Oils Not Well In The World Part Two — Uranus In Aries, Past, Present and Future

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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Twenty-years-ago, I sat in the conference room of a hotel, in downtown Olympia. I was going through my quickening. The Gulf War triggered new pathways in my genetic library. Tapes of past lives unspooled across the monitor of dreams and waking life. There was a before and an after The Gulf War for me.

I’ve written about my encounter with George Green before. He talked about clones and robotoids, but he also told us a story about how he went to Detroit to meet with the “The Big Three,” he and his buddy, who had built an engine that ran solely on water. The demoed it to decision makers at Chrysler, GM, and Ford. They loved the idea, asked where they were staying in town and would get a hold of them. They returned to their hotel room, whereupon George went out to get pizza and beer. When he returned, he found his inventor buddy, dead, personal belongings, gone. George didn’t waste much time. He called the police and left for his own safety. I’m not sure what to believe, but I don’t doubt for a minute that this sort of thing could and does happen with regularity.

Gary Vespernan has been chronicling the suppression of alternative energy sources for years. He’s amassed a number cases, some of them quite chilling. Here are just a few from Vespeman’s files;

Case One
In the 1930s, Henry T. Moray was refused a patent on his cold semiconductor cathode, allegedly because the patent examiner couldn’t understand how it could emit electrons. Twenty years later, the development of the transistor proved that his device could actually have worked.

Then in 1940, Moray demonstrated before members of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) his free energy generator, which gave a continuous output of 250,000 volts with no apparent input. The next day he was found shot in his lab, and all of his notes and device were stolen.

Currently, the Cosray Research Institute of Salt Lake City has been collecting Moray’s papers from old acquaintances and attempting to duplicate the device.

Case Two
In May 1974, John Andrews, a Portuguese chemist, demonstrated a water-to-gas additive before Navy officials. The additive allowed ordinary water to be added to gasoline without decreasing the combustibility of the gas. It would have driven the cost of gasoline down to two cents per gallon.

When U.S. Navy officials finally went to his lab to negotiate for the formula, they found Andrews missing and his lab ransacked.

Case Three
In July 1974, the Los Angeles District Attorney, acting under orders from the “top,” raided the assembly plant of Ed Gray and confiscated his prototype generator, as well as his plans and records. They brought numerous false charges against him, and defied all attempts by Gray’s lawyers to get the confiscated materials returned.

Gray’s opponents have driven him into bankruptcy (Generator, Free Energy, Patent No. 38,905,480).

These are just a few cases of alternative technologies being crushed. I have friends in the green movement and they are petrofied by oil and anything that releases a carbon emission. Instead of going further/deeper with technology, especially ones of the suppressed variety, they want to return to some sort Rousseau-like primeval play patch, powered by crappy and small electric cars and bikes. I spent half a summer trying to crack their heads open around true, alternative energy, stuff like zero-point, tapping the void, etc and they would stare blankly back at me, or quickly do class based ablutions while supplicating their guilt over having too much. In so doing, they would take some moral high ground about having to learn how the rest of the planet is living and that it’s about time that we had our ecological comeuppance. I’d say to them; “Great, do you think David Rockefeller is going to ride a Zappy to Peter Lugers for a Porterhouse?” These were the first, outright, cases of energy guilt I had ever witnessed. Telling them to change the game by allowing these inventions and others to come to market was not in alignment with their pedal-pushing-paradigm. Don’t get me wrong. I like bikes. I own three of them, including one with a small, gas-powered engine, but I am not ready to swap Berkeley for Beijing before China got rich.

The end of Pisces, does not mean the end of oil. Quite the contrary, we’ve found more freaking oil than we know what to do with, tragically. No, it means the end of our relationship to it in the way that it has expressed itself in it’s viscous modality. The ooze of the underworld, black gold, Texas tea, under the spell of Pisces became our God, an abiotic avatar of the 20th Century. That current is changing.

Uranus In Aries In The Thirties

Uranus was firmly implanted in Aries by the time the thirties broke and the rise of outrageous, scientific inventions was off the charts. Peep this list:

• Frank Whittle patents the first jet engine (1930)
• Polystyrene invented (1930)
• FM Radio is born (1933)
• Stereo recordings (1933)
• Philo Farnsworth invents TV (1934)
• Radar invented (1934)
• Rubber aka Neoprene and Nylon invented (1932/35)
• The “differential analyzer”, or analog computer invented by Vannevar Bush at MIT in Boston. (1930)
• The electron microscope invented by Max Knott and Ernst Ruska (1931)
• First radio telescope invented by Karl Jansky (1932)
• The first tape recorder for broadcasting/first magnetic recording invented by Joseph Begun (1934)

There were other, not so great inventions that came out of that era as well, such as the parking meter, but you get my drift. Jet engines, radar, computers, TV, radio, recording arts, gazing out at the depths of space and peering into the sub-atomic structure of a molecule, all hatched during Uranus in Aries. Those were quantum developments. Unfortunately, many of them quickly got road tested during the ensuing war. Oh yeah, unemployment peaked at a ghastly 25%. This is the type of creative explosion we can expect under the reign of Uranus in Aries. I suppose it’s easy to suppress a dozen inventions or so, here or there, but what if 2,000 radical and transformational technologies all emerged at once? What if there was an entirely new methodology for creating new technologies via a global mind, where different individuals play different parts, invent different items and they all come together, sort of like a Manhattan Project for spiritually advanced, tech living? We’re moving into uncharted territory with Uranus in Aries. The amount of brain power percolating right now on the planet is substantial and don’t let the regressive media fool you into thinking we’re all just a bunch of crotch grabbing, chain smoking, donut-eating, Cro-mags. That’s a distortion that’s used to keep our collective self-esteem in the gutter, a weapon of mass-detraction. Speaking of which . . .

