Occupy Wall Street Part Two, Brooklyn Bridge March, Changing Political Skies, Upcoming Jupiter/Sun Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Is It Too Late?

The Moon had just moved into Sag–not quite conjunct my Jupiter–but close enough to cast some synchronistic magic and medium strangeness on the day. Lawrence, The Water Wizard and I snaked through the streets of uptown Manhattan, choked off by a food festival hunkered down in mid-town, with the highly ironic and dubious title; “Eat and Drink To End Hunger.” Miraculously, the whims of the great and tempestuous Garmin tossed us five blocks west of Broadway down into the belly of the bull, with the sweetest of blessings there could ever be in Manhattan; An un-metered and open parking spot.

From there, we packed up and headed down to ground zero, for “Occupy Wall St.”

The energy was much different than it was on the 29th. The numbers had swelled considerably. The hard rains of the night before which had doused game one of Yankees/Tigers playoff series brought out the tarps in “Occupation City.” In three days, it seemed to have gone from a cozy bed-in, to a full blown encampment. The square was packed and the vibe was decidedly more edgy. Maybe it was the early degrees of the Sag Moon. Maybe it was the Mars/Jupiter square, but the crowd seemed ready for action.

The calm and steady call and response form earlier in the week had been replaced by shouts and chants, calls to action. It had turned into an edgy yet optimistic, pep-revolutiion-rally. Little did we know that we had stepped into the final moments of the motivational phase of the days events, leading into a march, through the streets of lower Manhattan, to Brooklyn Bridge park.

There was easily a thousand people with signs and slogans, chanting for economic equality and reform. The socialists were out in force, toting very professional looking signs, the kind of signs that tells you that they’ve done this sort of thing before. It got me to thinking that this event and those like it, which are sprouting up like fungi across the country, are perfect for “The Left’s” equivalent to the Tea Party; grass rootsy and a tonic for Obama’s reneged upon vision and commitment to social change. If I were George Soros, I’d be sending the ground troops in to do an end around on the administration and continue to move towards the proto-fascist version of socialism, that is, to a large extent, Pluto in Capricorn (this is now happening).

The astro-turfing of the “99% solution” is something I talked about in my last post, which unsurprisingly, did not go unnoticed by the likes of Webster Tarpley andWayne Madsen. Now Alex Jones is all over it as well.

Within two hours, 700 of the marchers would be arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, trapped in of all things, a net. We had chosen to stay behind and get more of a feel for what was taking place.

Shortly after we arrived at the square. I met and spoke with Ted Schulman of earthflo, who had just launched a site and service for personal servers that are also radio transmitters that can link up with other personal servers and thus form an autonomous network, which could still function as a viable alternative to the internet, should it ever go down. We talked about the Brown Brothers, Berriman and HSBC buildings right across from us and how both companies played key roles in funding the Third Reich in WW2. Ted has some very interesting clients like, Disney, IBM, Solomon Brothers and Lucent/Rockefeller. No wonder he wants an ideologically free revolution. A phalanx of NYPD blue stood semi-vigilant in front of the entrance of Brown Brothers, Berriman, securing the perimeter for the money masters.

From a geometrical standpoint, we could easily see the T-Square, demonstrated in physical space. On the west side of the square, across the street, there was a Wikileaks truck parked. It had been there since Wednesday. This felt a lot like The Libra stellium of the past few days, symbolizing the act of bringing information into balance, with a quote-un-quote, a large dose of “fairness.” Across the square, on the other side, was the bulk of NYPD’s security set up, replete with an observation tower, 360 degree surveillance, and a battery of vehicles. The inclusion of the portable tower, in addition to all of the rest of the gear, to me, really felt like Uranus in Aries, high tech gear (Uranus) in the service of the centurion (Aries). At a ninety-degree angle to each, across the square, were NYPD police, guarding the aforementioned Brown/Berriman building (Pluto in Capricorn). It was the t-square, come to life.

In the vacuum of the disassembled and soon to be trapped marchers, a different voice emerged. Gone was the strident shouting reminiscent of SDS and one-by-one, voices, singing, rapping and rhyming began to rise. It started with an old vet of the acid wars, blowing a mean harp, accompanying himself with a ukulele. Across the square a rapper began to freestyle, then an acoustic guitarist chimed in, then another rapper. They tag teamed and rhymed about social change, dropping references to ground zero and 911, spinning off into aspiration and optimism, words for a better day. Their styles were as different as their skin tones; one dark and smooth, the other ragged and pale and yet it worked.

At some point the tempo shifted, other voices joined in and began to sing. A young guy in a suit jacket, dark hair, neat sideburns, maybe polynesian, maybe fillipino, soulfully and skillfully led the growing crowd deeper and deeper into song. I thought to myself, this is how it could be; one voice into many. The change wasn’t on the bridge, where people were trapped in a web, caught between here and there, it was back in the square, where strangers sang unfamiliar songs, improvisationally woven from the heart.

