On Open Minds With Regina Meredith, The Power Of Pisces, Mars and Neptune Aggression, Victimization, Fake War Rising

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Last week, my latest interview with Regina Meredith went live on Open Minds. Prior to the taping, Regina, being the Scorpio telepath that she is, paused and picked up on the energy in the studio. According to her, it was quite powerful. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch a preview here for free. I was working with a student the other night and I was talking about Pisces and commented that it is probably the most powerful sign in the zodiac, not Aries, not Leo, Capricorn or Scorpio, signs that normally get the street cred when it comes to star power. Here is my basic reasoning why Pisces checks in at number one.

First off, it has all the other signs cascading into it, so Pisces isn’t just it’s own symbol/sign, it’s every other sign too. This is often a point of confusion with Pisces and the people that interact with them. Sometimes they show up as Hercules, other times they’re the fool on the hill. Duality is often assigned to Pisces, which I think is a general, overall function of the mutable signs, but in Pisces it’s defined as qualities like good and bad, light and dark, alpha and omega, root to the fruit, sacred and profane, etc., and all the potentialities that exist between those poles, hence the dualistic definitions, but it’s a bit reductive since there’s so much complexity and gradation within the spectrum of Piscean consciousness. Gemini, the other sign most often associated with duality is more black and white, off and on. Not so with Pisces, but the potentiality for a type of dualism that has an elongated route from one pole to the other is a core component to understanding the range of duality inherent in Pisces.

In “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, he talks about the elevator that goes down, and of course, he’s referring to hell, well the elevator also goes to the penthouse in the sky, heaven. Interestingly enough, Prince had Moon in Pisces, at the nadir of the chart, the very bottom.

So it’s the mélange of other celestial influence in Pisces that adds both to it’s power and distortion, which is not easy for your average Piscean. How do they capture the essence of an experience, distilled and heightened? The answer is, is that they don’t. It’s the same prescription when they have an experience that’s degrading and humiliating. They don’t attach to that either, but this is fairly evolved relationship to psyche and self, which solves the riddle of duality by letting the river of life flow through one’s experience. At this stage of consciousness, Pisces lives and acts without judgment, approaching a Taoist perspective.

The danger of course is that without judgment and discernment that Pisces would have no moral center and slip into a fluidic psychopathy. Here is where it’s important for the Piscean individual/type to develop empathy and compassion. If they can manage to do that, then they have a real chance of experiencing something that others cannot, which is the totality of the human expression. Obviously, this is a complex process, which can be assisted through personal expression such as art; film, music, painting, etc., as mediums that allow for the flow of that experience to manifest and not clog the psychic arteries of Pisces. But there are other reasons why this is the most powerful sign; Pisces is the penultimate expression of water.

Bruce Lee often extolled the virtues of water and how it can become anything. When water generates enough force and momentum, it can move anything. I remember when this really dawned on me. I was watching videos of flooding in Australia from 2010 and I was stunned to watch how quickly the water rose in certain areas and moved eighteen wheeled trucks and trailers like matchbox toys across the now rushing terrain. Go back and watch the footage of the Tsunami that hit Fukushima. It’s mind blowing. It’s that kind of power and force that is the essence of Pisces. Scorpio and Cancer are both obviously water, but they are different inasmuch the Aquarius differs from Libra and Gemini.

Cancer is alternating water and local. It’s streams and brooks, pond, small lakes and wells. Scorpio tends to be distant water, at times unreachable, large lakes with no discernible bottom, rivers, raging and wide. That’s Scorpio. Pisces is where it all flows into, the great oceans and seas of the world. Imagine the power of that force; That’s Pisces. That’s as Bruce Lee called it, “emotional content.”

With Mars in Pisces opening up the year, conjuncting Neptune in Pisces, we get a different, darker glimmer of that power, clearly unchecked and without empathy and compassion.