The Birth And Deployment Of New Weaponry

In addition to some of the real visionary breakthroughs that can and will come out of the private sector, we’ll also see the deployment of L-RADS. These are devices used to cause a great deal of pain the human ear. They are projected from tank-like vehicles to disperse crowds. Similar weapons include microwave heat cannons and emotional-based frequency transmitters that can bring a man to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably. Yes, boys and girls, they have these things waiting in the wings if the populace gets too hot under the collar. Just as we saw Hitler’s rise to power under Uranus in Aries, we will no doubt witness the rise of fascism of some order as well. Is there any antidote to the madness or are we all just reanimating the infernal machine spirit of Atlantis? One thing we can be certain of, is that we are going to get the brilliant with the brutal under Uranus in Aries. It will have an indiscriminate, energetic effect that can be plugged into by anyone. Avail yourself of the energy and set the intention for your own particular brand of genius to emerge. What’s to lose at this point? Just your perception about how the universe shows up.

Here’s an excellent site that will get you you up-to-speed in a hurry in the world of alternative and quantum technologies. PESwiki.com.

12 thoughts on “Oils Not Well In The World Part Two — Uranus In Aries, Past, Present and Future”

  1. K

    Holy shit balls, is all I have to say.

    My husband was trying to create a water engine a few years back. I though he was nuts at the time. I wonder what ever happened to his project….

  2. In your list of things invented in the 1930’s must also go the nuclear reactor, Otto Hahn was thought have split the as early as 1935 and Hydronorsk first started their heavy water separation plant in that year.

    Sulfa drugs and Antibiotics also can be said come out of that period.

    I think that we have not yet seen what the Asian virtuous circle will yield. Already we have 3D screens as a result of this. Mediatek with their chipsets have transformed the mobile phone market (search bandit phones China).

  3. A

    How in the world am I supposed to know if I am having a PMS meltdown with some emotional blaster? Holy shit balls is right Katrina!
    I have to say I have been on the verge of tears for the past few days. Must be Uranus/Jupiter conjunct my natal Saturn in Aries that sits right on my ascendent! Happy fun times you betcha!

  4. a

    Hey Billi,

    I saw that a number of drugs you mentioned were developed in the 30’s but a lot of them were brought to market after 1935, when Uranus was in Taurus, though it is significant, because the seeds of those ideas were likely planted in Uranus in Aries. The nuke stuff is a top notch add to the list And your comment regarding China is on the money. Let’s not forget, India and Russia as well. That’s what I meant with brain power on the planet being much more potent now, then in the early 30’s.

    Abra . . .wow. I have to look at your chart again.

  5. M

    It is so angering to read cases where things that would have been helpful have been suppressed or stopped. I was actually thinking about all of this the other day, so thanks for putting that list together, interesting stuff indeed 🙂

  6. A

    I tried to save the report you did for me in November but was unable. Any insight you have is appreciated..

  7. K

    Abra, I feel for you man, I don`t know much about astrology but that looks intense. As for me, I think Jupiter and Uranus are opposing my natal Saturn…not sure what the window is for the degrees.

    Whatever. Things are The Suck right now. I just feel like crossing my arms, pouting, and shouting “I DON’T WANNA PLAY ANYMORE!”

    Wtf Robert, I thought that it was supposed to be smooth sailing for Leos now that Mars got its head out of it`s ass. 🙂

  8. W

    Awesome post.

    To add, LRADs don’t just cause pain to the inner ear. They’re total energy weapons and fuck with your whole system, especially if you’re particularly energetically sensitive.

    From Lyn Davignon of the National Non Profit Party:

    “This type of weapon disrupts the central nervous system, causes aneurisms, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, damages the eye retina causing blindness, causes permanent hearing loss, can cause permanent damage to your equilibrium (balance), and can kill anyone with a pacemaker.

    In addition, it can cause structural damage to buildings…Sonic weapons have been used in Iraq by the US military. First tested at the University of Lyon, France in the 1960s, a six second blast of a 50 watt sonic weapon nearly killed the researchers…It caused structural damage to the building and was deemed to dangerous to continue testing.”

  9. a

    Thanks Willow. I think we could probably add genetic damage to that list as well if the other horrors weren’t enough. Katrina, mars is shifting into Virgo now. I know a lot of Leo’s that really moved forward once Mars did.

  10. K

    “I know a lot of Leo’s that really moved forward once Mars did.” Yes, I was mostly kidding (hence the happy face). I am not at all questioning your scopes. Perhaps I am moving forward in a way unknown to me yet.

    Maybe things are difficult because Mars is in my 8th. Right around when Mars entered my 8th I found out I lost my job. Then today, when it entered Virgo, I found out another venue was lost to another. I`m really crushed. But now I`m curious and will study about Mars`work in this position. Time to put my learning goggles on.

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