Oils Not Well In The World — The Piscean Engine Grinds To A Halt — HPH Excerpt

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Prescience. It’s a quality that we should all aspire to cultivate by any means necessary. Whether it involves the simple act of sharpening your instincts or more elaborate schema involving remote viewing or crunching massive amounts of spider search results that predict once ing trends, it seems critical that we develop these states as quickly as possible. Case in point.

Clif High’s report on Half Past Human from March, 2010. Clif has been criticized in the past for fear mongering and filtering the data through his own lens of perception, thus skewing towards a narrative that he is philosophically invested in. I’ve only exchanged emails with Clif to see if I can get him on my show, but he returned them and politely declined due to too many other commitments. I respect the work that he and George Ure have done and think it’s a vital cog in understanding how future in this realm is evolving or in this case, de-evolving. Here are excerpts from HPH’s March, 2010 report that reflect the type of prescience I am speaking about;

(Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved by Clif High of www.halfpasthuman.com)

 “The oceans are described as being not as before.”

 “Disastrous summer problems with oceanic convection currents.”

 “The supporting aspect/attributes sets for the oceans being unlike their former selves.”

 “Oceanic nightmare.”

 “Tidal problems to impact the offloading of ships in ports.”

 “Ocean changes linked to volcanos” (lots of volcanic activity and the oil blowout itself has been compared to a ‘volcano’ of oil)

 “Many areas of costal habitat are forecast to be effectively forbidden for use.”

 “Destruction of life support systems.”

 “Indications are many of the problems are related to the core of the planet.”

 “Humans and other life directly impacted by large clouds of drifting complex methane…”

 “Methane gas release events coincide with dysfunction with the propaganda press.”

 “Percolating up”

 “Governments merge naval operations into some large and mysterious fleet operations.”

 “Substantial changes within our planetary environment under ocean”

 “The Terra entity is also indicating that natural disasters will be contributing to summer 2010 blues, emotional depression of millions of humans (This is described as a coastal event.)”

 “The un-natural disasters are showing as being a particular problem over July through August”

 “More failures on the part of civil servants within the federal government during a regional disaster causes a large paradigm within the populace of USA over late spring through summer.”

 “Natural and unnatural catastrophes that will require humans to grab their wits and immediately put them to use.”

Again, this is Cliff’s material and you can find more about it here, at Half-Past-Human. There are a number of things that jump out at me from this and dovetail with what I have been thinking about in regards to The Gulf.

Tapping Oil As The Essence Of God

In the early development of the powered engine in the west, there were three, competing forms of energy. The most prevalent in the early days of the automobile, was steam. Steam trains were zigging and zagging across the continent, manifesting destiny, from Long Island to Aberdeen. It made sense that the early developers of the automobile would tap into the dominant, existing technologies, which at the time was “steam.” Steam burned clean, but heat was needed for the steam to combust, like your basic kitchen tea kettle and the resultant energy pumped through valves, firing pulleys and gears. Coal or wood was used to fire the stoves to heat the water to produce the steam, so two elements at the very least were needed to propel an early model of the car. The steam engine was the locomotion of the Piscean Age in it’s rise to maturity. Water, heat, vapors, all Piscean modalities were present at the birth of the automobile, in it’s purest and most unadulterated state. Heating the steam posed some problems early on. Stoking and re-stoking the heat source was time consuming and dirty. However, had steam been allowed to develop, the heating/firing process could have been refined and made much more efficient.

Running parallel with steam was electricity. Large batteries were used to power cars. Tesla was one of the first inventors to build an electric car and his version was rumored to have traveled up to 90 mph. The only drawback to electricity was the bulky application of the equipment. But like steam, had electricity been allowed to develop, it could have been modified and streamlined to a very efficient level. Somewhere on a parallel Earth, people move in a silent fashion across a pristine landscape. But as we can see, electricity didn’t win out for a number of reasons, one of them being far too Aquarian. Electricity you see has very little to do with Neptune and is in fact much more Uranian in nature. That brings us to the other Piscean power exchange–oil.

The first gas engine was built in was built and patented 1860, by the Belgian engineer, Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir. It was a fairly crude, “double-acting, electric spark-ignition internal combustion engine fueled by coal gas. In 1863, Lenoir attached an improved engine (using petroleum and a primitive carburetor) to a three-wheeled wagon that managed to complete an historic fifty-mile road trip.” Neptune was in Pisces at 24 degrees in 1860. So we have the birth of the combustible engine, which would go onto use the fuel of Neptune in Pisces to drive the technology forward. Born in the deep flow of the Piscean Age, the combustion engine is yoked to oil. It’s the mechanical manifestation of the essence itself. Oil, water, they’re both states of energy in unmanifested form. The combustion engine became the medium of transubstantiation for the essence of Pisces. In essence it’s a “crude form of spiritual technology.” The twisted love affair between the engine and gasoline is in some ways the story of us trying to channel, handle and control a viscous expression of GOD as manifest in petroleum pisces. But as Uranus (and Jupiter) is shifting into Aries, we’re about to shift the expression of tapping into source as well.

Tomorrow, the advent of genius, the shift of Uranus into Aries and the end of the oil age.

4 thoughts on “Oils Not Well In The World — The Piscean Engine Grinds To A Halt — HPH Excerpt”

  1. K

    I don’t know if the disaster is getting more press in the US, but here in Canada’s Capital Region, it’s the talk of the town. For the past two weeks there’s been lots of media coverage. Everyone I talk to brings up the issue. It’s strange to see how it’s affecting people at a deep level. Most folk are especially hurt by the environmental damage (as opposed to the economic damage). You can see them hurting with the Earth.

    I really liked how you mentioned at some point that we shouldn’t really view the Earth as “mother” but as “us”. We are the Earth, not necessarily it’s wayward children. So hopefully this tragedy will bring on a paradigm shift: “Hey this is US, this is hurting US.”

  2. B

    As above … so below
    ~ there’s a cosmic burst of LOVE pouring through our skies
    Stirring up a vortex within this evil veil of lies
    It started as a trickle that turned into a flood
    …then became a tidalwave of unrequited blood
    The souls of the murdered and sacrificed for gain
    who in death know Truth but seek no vengeance for their pain
    Just a helping hand for man’s survival to win this wicked game.
    Those lucky heaven dwellers have contact from beyond
    …beings from other dimensions share a strong loving bond
    GOD’s wrath is manifesting through forces above the myth
    that place we call heaven…that State of Constant Bliss

  3. J

    Not to mention, you started your post with my favorite quote of all time. No coincidence here. All synchronicity has reason.

    As above, so below… “As on earth, as it is in heaven…”

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