Obama vs. Sarah Palin–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 2, The Mercurial Rise Of Sarah Palin

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Wow. People thought that Obama came out of nowhere. Sarah Palin? Govenor of Alaska? Only the most informed insiders could have predicted her addtion to the ticket. But before we get into her chart, let’s just cover a few key pieces, some of which I wrote about yesterday.

First off, Palin, like Obama is a member of Generation Zero, the tweeners between The Boomers and Gen X. One of the hallmarks of this generation is that they are generationally ruled by Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Leo/Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo. These three, slow-moving planets impact generations and long tail trends. Both Obama and Palin share the Pluto/Virgo and Neptune/Scorpio energies. This generation has two main themes that run through them via these two planets/signs: Transformation through healing, work and service, acute psychic sensitivity and an ability to tune into higher frequencies of information. Both Obama and Palin, particularaly Palin, which I will address shortly, have the opportunity to revolutionize work and the concept of work. I could easily see both of them alter the playing field in how americans earn our keep. For Obama, it translates into a WPA type program to invest in alternative energies (solar/Leo Sun). It’s an idea long overdue, but one always has to temper such a grand vision, especially as it impacts the guys holding Obama’s purse strings. Any program that will lessen dependence on oil will only be approved of if the oil companies still have some skin in the game–that’s why they love the hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Palin on the other hand is tied to oil in the state of Alaska and knows that there are rather large fields of oil and gas on Gull Island, just on the other side of Prudhoe Bay. She will no doubt be an advocate of extracting this oil and the conservationists along with big oil would present considerable challenges. But on the subject of work, Palin is a bootstraps kind of gal and I could easily see her as being an advocate of re-invigorating domestic industry versus outsourcing.

They will both revolutionize work, but from different angles and using disparate resources and measures in order to do so, Palin however might be even more agressive in this area than Obama.

The Rebel King

Barack Obama was born with Uranus in Leo. Uranus, is normally ruled by Aquarius (remember this key fact) and here it is conjoined in Leo–it’s opposite. Aquarius is freedom loving, broad minded, democratic and populist at it’s core. It represents large groups, foundations and orders, stressing the whole over the individual, though at times, in the extreme, it’s anarchic, wanting to break down hierarchies and figureheads. “Synergy” and “liberty” are keywords when thinking about Aquarius. Leo is the exact opposite. Leo represents rulers, kings, fathers and pariahs, individuals that do what they will because they are convinced of it’s rightness. The current resident is a Leo. So is Barack Obama. When Leo meets Uranus the individual can be so convinced of their own point of view, they can border on dictatorial. Mixing the mind of an anarchist with the heart of someone that wants to lead can be counter productive to say the least. Obama and his sub generation can be provocative and willfull, more than capable of exposing hypocrisy and yet also ripe to succumbing to it.

The Hardscrabble Queen

Sarah Palin has Uranus in Virgo and her psychic locus is in a very different place, unlike Obama who has Uranus in Leo. She is more concerned about service, work and healing, than Obama, who wants to be king. Both Pluto and Uranus are in Palin’s sixth house, ruled by Virgo. It is clear that this mother of five, public servant, hunter, etc is invested in transforming the idea of work and service, both on a personal and collective level. This is a very big theme in her life and will serve her admirably as it will promote a sense of humility and the feeling that noone is better than anyone else, not even herself. Elitism is not a word that people will ever use in the same breath as Sarah Palin.

The rest of her chart is incredibly unique and offers considerable strengths and some glaring weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the big picture.

Aquarius and Aries–The Common Good Meets The Will To Power

Sarah Palin is an Aries rising. Aries is about rising to meet challenges head on, ramming forward, actualizing the self through the act of will. The key phrase for Aries is, “I Am.” Whatever Palin does, she does it all the way, not half heartedly. In addtion to being an Aries rising, she also has Venus on Aries right on the first house cusp. This means she’s very attractive as Venus confers beauty and when it’s on the rising sign, the world notices. It’s no coincidence that she would be a former beauty queen. She also has Jupiter in Aries in her first house. Jupiter in the first house represents a person that exudes confidence, is good natured, loves the outdoors and when it’s in Aries, is a risk taker, a big time risk taker, one that is not afraid of failing or falling. Sarah Palin, with Jupiter in the first house is driven by a deep sense of faith that everything will work out fine, no matter what she undertakes. The downside of that is that someone with this aspect can think that they can do no wrong and conquer anything they set their minds to. In the big bad world of geo-politics, Sarah Palin would undergo a few humiliating lessons early on, but I guarantee that she would quickly learn from any mistake and win more than she loses.

