayal is Black Moon Lilith in Sag in the 1st House, and here we go again, dark, foreign, exotic, and zealous. Sag is zealous. Right there along with it, Antares, the fixed star, which in many ways is the celestial counterpart to Mars. It’s war.

In many ways, this day was one of the most pivotal days in modern history, when we look back on it. That day sealed the deal. The incursion into Iraq was likely going to happen without the superb acting skills of Nayirah and the tactical deployment of Hill and Knowlton. They likely had a plan B and C, because Saddam was in the crosshairs and even though Bush I didn’t finish the job, Iraq was under sanctions throughout the Clinton administration, who also controlled the airspace over the country, carrying out sorties, cutting off supply lines and any kind of manufacturing that smacked of munitions. We all know the story that takes place after that.
10/10/90 at 10AM, was the day the lie was sanctified.

4 thoughts on “On The Road To Q-Anon’s Chart Part 2, The Turning Point, Nayirah’s Lie & The New World Order”

  1. J

    Another out of the park contribution, Robert. Your analysis and commentary tie it together perfectly, and your style lets your emotion come through here. I am having a helluva time with grief right now, and this article is definitely an opportunity to express more of that. The utter disregard and devaluing of human lives by those calling the shots is beyond sad.

    I’m glad you followed your impulse to do and then read this chart. Thank you for sharing it all here.

    1. a

      Ah yes, The Guelph’s. They do pull rank on Daddy Bush, and that’s always been their goal, but we’ll always associate that speech and the opening salvo of the NWO with the errand boy.

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