Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 7, The Influence Of Astrology In The History Of Western Politics

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

There’s probably some general beliefs that are floating around out there that sound and look a little like this. The Republicans are conservatives and by default are religious or at the very least represent the religious right, a faction that is steadfastly opposed to lesser faiths such as astrology, and other forms of divination, which are not the way of Christ and God. They represent an electorate that believes more in creationism than not and is firmly entrenched in the pro life side of the debate on a woman’s right to choose. I’ve spelled out these basic tenets because it’s the religious core of the conservative belief system.Dems on the other hand almost to a wo/man favor evolution as a guiding principle and embrace a moral relativism that has it’s foundations in secular humanism. And some people wonder why we can’t get along? Where does astrology fit in all of this? One camp deems it the work of the devil, while the other no doubt finds it at best superstitious with no scientific basis and a perhaps mildly entertaining diversion, just after reading Garfield. Looking at the GOP ticket from afar, it’s easy to make an off handed assesment that astrology played no role in either the selection of McCain and Palin, especially since their party is one that’s supposedly built on faith based values. But what I am going to attempt to prove to you, yes you dear reader, is that it’s quite possible that astrology was not just casually looked at, but played as much of a role in the selection of our candidates as did any focus group or Bilderberger coffee klatsch.

Queen Elizabeth The First, employed one of the brightest men in her Queendom to serve her. His name was John Dee and he is known for mastery in the fields of mathmatics, science, cartography, magic and, you guessed it, astrology. He gained notoriety for casting the charts of Queen Mary and the young Queen to be, Princess Elizabeth. Dee was eventually arrested for doing so and had to appeadr before a star chamber where he exonerated himself, but not without paying a price. He was forced to go through rigorous religious re-orientation with Catholic Bishop Bonner (he and Bonner would eventually forge a lifelong friendship). Once he paid his penitence, Dee wound up in service of the former princess, now The Queen. He cast the chart of her coronation, and many other significant dates. He also became her personal spy, often signing correspondences to her with his now famous monker, “007.” Yes, John Dee was the first Bond. It was here, amongst the most royal court of Europe, where astrology takes hold.<

Fast forward to The Continental Congress where the founding fathers were debating upon which day to declare independence. John Adams must have had a rockin’ tea party to get to, because he pushed hard for July, 2nd. Meanwhile, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson broke out the astrolabes and ephermeri and decided that The Capricorn Moon would prove to be too cool and polarizing for The Cancerian Sun, so they pushed back and arranged for that destined day to fall on the 4th of July when the moon was fully locked into the sign of Aquarius. Hmmmm, Aquarius? Where have we heard this before? You see, Ben Franklin was an astrologer par excellence and it was his and Jefferson’s guiding hands that framed the date and time for the signing of “The Declaration Of Independence.” Thanks to the celestial wisdom of those two, this country was founded with the utmost blessing of the planets themselves.

Fast forward once again to the mid-twentieth century where astrology plays a role in the presidencies of Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt and later with Kennedy who was on quite friendly terms with psychic/astrologer, Jeanne Dixon. Apparently, even Nixon and Henry Kissinger were stargazers, according to noted astrologer Sydney Omarr, they were “gung ho about astrology.” We have already discussed Reagan and his connection to Joan Quigley, but he and Nancy also consulted with noted astrologer, Joyce Jilson as well. All-in-all, astrology has played a prominent, if not central role in the formation of nations, key dates like coronations and even choosing candidates themselves.

Now of course it helps to be connected to key bloodlines. The Bush family is connected to the Queen Of England through The Merovingian Line and as a cousin to both Bush and Cheney, Obama, is as well. This automatically qualifies him for at least a shot (no dark, prophetic pun intended) at the presidency. If Obama is indeed related to the royal bloodlines, then his chart was no doubt inspected as well as since the time of John Dee and his relationship with The Queen, magic, symbolism and astrology have been woven into the times, dates, rituals and players on the global stage. All of this takes place, despite the fact that on the surface of both parties, one a standard for the scientifically driven, humanely secular, the other a cover for conservativism and faith based values, the roots of this decision making process, predicated upon the position of the stars is taken into account.

It goes as far back into the halls and temples of Atlantis, where the celestial cycles augered elemental power, drawn from space itself.

The influence of magi, seers, astrologers and prophets, cloaked in the secrecy of underground societies, is omnipresent to this day and influences power and decision making. I have no doubt, that when the list of candidates was winnowed down for John McCain’s running mate a number of variables came into play and astrology was factored in as much as personal history, voting records, family life and political affiliation.

When you walk into the ballot booth on November 4th and cast your skittish electronic vote, know that you are participating in a choreographed ritual that has taken every celestial angle into account along with the people that the majority of you will be voting for.

It’s in the stars.

2 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 7, The Influence Of Astrology In The History Of Western Politics”

  1. R

    I happen to be related to daddy Bush,.. ‘George Herbert Walker Bush’…..myself!! Through the “House of Herbert” English Blood Line. Never heard of the “Merovingian Line”?? There’s no Obama in me!!…..Have traced my lineage back the Charlemagne. Besides, I thought Cheney was related (way back) to Obama….NOT Bush!!? The Queen of England is the from ‘House of Windsor’ line, and Diana’s was from the “House of Spencer’…even better than the House of Windsor. The House of Windsor …..isn’t that great!! ( I’m very familiar with ‘Atlantis’….from the past .. and now.)

    About Obama being a Leo….and Clinton too! Leos’ are sweet, ..but PUSHY….and ALWAYS have to be the center of attention! ..They are the Peacocks of all the signs. It’s all about them! Clinton is balanced out by Taurus and Libra, but Obama has some Scorpio in there….and they can be VERY vengeful. Obama seems sweet,…but may be harboring some resentment against… ‘whitey’!? I know his wife does….and she dictates to him. I’m voting for McCain/Palin!

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