In Chicago, a disturbing event occurred when a group of young, African Americans abducted someone they knew, a young, white male. They stole a van and tied him up, bound and gagged him then captured the whole event, live, streaming, kicking him, hitting him, cursing him, blaming him for Trump, shouting epithets like “Fuck Trump.” They called the young man racist because he was “white.” Well he happened to be mentally disabled. From a purely astrological perspective, this has a decidedly Piscean/Martian/Martial overtone.

Mars is currently in Pisces and has been conjunct Neptune since New Years day. Mars is aggression and Pisces/Neptune can manifest as aggressive victimization. Synchronously, a disabled woman in North Dakota was raped by a “refugee” another Mars/Pisces transgression of criminal law and the soul of humanity itself. Here is where it gets tricky as we dissect the event from a non-astrological perspective.

case can be stated and made that the perps are just as much a victim, in the case of the disabled young man, the group that terrorized him likely grew up in a shitty neighborhood of Chicago, broken families like bottles on the streets, fathers likely missing or in a Piscean institution like jail, raised on entitlement disbursements, disenfranchised serfs of the new plantation state. I seriously hope I’m right, but even with this tempered perspective, it doesn’t make it okay, not even close.

Since the ritualized death of Trayvon Martin (Mars) there’s been a concerted effort to create a deeper racial division in the country, playing upon hidden anger, resentments, false flags and actual perps portrayed as victims, all staged in some manner, fashion and form to polarize and freeze the populace, straight out of Alinsky 101. Neither Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone on the left has done anything, to temper the rising tensions, to add calm and cool to a situation where the social heat has been near to boiling. They’ve enabled greater and greater acts of violence that are increasingly racially motivated and this is the dirty reality of where things are.

They’ve been fanning the flames of civil unrest, violence and ultimately revolution. The rape and the scalping, are on their hands and not only do I not think they care, based on what we’ve learned about the dark circles of Pizzagate and more, there might even be some remote pleasure in it all.

We are at a very dangerous crossroads as culture.


While the rape of innocence occurs, the absolute whitewashing of the truth morphs into the theater of the absurd. Washington was all abuzz this week, old guard Republicans, the rabid dogs of war like John McCain were peddling their bullshit. Russia hacked the election process, cyber attacks, etc.. It reeks of 2002, and the garbage they served up as a precursor to the war in Iraq; rods, yellow cake, Niger, all the raw nuke stuff needed to create a dirty bomb or missile to rain more death and destruction on an already traumatized populace. It was pure evil and ALL LIES. Millions of lives have been affected and it was all built on two sky scrapers of bullshit. Not one person has ever had to face that down. Condoleeza Rice lied through her teeth and to this day is lionized as a great American. And here we go again.

This is more Mars (aggression) in Pisces (manifesting as illusion). My concern is that the upcoming Mars/Saturn square on the 18th is a critical day, leading up to the inauguration on the 20th, perhaps an event that could quite possibly forestall the inauguration itself, or maybe limit access to D.C. Trump has ridden a wave of misfortune in some ways to the presidency, boomeranging back on the death of Kate Steinle, the attacks in San Bernadino and Orlando, using the momentum of them to hammer messages about the border, security and Islam to great effect. I have my doubts about the validity of some of those of events. If you were someone like Trump, wouldn’t you stage your own, false flag event just days before the inauguration, install intense security, even shutting the city down and thus insure that you would have a hassle free and safe swearing in? Just saying . . .In any event, the Mars/Saturn square is critical. It’s force (Mars) against the empire (Saturn) illusion and magic (Pisces) against truth and freedom (Sag). It’s also an aspect that could see a rise in conflict at colleges and universities across the nation. Meanwhile, truth is getting stretched like Silly Putty and it’s not fun and games.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are rattling sabers against Russia, and Obama is amassing troops and tanks on the Russian border. Remember the Mars/Saturn square. Could Obama launch a pre-emptive war and either saddle Trump with it or keep him out of the White House altogether? BTW, have you checked the height of Graham and McCain? They’re 5’7 and 5’9 respectively. Seems like these two might be suffering under some over overcompensation. Obama’s 6’3—what’s his excuse?


