Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 9, Palin’s Trial By Fire, Mars Opposing Pluto

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Sarah Palin went live tonight.  The highly successful soft launch at The Republican National Convention gave way to her interview with Charlie Gibson tonight.  I had a quick glance at Gibson’s chart and one might find some aspects in it that might make him amenable to Palin, open on some level, but that was anything but the case.  I couldn’t locate a full chart for him, but he’s a Pisces Sun, born March 9th, 1943.  He has Moon in Aries, Venus in Aries and Mars in Aquarius–aspects that are somewhat in concord with Palins.  In fact Palin’s Mercury and Gibson’s Mars form an exact conjunction at zero degrees.

Synastry aspects found at Astrology-Numerology.Com of the Mars/Mercury conjunction are as follows: “The effect of this conjunction depends on the quality of other aspects in the chart. If Mars and Mercury are well placed, this aspect can lead to mutual mental stimulation and constructive action.
If they are badly aspected, this comparative combination will tend to cause heated arguments. The Mars person will be overbearing, bossy and brash, while the Mercury person tends to become overly critical and nit-picking if aspects are adverse.” Wow! It was Gibson’s Mars sitting on Palin’s Mercury and he was clearly the aggressor, an agitator and didn’t ask her one question that wasn’t a “yes” or “no” question. Of course, with this Mars/Mercury conjunction, much of the conversation was about war and how they converge with Palin’s spiritual beliefs.

In past posts, I have highlighted both the current Libra opposition in Palin’s chart as well as her Mayan count, which also features opposition/polarization. It’s worth noting that ABC shot the interview with Gibson opposing Palin for most of the interview. In essence, Palin was facing her opposition, and not the camera very often. As a result, we saw a profile of Sarah Palin, sharp chin, slightly pointed nose, not a horrific profile, but certainly not as flattering as her full on face shots can convey, rounded cheeks, warm and lively eyes. America was not allowed to gaze into the attractive face that’s gained so much coverage in so little time. I have no doubt that this was strategic, levelling the playing field for Gibson, minimizing the impact of Palin’s looks as opposed to Gibson’s and yet, it’s there in their charts, especially if one goes deeper into Gibsons’.

Charlie Gibson has an almost exact opposition between his natal Pluto in Leo and aforementioned Mars in Aquarius. In these two, fixed and forceful signs, Mars and Pluto can be overbearing, dominating, willfull and disrespectful. Gibson was fully chanelling this aggressive and even overbearing energy at times, especially as he peered down over his glasses, often in a dismissive manner to Sarah Palin. It was clear that Gibson was no astral ally, and in fact was grilling Palin with considerable heat. It’s a job interview, and Gibson is part of the process, a gatekeeper.

It’s no coincidence that when pushed on the subject of war with Russia, Palin didn’t blink and vowed to come to the aid of Georgia. With her strong Aries placement, Palin will not retreat in the face of questions regarding defense and security. When Gibson pressed hard on God, trying to paint Palin into a corner regarding her beliefs, she continually reframed the issue of religion and God, into a bigger picture of “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.” Gibson was rarely satisfied with any answer that Palin gave and even questioned her at some level for “sending” her son off to war. Palin countered with the fact that her son is nineteen and choosing to go and serve of his own volition. Even in this vulnerable moment, a mother knowing her son will soon go into harms way, Gibson gave no quarter.

This was a trial by fire. The genial and grinning Gibson that we got to know on the usually chummy, Good Morning America Show was nowhere to be found. He had one goal and one goal only; To press hard on Sarah Palin, try to expose her, reveal her flaws, and chinks in her armour. This was no getting to know you exercise. If Palin wants to play with not just the boys, but the big boys, her series of interrogations from Gibson is just the beginning of what she will face and in this case it was mostly sideways and not head on, as we viewed it from our pespective. Whether or not John McCain and Sarah Palin make it to The White House, this will be a night she will not soon forget.

6 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 9, Palin’s Trial By Fire, Mars Opposing Pluto”

  1. S

    Robert, I missed the interview on TV but have seen bits and pieces on the morning news shows. What was your opinion on how she acquitted herself in face of Charlie Gibson’s Mars pushing her buttons. I would think that her natal Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction would have buttressed her despite the Neptune transit.

  2. a

    I think she did OK, in the face of Gibson’s fixed opposition. Back when I started this series, one of the things that I noted was that Palin would go through a series of trials, but based on her chart, would quickly develop strategies and skills to deal with the intensity. This is nothing compared to what she will face against Joe Biden who will be in overdrive as Scorpio will be fully engaged in his chart during the debate.

  3. S

    I went back to your previous blogs to see what birth time you were using. I didn’t see a particular time but did see where you indicated Aries rising. Are you using a solar chart in lieu of a confirmed time? Jude Cowell at Jude’s Threshold initially used 7:06 am but I think she may be leaning toward the 4:40 pm Eric Francis at Planet Waves.net is using, which gives her a 19.34 Leo Ascendant with Uranus in Virgo also in the 1st house. It also puts Ceres in her 5th house. An Leo Ascendant/Aquarian Sun thus mirrors Obama’s Aquarius Ascendant/Leo Sun. Before I heard the 4:40 time I speculated that Sarah Palin had Leo rising because of all her hair. I have also heard a 9:43 PM (Libra Rising) and a 7:40 AM birth time (Pisces Rising) – both of those mentioned on Noah Tyl’s site.

  4. a

    Sasha, you bring up a great point again about Palin’s chart as there seems to be various versions out there on The Net. I’m using the one with Aries on the ascendant much in the same way that I am using Obama’s Scorpio ascendant. If Palin is an Aries rising, her Venus rests near the rising sign, which is in alignment with her history as a beauty pageant contestant as that would be be how the world would view and interpret her persona. Aries is also quite martial and relates back to her skill with weaponry, hunting, etc.

    The thing that is consistent with everyone in this race is that there is no one chart applicable to any candidate. There are even questions surrounding Biden’s chart as well, so some of this has to be digested and viewed on a meta-intuitive level, which is what I attempt to do on all of the material.

    Perhaps I will devote an entire post on the illusive nature of casting a chart for the big four.

    Thanks for reading and interacting.

  5. S

    Robert, just happened to glance over the left sidebar on your main page and saw the blurb on Saturn in Virgo. At the end, it said: “So for the next two-and-a-half-years, be nice to the little guy and learn to skin a deer–you’ll be a better person for it.” A little ironic that the Republican VP candidate is “hockey mom” Palin who is able to dress a moose.

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