Of Time Monks, Web Bots, Vaccines, Prophecy And Saturn vs. Uranus

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

the-towerLooking ahead to the fall.

Janet Planet sent me the latest from Clif High and The Webbot project. They were on the air with George Noory four nights ago. If you’re not familiar with them, I would urge that you spend some time to understand what they’re up to. High developed a software program that would send spiders out on the web and look for key search words, millions of them, in different languages in order to gain insight into financial trends that he and his partner George Ure, could then use to sell as info to investors in various markets.

It worked so well that High and Ure began to see other patterns emerge that didn’t have to do with the price of pork bellies in Omaha. They began to view more anamolous data, variant and troubling at times. High, also called “The Time Monk” was beginning to see events and consciousness seep through, probabilities coming to the fore of possibility, ten to eighteen months in advance.

Their biggest hit was the major rupture they saw happening around 911, months before it took place. They continued to get precognitive data from the word sets that were coming back to them as if our collective consciousness was already ahead of us and our searches for meaning on the web, were bringing back interpretive images from the future.

High sometimes receives criticism from his collection of language and how he frames what he hauls in. He’s mostly jungian, but make no mistake, High does not dismiss conspiracy in any way, shape or form. This knowledge/belief seems to be born out of what he’s culled from the search data along with his own learning/background. Is he filtering the future through a dark prism based on his own personal beliefs? Maybe. Maybe not. The fact of the matter is that much of what they’ve pieced together is right more often than not. So what do High and Ure say about the days, weeks and months ahead? It’s not at all rosy.

• Sometime in August, around the 24th, Wall St begins to feel the pinch of the end of the dollars supremacy as the worlds reserve currency.

• As a result of the fall, Wall St. panics and banks actually have to shut down for a brief time until they can stave off the chaos.

• Hyper-inlfation ensues. The price of gas goes through the roof.

• Food shortages begin and riots start to take place.

• In October, again around the 24th, something major occurs. It’s either an Israeli attack on Iran or the next phase of The Swine Flu with forced vaccines.

• If it is the Israeli strike on Iran, Israel winds up hitting a target with a bunker buster that is potently radioactive and the radiation rises up into the jetstream.

• The jet stream fallout eventually reaches the West Coast of The United States, where 1 out of 5 people dies.

• This triggers a mass migration to Canada, over two-milliion-people migrate to escape the toxic clouds of radioactive dust.

• The Obama administration is told by Russia and China that they will take out American troops if the US intervenes. They’re hands are tied.

• Public outrage against Israel is at an all time high. Iran waits a few days and hits back with massive and unexpected force.

• Meanwhile, chaos is the norm in the states and The Obama administration is unable to cope with what is taking place. They are running in reverse.

• They see major geological action taking place, including quakes and the extreme rising of water levels on both side of the american coastline.

• Major UFO sightings begin to take place.

• New species of alien/humans identify themselves.

And this is all in 2009/2010/11. Ironically, even though they don’t get a lot of material as far out as 2012, what they are getting is not as dramatic as the 2010 data. They also think that Niburu/Planet X is a lot of hype and disinformation. How’s that for starters? Does any of this shake out astrologically? The answer is “yes.”

If we fast forward to 8/12, it’s where Saturn and Uranus, oppose one another again, the first time since the night of the election. I wonder what Barack’s star watcher has planned for this occurrence. By the way, did anyone catch Obama’s reference that the success of the health care bill is “in the stars.” Question mark? But if we look at that opposition, it’s formidable. It begins it’s polarization on 8/12 20-25 degrees and then Saturn eventually catches up to Uranus on 9/10, in direct opposition at 24 degrees. It stays that way until the 18th, when it lurches ahead. So that stretch, from 8/12 to 9/18 is what I would call the gauntlet. I see this as a major period of flare up and possibly disorder, not particularly from a monetary perspective, though I don’t doubt that the dollar will be under severe pressure as world reserve currency, but I see the Uranus/Saturn opposition manifesting in the vaccine controversy which is starting to swirl.

What we’re looking at though during this time is the return to school for most children. This is when the vaccinations, likely forced are scheduled to be administered. Saturn in Virgo challenges our health and the concept of it. It’s precaution dancing around a malthusian darkness, opposing Pisces (fluids and illusion) in Uranus (the masses and technology). I am a big supporter of Aquarius, just check out my eleventh house, but there can be a coldness and efficiency associated with it’s ruling planet. But Uranus or Ouranos, was a major creator god–grandfather of Zeus–father of Kronos. And who just might be Kronos/Chronos? It’s Saturn, the time lord. so what we are about to see, until Saturn squares off again against Uranus in Aries, for much higher stakes, is the bloody coup of son versus father. Kronos sliced of the genitalia of Uranus and spread it across the face of the Earth, which fertilized “Gaia” for the birth of new gods. It’s Oedipus played out at a higher level, but here it’s longevity, health and mortality vs. the radical, fluid of illusion.