On the 8th, when Mercury goes direct, every single planet will be moving forward. This is kind of a big deal, because we’ve been dealing with at least one, retrograde planet in our skies for quite a while. This means that while we have some challenging aspects, particularly the Mars/Neptune conjunction, and the Mars/Saturn square, the force of all the celestial bodies moving forward means at the very least, two separate things; One, that no matter what takes place over the next thirty days, until Jupiter moves backwards, we have the potential for “CLARITY.”
Clarity is a luxury in a world immersed in illusion. But during this incredibly critical time, the mechanics of the solar system are operating towards momentum. Two, we might be even to get some momentum beyond just the space for clarity. Perhaps, coinciding with the inauguration of Trump, (777), something new could actually “shift” into gear. We’ll take the temperature come Monday when Mercury goes direct.

9 thoughts on “On Open Minds With Regina Meredith, The Power Of Pisces, Mars and Neptune Aggression, Victimization, Fake War Rising”

  1. p

    robert – man…o man…i want to thank you for verbalizing an experience that isn’t your own, but this just goes to show your depth of ability to step out of self and into the shoes of another as you tune into the energies at each fractal point focused on…

    as a pisces rising, sun in aries, i FEEL everything you’re articulating and its rings true to a t…its fucking hard…seriously…feeling everyone and for me, i get to be a literal mirror to my experience (heyoka) which has taken on fractal consciousness or something wild of late…

    the way i can see from being able to tap into everyone is, PHREAKY (we aren’t simply speaking physical)…but like u said…i can hang with the lowest of the low and give them something of themselves to smile about…and yet i can bring the highest of the high down to earth…if they desire it…i dont push anymore b/c i’m with the flow…you show me and i’ll respond to ye…

    funny enough my changes have EVERYTHING to do with water…i’ve tried to do the water routine around things for quite awhile but ironically i was always afraid of the ocean…now i am doing a polar dip in february as i’ve embraced the water finally and flipped my perspect and prescript so now i’m writing a script…i gotta share this since i’m feeling all fruity…

    this came through this dawn (an uber special time for we we)…

    MATH – adding, subtracting, divided, multiplying…it makes sense at first that if u have four of some thing then u take two from four then two remains… so 4-2=2?

    now consider…this is basically acting as if the four has been destroyed and only two remains thus violating a thermodynamic principle…when in fact its still four…YET, YOU have TWO and that One who TOOK TWO from YOU has negative TWO? 4+(-2) = 2 – it seems immaterial and its meant to…but when we talk about should we burn coal…we currently dont seem to have a way to properly value the negative impact of the positive gain we receive…thus carbon credit schemes etc but if we switched the math equations around it all starts to become much clearer…

    basically there truly are only three operations in math not four…crazy right, not really…i’ve been playing with it all morning and its going to make a lot of sense when its not a comment on a blog 🙂

    But this kind of thinking includes both perspectives or at least broadens a mind to see both sides instantly from math which is allegedly the language of creation so some claim…(math aint “it” but its an X marking the spot 🙂

    taking it further then on the esoteric – the doctrine of polarity (energy charge) is removed from our mind instantly along with doctrine of correspondence (energy perspect – ie quantum entanglement)…those are two of the hermetic axioms (with my perspective) and truly seems to be part of a universal law around these parts…

    perhaps operation division being played through us can be divided and we can invert the division and square it (multiply the good :)) can u tell how i am receiving this merc direct energies etc?

    ha…i have never in my life felt more determination than i hold in this moment…immense…what’s coming…

  2. Z

    Clarity is among my most very favorite things.

    Glad to read your words again Sir.

    Smiles at Patrick’s accountings as well. Thanks to both! Z

  3. J

    Well, Robert, I was feeling great clarity on a personal level, loving your perspective of all that Pisces encompasses, and then I read Patrick’s comment. It goes without saying that my clarity is a bit muddied now and I suppose there’s the possibility of some understanding through a re-reading of Patrick’s epiphany. In any event, Robert, you have a tremendous gift to write and I enjoyed this very much. Thank you and I hope you have continued to regain your peak energy and performance level.

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