Oil Leaks, Wikileaks, Saturn In Libra, Chiron In Capricorn Generation Power

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

China-Pipeline-ExplosionsYep, that’s oil.

The darkness is encroaching. It’s not just a metaphor. Oil is flowing into The Kalamazoo River, it’s spewing off the coast of Mississippi and it’s gushing in China. Of course the mystery of The Gulf itself deepens. Gas mains are breaking in Austin. Chiron opened it’s veins in Pisces and the planet is bleeding. Let’s hope that it’s slight return into Aquarius can bring some knowledge and web wisdom.

It’s ugly.

It’s crude.

We can use Chiron in Pisces as a metric–the wounded healer immersed in the effluvial history of the world. If water holds the memory of emotion, oil holds the memory of time, of scaly creatures that lounge in clouds of methane and the life that could have been if whales had not taken to the seas to circulate their love throughout existence. We have lived in an uneasy symbiosis with it until now. Now it is foisted upon us in a dark baptism, reminding us of the stain of our original sin. No, it was not eating of the tree of knowledge, it was being convinced that the world could be owned and that we had to pay a price to live here. As J. Paul Getty once wryly decreed, “The meek might inherit the Earth, but they won’t own the mineral rights.”

Mars is about to shift into Libra. That’s a good thing. That’s a John Lennon kinda thing. He had Mars in Libra at 2 degrees. We know what he stood for and ultimately died for. Double Fantasy exudes a certain peace arrived at mid-life but also hints at darker themes, played out by his animatrix. Some think that the title of the album is a veiled reference to Paul/Faul, but I digress. The true distillation of Lennon’s Mars in Libra manifested in the 70’s with sleep-ins and city signs for peace. Perhaps to it’s detriment, Mars in Libra demands peace and equality. It’s counterpart/opposite Mars in Aries, makes no such demands. It simply acts out the will and peace is a byproduct of the activation of it’s nature. That said, Mars in Libra can whip things up, even though it’s a little defensive at times. My advice to you over the next 43 days? Stick up for the little guy and even the middle guy. The event to keep your eyes on? The fight over immigration in Arizona.

Immigration is a challenging issue and presents some deep complexities. On one level, we can see the inhumanity of a crappy existence in Mexico, where the poor have little chance at raising their living standards, meanwhile the multi-nationals and the upper 1% of Mexico live like Gods, thanks mostly due to NAFTA and billions of dollars that flow back to Mexico through the magic wires of Western Union and pack mule drug runners. Then there’s the karmic level of the colonialist land grab from our red brothers and sisters. Then there’s an ancient echo of Caesar allowing a multitude of tribes into Rome to increase his power base and dilute the senates. Then there’s the issue of states rights, versus The Fed. This will be a significant event during Mars/Saturn in Libra. Even now, Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona is already trying to come to some sort mediated agreement with the feds.

In May 1951, Sylvia Porter, a columnist for the New York Post, used the term “boom” to refer to the phenomenon of increased births in post war America. She wrote: “Take the 3,548,000 babies born in 1950. Bundle them into a batch, bounce them all over the bountiful land that is America. What do you get? Boom. The biggest, boomiest boomy boom ever known in history.”

The largest spike in that boom happened between 1951 and 1955 and coincidentally, that little booming subset has Chiron in Capricorn. As Pluto begins it’s crossing over the first wave of that group and Saturn starts it’s square against them, they will be dealing with power, how they have manifested, respected or abused it up until now. Many of them are walking the corridors of power or seeking to reinvest their lives with meaning and power. In any case, a certain reckoning is going to be taking place, thanks mainly to Saturn. If you’re born between 1951 and 1955, Saturn is making you check your level of power and if you’re using it accordingly. Just remember that higher power is always better in such cases.

Just an interesting aside. I think there’s some strange synchronicities going on with the whole concept of leaks. From oil to wikis, leaks are in vogue, and what does that mean? Well, in the case of Wikileaks, all is not what it seems and Julian Assange is not James Bond. In crypto circles, they call Wikileaks a “Limited Hangout.” Meaning its not meant to be there for very long and it’s real purpose is to disseminate dis or mis-info and to collect/filter potentially explosive material. Apparently there are leaks. Derive your own meaning.

4 thoughts on “Oil Leaks, Wikileaks, Saturn In Libra, Chiron In Capricorn Generation Power”

  1. T

    Interesting piece, Robert. “Stick up for the little guy” – Agreed – there’s no other way these days. Politicians aren’t sticking up for him, that’s for sure. :-)

    I wish the Federal govt. would get their act together over immigration and provide some route for the illegal immigrants to follow so they can eventually be here legally. It shouldn’t be too difficult – a modified version of what I had to go through to get here to live with my husband. Even if it takes illegal immigrants 10 years or more to negotiate the route, they’d at least be covered and documented. It’d create lots of government clerical jobs too, to deal with a mega mountain of paperwork.

    Not sure what you were hinting about Wikileaks. I admire Mr. Assange, but so far the leaks haven’t told us anything we didn’t already strongly suspect. I just hope he doesn’t go the way of Lennon….if he did get hold of something truly explosive, I fear he would go that way.

  2. a

    Hi Twy,

    Nice to see you around here.

    I see the illegal issue more in Maslowian terms, but essentially incomplete. As a society, we should be experiencing not only the spiritual effects of privilege but the techno/material ones as well, so that we can assimilate broader spectrums of reality/truth, while uplifting those less fortunate. However, instead of free energy systems and hyper-dimensional torquing, we get iphones and play stations, which does little for the liberation of the species, so we have this socio-economic constipation that results in material and spiritual inequity.

    If they wanted Assange out of the picture, trust me, he wouldn’t last a week.

  3. d

    at present, beneath Egoli or Johannesburg, the drainage waters from gold mining laced with uranium and various other molecules that prefer being solidified deep down are contaminating the aquifiers beneath the city….farmers downstream growing radioactive vegetables etc. Within the next 18 months these waters will escape upwards as the lateral flow is too slow…out of manholes, boreholes, in the basements of big business etc….LEAK.. So, when I watched the government and the mining CEO’s being interviewed I was struck again at the idiocy and unaccountability. No one wants to pay and so nothing gets done – the warnings have been heard for 10 years now.
    Free energy systems of course!! Not 10 times more in a couple of years because of a label, the green revolution!!
    And, my step mother’s 2 degree Cap Chiron….abuse and now my Cap sun has declared a freeze. No more Me Mrs Nicey. Her Leonine Pluto is exposed and iced.

  4. a


    It’s all just slash and burn economics for the most part now. At really high levels, I think they’ve shaken off the mantle of concern. They’re not even making any pretenses over it now.

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