This dynamic in the milieu of these two opposing titans can be seen from a number of perspectives. Saturn represents the tried and true–tradition. It’s conservative and represents hierarchies and establishments. It’s bureaucracy. Does it become overly officious in Virgo squaring off against the radical notion of the masses rejecting batches of potentially bad vaccines? Or does it represent a much more conservative point of view regarding health in the midst of supposedly progressive notions of prevention?

One of the key agents in the proposed vaccine is “Squalene” which Doctors Mercola and Blaylock have isolated as being the most damaging neurotoxin in the Anthrax vaccines they were given. If we look back at August of 1990, potentially when conscriptees were injected, Saturn was in Capricorn at 20 degrees, which puts it in an exact trine with progressed Saturn in Virgo. Can we determine anything form this? Possibly, if we see this as added emphasis on the bureaucratic side of the equation, that Saturn in Virgo could indeed represent the borg-lke machinery of the state, inoculating and indoctrinating the masses with a chilling efficiency, while Uranus in Pisces presents the radical reappraisal and opposition. Will Kronos slay the father again? Will the blood of Uranus seep back into Gaia? Or will the father rebel, against the script and the ancient order of the son?

The vaccine issue is not the only one we’re staring down. We have to at least look at High’s prediction of Israel going to war against Iran on 10/24 and we have to finish up some business with Ms. Sotomayor, but they’ll have to wait for just a day or two. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Of Time Monks, Web Bots, Vaccines, Prophecy And Saturn vs. Uranus”

  1. J

    This dynamic in the milieu of these two opposing titans can be seen from a number of perspectives. Saturn represents the tried and true–tradition. It’s conservative and represents hierarchies and establishments. It’s bureaucracy. Does it become overly officious in Virgo squaring off against the radical notion of the masses rejecting batches of potentially bad vaccines? Or does it represent a much more conservative point of view regarding health in the midst of supposedly progressive notions of prevention? In reply: The Commander and Chief has two agendas milieu control and loading the language. Many Presidents are protagonistic to millieu control and unable to load the language processes. Obama, in some political formula, loaded the language platform and is not in milieu control administration of government, even with his megalomaniacal language articulation. He might even be the United States? universal translator. The environment (foundations) have never been shook, simply by his freedom to speak, since George Washington and the formulary has been milieu appropriation and military of every commander and chief since.

  2. A

    The end result will be a mere reflection of the collective power in control by majority. Currently this major collective has been infected by a virus of it’s own accord and in great need of healing.

  3. Robert, great article and interpretation of the father and son story. In confirmation to the webbot, they have also designed a black box so to speak at Princeton, placed in many parts of the county now to gather the ebbs and flows of consciousness that they have also seen as a predictor of sorts, it too spiked just hours before 9/11.
    I wonder if the soaking of the populace with the information has done a good job of numbing us as well to the very real threats you have so eloquently outlined?
    Thanx again for bravely blowing the horn…

  4. a


    You’re referring to the random number generation experiment called, “The Global Consciousness Project,” which you can find out more about here:


    I think the entire concept of the collective and it’s power has been manipulated for quite sometime, but through projects like The Web Bots and The GCP, we can begin to see just how powerful we can be as a large and unified field of consciousness. That’s why I think that there are no insignificant acts. Conscious participation in this frame of reality can be extremely powerful in ways that we don’t even really understand.

    If we make it a point to live authentically, consciously and compassionately, our thoughts and feelings manifest in the field of the greater good. An accrued force of such acts can act as the fuel for miracles and while we might be mindful of how we treat one another and ourselves, the outcome of such expressions may never be recognized or noticed by us–doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact others in a broader and more holisitc way.

    It’s service of the highest order.

  5. T

    I’m probably not understanding this properly, Robert, but won’t the search words they input to the software program be geared towards some specific result?
    What I really mean is – if they put in some other (maybe only slightly different) search words a very different list of predicitions might ensue.
    There’s something a wee bif off – but I can’t quite get at it.

    I agree that astrologically there seems to be trouble brewing, but we’re used to that. When hasn’t there been trouble brewing in living memory?

  6. a

    I hear ya on The Web Bots project. Clif High programs in up to 4,000 keywords at a time. That’s a pretty large set of data that goes ot through their spiders.

    The one thing that cannot be disputed is their accuracy. They’ve been at it for over a decade and if they were so far off the mark, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    As far as trouble brewing, I think there’s trouble and TROUBLE.

    You’ve got Israel horny to hit Iran. Iran won’t be throwing rocks back at the IDF.

    Then you’ve got this Swine Flu thing which can range anywhere from just a flu with a lot of hype, to a deadly recombinant, with potentially even deadlier vaccines.

    And, you’ve got the economy, which will not grow without investment and there doesn’t seem to be much of a rush to get that done, Having the GOV take that over seems to be much more important that getting banks to loan money instead of hoard it.

    I think we’ll find out soon enough.

  7. t

    Once again MSTC or Claude Hug, up to his old tricks,,,
    will u fall for it Robert? Hope not….
    Isn’t he just so swell, what a guy!!!!

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