Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 5, The Palin Blowback And The Astrological Forecast For Election Night, The Eagle And The Serpent

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

While the stellium of Aquarius bodes as potentially promising for Sarah Palin as a reformer and trans-personal vox populi, she has been perhaps one of the most polarizing figures on the American political scene in quite sometime. The blogospshere is in hyperdrive diseminating and broadcasting Sarah’s dirt. There’s everything from letters from people that have grown up with her, to theories that Scott Richter, her husband’s business partner is the real father of her down syndrome baby, Trig. Ironically, another powerful Aquarian, self-made woman, namely one Oprah Winfrey has already come out and said that she will not have Sarah Palin on her show (likely in support of Obama). Women, like Gloria Stenheim don’t think she’s the right woman at the right time to break through the glass ceiling, while Mark Krueger, an astrologer who delights in sprung rhythms, and meta metaphors says this about Sarah Palin; “She’s a loose canon. No telling about her. Catalyst Woman in the Precedent Vise. It takes guts to throw your tits in the ringer. She is a pioneer who can break the class ceiling.” Ironically the sound and fury is taking place with little of it coming from The Obama/Biden camps regarding Palin, though Obama did fire back at Palin’s love for pork and spending. They don’t have to, the blogosphere is in overdrive on impalin Sarah. With all of Palin’s planets in Aquarius, a fixed sign, she’s garnering equally fixed and entrenched reactions, especially since there are currently three planets in Libra (Mercury, Venus, Mars) all opposing Palin’s Venus and Jupiter in Aries. No wonder she’s inciting such opposition. We’ll see what Sarah “Baracuda” is made of in the days and weeks ahead.

As I type, The Sun, currently in 13 degrees Virgo, is sitting right on her natal Pluto at 13 degrees Virgo. Somewhere, deep in the heart of a RNC bunker, Sarah Palin is undergoing some form of deep transformation and transmission of power. Saturn, currently transiting in Virgo is lighting that very same house up, in essence it is awakening within her, her life’s purpose. Astrologer Nancy Fenn makes an illuminating distinction between Palin and Obama in that, “the collective came and got her, the mirror image of Obama who went looking for his image in the collective.” It’s a pithy, yet highly instructive dynamic illustrative of these two players

The November 4th election takes place on a void of course moon (of course) and during a VOC moon, we can expect everything from voter irregularities to power outtages. I will go on record that some power outtage in a key state will play a major role in the results. On the night of the election, transiting Neptune will sit nearly on top of Palin’s natal Sun, infusing her with inspirational energies that are deeply transpersonal. One of the things that also really sticks out in Palin’s chart is that her true, north node is in Cancer, in her fourth house. Sarah has come here to be a mother and yet, Pluto as it moves into Capricorn at the top of her chart will oppose her north node. It will have profound implications on her and her family, much of which will not be positive. We are already beginning to see that dynamic in action.

Referring back to Joyce Hopewell’s chart for Obama we see that the Scorpion Sun is in his first house on election night, Mars in Scorpio will also be there as well, also touching Obama’s natal Neptune in Scorpio–Neptune will play a huge role in the lives of both Obama and Palin that night and moving forward as well, since it rules all liquids, including O-I-L. This is a peak moment for Obama and he will be radiating both confidence and power in the days leading up to the election. I would not be surprised to see a significant shift in ratings as we get closer and closer to November 4th. Shortly after the results are in, Venus will also be in Scorpio and add to Obama’s already bountiful charisma. These three planets in Scorpio present challenges for Palin as they square her Aquarian stellium. In the alchemical tradition, Scorpio and Aquarius are the serpent and the eagle respectively, a symbol for uniting instinct and sexuality (Scorpio) with vision and reason (Aquarius). It’s also the shamanic totems of the native peoples of South (serpent) and North (eagle) Americas. It’s also the Caduceus, the symbol for the AMA and healing, and the symbol for the flag of Mexico. Something that’s deeply profound will take place for Sarah Palin that evening, something that links up her quest for power and her desire for connecting with the spirit of humanity.You might be asking, where is John McCain in all of this? It would not be much of an overstatement to say that he is irrelevant. It’s Palin’s chart and persona that are now driving the ticket and on election night, it’s going to be like two, heavyweight boxers, in their prime, ready to square off beneath the stars of their respective destinies. Will Scorpio and Pluto power Obama to victory? Will Neptune cast Sarah Palin as a seraph of virtue and a wayshower of hope? Will we deal yet again with the controversy of fixed votes and fraudulent voter roles amidst blackouts and outtages? Stay, tuned.

Next up, Palin vs Biden in the upcoming debate.

4 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 5, The Palin Blowback And The Astrological Forecast For Election Night, The Eagle And The Serpent”

  1. O

    OBAMA with a Scorpio ascendant? What time are you using? I had read he was born 7:00pm -ish with an Aquarian ascendant ——–

  2. a

    I’m using Joyce Hopewell’s chart: http://joycehopewell.blogspot.com/2008/01/barack-obama.html. The reason I am using this one as opposed to the Aquarian chart which I have also linked to is because early in the primary process, this seemed to be the chart that I found most on The Net. The Aquarian chart is fairly new. There are also major discrepancies with Obama’s chart. time and even birthplace. Phillip Berg, fomerr AG of Pennsylvania has submitted writs and summons to the DNC, Obama and Dean that states that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery and he has proof, that Obama was likely born in Canada. This type of haze and nebulous quality surrounding birth and identity fits more along the lines of The Scorpio rising chart with Neptune on the ascendant. Hence my rationale for using it.

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