Obama Official Steps Down Over Gulf, Vaporous Goo In Our Skies, More Chiron In Pisces

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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The last post focused on the The Gulf, the disaster there and how it relates to Chiron’s emergence in Pisces and how it is going to impact Obama and his legacy, with Obama’s own Chiron in Pisces. One of the things that has already taken place is one of Obama’s cabinet has taken the fall for the undersea volcano of oil and methane (thanks K2). According to ABC news, “Chris Oynes, the Interior Department official in charge of overseeing offshore oil and gas drilling for the Minerals Management Service, will step down in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.” This is the first domino to fall and likely will not be the last. Oynes was also involved in the same department under The Bush administration, and much of the policy was set under Bush, no surprise there since Halliburton had it’s fingerprints all over that TransOceanic rig. Halliburton was actually responsible for cementing the drill hole. It wasn’t their first accident along these lines either, but the snuggy relationship between Halliburton and The Bush admin, thanks to Dick Cheney, um, further cemented their role as a player in the industry, an industry that seems to skirt many of those troubling regulations that other industries, like finance also seem to miraculously avoid. Wouldn’t want to waste any time engaged in important activities like thorough testing and safety now would we?

We also looked at how Jupiter/Aries and Uranus/Aries will play a role in the immediate future with the emergence of individual genius, cracking thorough the crust of corporate domain, green shoots of imagination, like those of Daryl Carpenter and others from CW Roberts, a company in Freeport, Florida that has been demonstrating the efficacy of using something simple like hay to clean up the oily mess circulating through the gulf’s waters. I spoke with Daryl briefly today and he’s going to be on my Farcast for tomorrow, hopefully for about ten minutes or so, to let us know the latest on what’s happening with their inspired efforts to land a hand.

When looking at Chiron in Pisces, we tend to think of fluids that are ground based or at the very least, adjacent to the ground as is the case in The Gulf, where Oil and Water are commingling to disastrous effect. But water and fluids are condensed as vapor and rain, gasses and mists as well.

Since 1997, the world over, our skies have been filled with grayish white streaks and crosses. As these streaks accumulate, they resemble scar tissue against the once blue horizon. These are known as “chemtrails” and they are not like their earlier predecessors, “contrails” which are plumes of crystalized oxygen that forms at heights of over 25,000 feet. No, these are quite different and they are filled with some of the most horrific materials known to man. Clifford Carnicom has been on the front lines of the chemtrail and Morgellons issue almost since their inception. Carnicom’s studies have revealed a highly toxic spew that includes; barium, aluminum, mycoplasm, nano-arrays, mold and and even cancerous blood cells. The barium and aluminum amounts alone are enough to turn us into early alzheimers candidates, often producing a sense of brain fog and memory loss. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Three years ago in the run up to the 2008 election, I spent about three minutes, one-on-one with Dennis Kucinich. I asked him point blank about chemtrails and he copped to the fact that they are indeed real and that he knew people that were getting sick because of them. Vapor in the skies, dangerous, potentially deadly, Chiron in Pisces. But the truth shall be revealed and in fact, it already has. The below video is from a weatherman on the north coast of California, essentially admitting to the presence of chemtrails in the sky.

People in The UFO community talk about disclosure at great length, that this is going to be the year. Chiron in it’s run through Pisces will give us the opportunity gaze behind the greasy gauze that covers our skies, the adjuvants that fill our deadly vaccines and the truth behind the “war on drugs.” All of these fall within the realm of fluids and illusions, lies we’ve been told and accepted at face value for years. As Chiron will progress through Pisces, the illusion is going to run out of steam and a deep, God centered. collective and individual truth will rise to fill the nameless void.

5 thoughts on “Obama Official Steps Down Over Gulf, Vaporous Goo In Our Skies, More Chiron In Pisces”

  1. B

    Cheers Robert…like i wasn’t already depressed enough…you remind us about chemtrails…
    Nostradamus talks many times about the drizzle … … and many times about Gaule (l’eau G[rand]) … and Italie(laity) …

  2. C

    One of the most poluted bodies of water on earth is the human body. This is why it’s so important to learn about healing. These chem-trails, MTBE, volcanic ash will pollute our soil, water and as a result our own bodies but if we learn to reverse the effects, then we can be healthy in spite of our environment. Chelation therapy is just one example, where a person can flush the metals out of their body, before health issues arise.
    Having said that, isn’t this the same military that had naval ships parked off the bikini islands the night before the government blew up the island to see what the effects on human fleash would be from an atomic bomb? Yes.

  3. k

    Clay, right on, you bring up an important point. It’s good to be reminded that at the end of the day, I can take care of myself. A lot of toxins are imposed on us, but lets face it, many more are self imposed.

    One thing I don’t understand about chemtrails is why don’t they spray when the sky is overcast or at night, so these activities would be undetected? It’s ridiculous to have beautiful clear skies with big X marks the spot trails. On a side note, I have been plagued by constant headaches (could be stress) but my students last week kept missing school because of headaches and nothing but.

    In class we are talking about economic activities and natural resources. I plan on giving a mini-lecture on the oil spill (ie. when things go wrong). I asked them ‘Did anybody ask YOU permission to drill a big hole in Mother Earth?’ They were like, hell no! But I’m having a hard time figuring out how to channel their anger at the situation into something constructive. I read a quote yesterday that said something to the effect of it shouldn’t be about this generation preserving the Earth for future generations, but to teach them how to take care of it.

  4. C

    They don’t need to go undetected. For decades “they” have done what they please, and treated the rest of us like lambs for the slaghter.
    Read the fine print before you sign anything.

  5. a

    Clay, great info regarding Chelation. There are suppositories that can be very effective to this end. Chlorella and Cilantro are also very effective chelating agents.

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