Super Stellium In Aquarius

Sarah Palin has five, count’em five planets in Aquarius and they all reside in her 11th house. She is far more intelligent than people understand or know. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Aquarius is often referred to the sign of the genius. Mozart, Lincoln, Swedenborg, Jules Verne and Charles Darwin were all Aquarians as was, Ronald Reagan! Palin’s Moon and Mercury are exactly conjunct in Aquarius in the 11th house, which makes her able to sense the needs, moods and feelings of the collective. She can be incredibly empathic on a mass level. With her Sun, Mars and Saturn, also in Aquarius, she has the will and the fortitude to make massive changes on a whole scale level. She’s also quirky and might apear to be very odd to others. Accused of being a Pat Buchannan-like conservative, she is someone that does not like anyone telling her what to do. Already, She has been summoned to the corridors of power at AIAPAC at the behest of John McCains main handler, Joe “Got His Gun” Lieberman. It will be interesting to see how Palin responds when people tell her what to do. If she is ideologically on board, she’ll be fully committed. If not, she will tenaciously fight those that wish to control her.

Lack Of Water and The Transpersonal Self

Two other rather compelling facts jump out when looking at her chart; she has zero planets is water. What does that mean? It means that water, the conductor of emotions and feeling is absent in her chart. Catch her in the wrong moment on the wrong day and Sarah Palin is ice. Don’t cross as she won’t have much forgiveness in her heart. However, she’s not heartless, especially when it comes to large groups and movements, she can empathize with the whole–it’s the individual that she may not have the most compassion for. With all of the energy in Aquarius, a fixed sign, Palin also doesn’t budge much. Once she makes up her mind, that’s pretty much it. But those types of decisions wont’t take place in a vacuum. She will always look at the big picture first and then make a choice. She also has very few planets below the median of her chart, which represents personal houses and placements. Only Uranus and Pluto in the sixth and Venus and Jupiter in the first populate the region of the self. In essence, Sarah Palin is a transpersonal figure. Based on her chart, she is here for a higher purpose than serving the self. In some ways, she is more capable than Obama from an astrological perspective to serve and lead. While I still think that Obama will win the election, Sarah Palin has bum rushed our consciousness and she won’t go away if McCain and The Repubs lose. It’s quite conceivable to witness Mrs. Palin going head-to-head with Obama in 2012. But we still have a long way to go and before we annoint Palin as a reformer of the people due to her unusually intense Aquarian aspects, let’s also keep in mind that Dick Cheney is also an Aquarius. Lastly, she is the astrological opposite of Obama as Leo and Aquarius oppose one another in the skies. One wants to be king, the other to live in a world without them and yet as opposites do, they will be attracted to one another as much as they are repulsed. At some point between now and September, if Sarah Palin remains on the ticket, she and Obama will clash and it will be memorable. But in the midst of their conflict, each will grow to respect one another.

Part 3 tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Obama vs. Sarah Palin–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 2, The Mercurial Rise Of Sarah Palin”

  1. m

    If Sarah Palin is an appropriate candidate how come she is not”allowed” to give interviews yet? She will be a puppet just as George W is. This country’s political situation is so corrupt and unsavable. I think eventually the younger Americans will storm the Bastille. 9I doubt Sarah Palin would even get that. She has very little education)

  2. a

    You bring up a great point. I am merely talking about potential here in her chart. She also has a few, glaring holes as well. I don’t consider myself a politcal analyst per se, but from a strategic point of view, I am sure that the RNC is holding back, letting the onslaught of the blogosphere rain down upon them, gather evidence and then have Palin fully informed and in response mode. That’s my sense. Astrologically, when Uranus moves into Aries, the energy of rebellion will be thick and people will be in no mood for the status quo, no matter who the president is. However, at that point, Uranus will be in Palin’s first house and if she is the veep, she’ll be a lightning rod for either a radical transformation of democracy or leading us head on into war.

  3. L

    I find your analysis somewhat superficial. Regarding Palin’s Aquarius stellium, may I point out that Dick Cheney is an Aquarian, and so was Ronald Reagan, two people who have done more than anyone else in the last 30 thirty years to undercut the middle class and the political foundations upon which this country was founded. And we all know about Dick Cheney proclaiming himself to be outside of the 3 branches of government and thus not answerable for the acts he and his office has committed against the laws of this country as spelled out in the Constitution. Aquarius is the sign of revolution, but it can also be cold and heartless. All Aquarian changes against the status quo are not necessarily for the good of all. I find that Aquarius stellium in Palin’s chart frightening. It is the mark of a fanatic and someone who does not connect with her emotions or the emotions of others. I remember reading somewhere several years ago that the anti-Christ would be born under that Aquarius stellium. Not that I especially believe in the anti-Christ, but relating an abundance of Aquarian energy to such an entity is eye-opening. As an Aquarian myself, I used to believe that the more Aquarius in a chart the better, but like all signs, Aquarius has a light side and a dark side. I think we have been seeing that in part in operation in the past several years of the Bush Administration. The dark of Aquarius is a cold, fanatical iconoclasm.