In the very center of the square was the media center, four laptops, tracking and creating the live feed in real time. Behind each screen sat a very-serious twenty something, channeling the flow of images and data, filtering the input for the feed. It was there that the news was broadcast about the arrests on the bridge. We heard the details spoken and repeated back to us. Almost everyone that we saw march off, just over an hour before, were now in the midst of being processed by the system.

The weather had really turned. These people, the ones committed to staying there are facing ever more inhospitable conditions. There’s also a question as to how long Bloomberg will let this go on. By days end, a group of fifteen Marines were on their way to “protect” the protesters. I had no idea what to make of this, Its either some weirdly extreme and promising manifestation of Uranus in Aries, or it’s Neptune in Chiron, feigning care, while neatly inserting themselves into the movement, without protestation. Commercial pilots had shown up in uniform to support the protest.

An oddly synchronistic event occurred at one point around the Code Pink table. I heard a guy talking about politics and astrology. Lo and behold, it was Eric Francis. One of my readers said that he struck her as East Coast version of me. Here we were, from across a continent, comparing notes on these changing times. I was not in the least surprised that he was there as it seemed like a cosmic set up, that a swelling Sag Moon would conspire to be a part of.

As the Sun retreated further into the western skies, the temperature was dropping into zones not kind to urban campers. There’s no telling how long this group will hold the line, but the idea is breaking now. Its happening all over the USAs I mentioned earlier, other people in other parts of the country are assembling. My bon-vivant bud, Capt. Rob in L.A. called me earlier in the day to tell me about “Occupy L.A.” It would give me great pleasure if they chose Disneyland or Universal Studios for their beachhead though, for somewhat obvious reasons if you follow this blog. At some point, the entertainment industry is going to feel the heat as well. I am seeing that when Saturn shifts into Scorpio and people start really digging down beneath the surface of things, getting their nails dirty, they’ll be unearthing Babylon’s soiled contribution to keeping us buried in a shallow grave of awareness.

As I type these words at 30,000 feet, flying my way back home, I keep wondering where this will all go. Is it a post-modern movement that Ted Schulman claims it will be, removed from ideology, where it won’t matter who comes aboard or what their agenda is? Will it all be that organic and self-assembling? Or will it succumb to the weight of top-down gatekeepers, using their influence to steer the herd into large holding pens, convinced that they are still free rangers, while snatching the agenda right out of their hands, just as it happened to the Tea Party?

Its happening fast now and it seems to be tracking alongside of Bernanke’s troubling reports that the recovery could be slowed by Europe’s continued financial crisis. Stocks are falling. Gold is dropping. There’s hundreds of millions being bet on the S&P to short deeply in October. Oh yeah, “Anonymous” is threatening to shut down the NYSE on 10/10/11. It seems like the perfect storm is brewing. Its October–no surprise. So what are the potential outcomes here? Let’s list them. Shall we?

1)The big bad wolves of Wall St. and the global money masters using economy as a weapon, get spooked by the awakening masses, have a change of heart about their ponzi scheme, forgive the debt, hug and kiss everyone, shake hands and take Ron Paul out for a Reuben and cream soda to pick his brains for the new global economy.

2) The same group gets very antsy and doesn’t dig the uppity tude coming up from the streets, goes into full-court-press mode and convinces TPTB to roll out the heavy artillery and nip this in the bud, if they do, its an endgame scenario. Martial law. Executive orders.

3) There will be a lot of spin doctoring going on in the media, confusing people in an already confusing forum, where free market libertarians are swapping magic markers with social progressives while 911 truthers, anti-war marchers and green warriors assemble on the periphery. The MSM will keep the confusion going for as long as it takes to insert a very public figure to become the mouthpiece for the 99% and try to bring it into the mainstream, rounding off the edges and shaping it into something like Obama 2.0. I wonder what Matt Damon is doing these days?

Or it could just fizzle and die due to cold weather, but somehow, I doubt this is going to happen. A lot of the Libra planets we’re seeing now will shift into Scorpio and we’ll be dealing with some fixed square/opposition energy with Sun//Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter as opposed to the cardinal T-Square energy, which initiated this stage of whatever “Occupy” is.

The fixity will take place most intensely on 10/29. Venus and Merc in Scorpio will be in a tight square with Mars in Leo. Mars in Leo is royalty and the application of will as some sort of divine right. Mars in Leo is about decrees. Scorpio is about other peoples resources, power, plummeting to the depths, and in Mercury’s case, seeing whats behind the curtain. The Sun in Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus that day, direct at 5 degrees. Jupiter will be retrograde, which means to me, a massive retreat of the market. The Sun wants to dominate and control. In a perfect world, we could all burn our credit cards, sing kumbaya and hit the reset button under those conditions. But it feels more like power struggles and in these fixed signs, entrenched. Death is a keyword for Scorpio. Keep that in mind.

To view more pictures from my walkabout on Wall St; Go Here.

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