    I take issue with your idea that Obama’s Uranus in Leo and Palin’s Uranus in Virgo reflect that quality of their service in high office. Bill Clinton was a Leo, and the country was in better shape fiscally and with regard to jobs that it has been under Bush. Bill Clinton had an aide who accompanied him on all his appearances, and if anyone had any kind of problem, this aide would would get all the information and look into it. Leos have a heart. Virgos are about service, but they can be cold and heartless as well. Allow me to remind you that John McCain is a Virgo. And with any sign, there is a dark light side. Just because it is the sign of service doesn’t mean it wants to help people. I have known many Virgos who are all about helping themselves. It all depends upon what star they have hitched their wagon. You can look at her record as being Mayor of Wasilla and Governor to see that. In June she was asked if she would accept the vice presidential nomination if it was offered to her, and she said no, there was work to be done in Alaska. Interesting that she changed her mind. Obama’s history of leaving a big law firm and working for the people as a community organizer speaks about what star he is following. Do you think he could not just as easily have stayed at the big Wall Street firm and gone into politics from that platform? Why didn’t he? This speaks more about his motivations than a superficial reading of “he’s a Leo and wants the glory”.

    Dale Carnegie writes in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” that you can tell who people are by what makes them feel important. He uses the examples John Dillinger and John D. Rockefeller. The only difference between was how they got their feeling of importance. John Dillinger was proud of the fact that he was Public Enemy #1. John D. Rockefeller, on the other hand, got his feeling of importance from donating money to build a hospital to help people.

    It all depends on what makes Obama and Palin feel important. I think helping people makes Obama feel important. And I think power at any cost is what makes Palin feel important.

  4. a

    Laura, you bring up great points regarding Aquarius and other unsavory characters. If you have read all of the posts, you’ll see that I reference both Cheaney and Reagan as well, both Aquarians (especially Reagan) and I don’t paint them in such glowing terms. I also agree that Aquarius is a fixed planet and with all of that fixity in her chart, she could be untractable to the point of being fanatical, especially with Aries rising. In regards to the Aquariun stellium and the anti-christ, I would look to February of 1966.

    As far as Obama goes I’m not convinced that he is a man that is as motivated by service as he appears to be. With Neptune in Scorpio on his ascendant, there is a HUGE potential for deception.

    I will bring up one other point regarding Obama and sum this up. Obama was a nobody, just like Sarah Palin until the sealed and private records of Jack Ryan’s unseamly divorce from his wife, actress Jeri Ryan were opened and then published, some unseen hand was already guiding Obama. Ryan had to step down in disgrace. The repubs ran Allen Keyes (not even from Illinois) in a sham election against him. It was clear that the road was being paved for Obama and his rapid ascent via messiah programming. Perhaps Sarah Palin is just the same for the right and we are being given choice A and choice B and really no choice at all.

    Again, I started this series because I looked at Sarah Palin’s chart and found it to be highly unusual and thus I am now responding to you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  5. R

    I agree with your analysis of Sarah Palin. I had her pegged the same way…without even knowing her chart. By itself, Aquarius is usually a cold sign, as is Capricorn, and Aries, even tho’ Aries is a fire sign, it’s not warm, but firey and quick to flare. Rather tough! The warm signs are usually Pisces, Scorpio, Leo,(but pushy) Cancer (nurturers) and Sags, Taurus…some Libras, altho’ they can be cool, but not as cool as Virgos & Geminis. It all depends on your genes too, not just the zodiac signs. We get some temperment from our parents, etc. I’m a Libra,.. moon in Cap., with on the cusp Virgo/Leo rising….and I have too much feeling,…but I attribute this to my grandmother who had a lot of feeling too. Not for ourselves…, but for other people, children and animals. (with me, it’s anything that is alive!!)…..so shooting ‘Moose” wouldn’t sit well with me, but that’s Sarah’s choice!…I still like the woman..she thinks like a man, B&W, whereas most women think in gray areas also. I swore I’d never vote for a woman..(not a woman’s libber)..until I saw and heard Sarah….and now, she will get my vote, and everyone’s in my family. You go girl!!! You will be President in 2012!

  6. Clash of the titans in 2012. Will the first black president prepare the path for the first woman ever to become president of the United States of America and thus, the most powerful woman in history?

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