Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 32, Looking Back And Ahead At Sarah Palin, Uranus In Aries, 2012

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

glowing_sarah1.jpgGlowing, glowing, gone?

For those of you who have been following this blog over the past few months, the trajectory it took on was really initiated by Sarah Palin being named to McCain’s ticket. Like most of the world, I asked myself, “Who is this woman and where did she come from?” I immediately dove into her birth chart to give me the cosmic/archetypal perspective. I have to admit that I was fairly blown away by her it which seemed to me at the time to have more of a statement of pure mission and true purpose than Obama’s, McCain’s and Biden’s chart. Looked at through my astrological lens and intuitive perspective, her stellium in Aquarius and her Aries Venus/Jupiter, lighting up her Aquarian aspects, in my mind, set her apart from any other person that was parading around as part of the electoral pageant.

I felt and still do that her chart is a hypo-potentiated blueprint for a person that’s here to accomplish some major goals. However, Palin was a deeply polarizing figure as well and her chart with such a strong emphasis in two signs and elements, only provoked the polarity even more.

Through Sarah Palin and not John McCain, we came to understand how deeply divided we are as a nation, exemplified by The US Mars in Gemini, which stresses duality and a nearly schizophrenic relationship to morals, codes of ethics and cultural standards. Palin lit up the cultural divide and illuminated it in ways that were often not very pretty to witness. I spent lots of time visiting both pro and con Palin sites and she became a lightning rod for controversy, revered and reviled with equal passion and intensity.

Deepak Chopra chimed in with his “Palin Effect” which I found to be utterly dismissive and emblematic of how The Left can frame the cultural debate around the enormous, xenophobic shadow, both real and imagined that exists. Chopra implicitly stated that, Palin was a symbol of the white cultural fear of change when it came to electing an African-American president and that she was a projection of that shadow. He glibly attributed her popularity and perspective to the unenlightened (and again subtextual), racist and intolerant positions of the rapidly decreasing majority. In effect, Chopra was playing a reverse race card, a canard that is usually employed by The Left, because it automatically assumes a higher moral ground from which to dispense its enlightened views.

However, The Right, is equally culpable when it comes to tweaking the shadow and is almost always more than ready to also tap into the xenophobic zeigeist, both real and imagined, like the ridiculous ploy that the McCain campaign worker resulted to, faking that someone shaved “Obama” into her scalp. One side wants to demonize and force feed guilt onto the mostly-white-middle, while the other seeks to play on it’s fears and heighten deeply seated phobias, resentments and unresolved attitudes for their own purposes and gain. On a daily basis, no one is better and more guilty of this than Rush Limbaugh.

Sarah Palin forced these issues to the surface and instead of having a real dialog, one that could have been immensely positive and healing, most people just screamed at one another. In the realm of psychotherapy, there can be perhaps no greater faux pas, then opening up a very serious core issue and never returning or attending to it. It’s like calling forth a demon into this plane of consciousness and then simply walking away, allowing it to move freely amongst us from that point forward.

On the day before the election, with Obama clearly in the lead, it was quietly announced that Sarah Palin had been cleared of any wrongdoing with the now infamous “Troopergate.” Her son, “Trig” goes back to being her son, the vaunted “Bridge To Nowhere” is now the “Bridge To The Forgotten.” Every evil, despicable and vile act that Kali Ma-Ma, or “Anti-Mater” was ever accused of being guilty of, has simply evaporated into the shimmering heat of of our collective memory, which grows shorter and shorter with each passing day.

So what does the future hold in store for Kali Ma-Ma? Now doubt harder and wiser since she got road rash on the campaign trail, she’s looking to occupy the fallen, Ted Stevens seat as a senator from Alaska. She would have to step through some challenging hoops in order to do this, particularly since her popularity in her home state has fallen since her nomination as Vice President and like Illinois and Delaware, where the governors of those states can and will appoint new members of the senate in the absence of Obama and Biden, she could do the same and simply appoint herself, but that would be political suicide and smack of the same type of tyranny that she supposedly stands against and not with. If she does manage to make the transition, I have no doubt that she will be very effective at building her own base inside the senate, which would be a prelude to a run for the presidency in 2012. However, I have a feeling that Palin will run as an independent. Her wild card status came to fore in the last weeks of the McCain campaign and in fact. a number of McCain staffers were more than willing to distance themselves from her, while also pointing towards her and her controversial persona as the reason for John McCain’s failure. I’m not so certain that the mainstream republican party will want Sarah Palin to be their choice in 2012.

Astrologically, as I have stated before, one of her qualities is that of a warrior, archetypally, think Joan of Arc, a synthesis of the huntress, Diana, and Athena. Since she belongs to a the warrior caste, she will be battled hardened and prepared on her next go round. While she may display some of the big picture equanimity that Aquarius is famous for, her Jupiter and Venus in Aries do not like her to lose, at whatever she does.

Uranus will be in Aries, in it’s earliest degrees throughout most of 2012. It’s placement there will conjunct her natal Venus, which could result in a very sudden rise or fall in popularity for Mrs. Palin. Uranus also sextiles her natal Mercury, which will make for a lively, sharp and combative mind. Her debating skill will no doubt have vastly improved by then. She’ll be also be able to take advantage of evolving technologies in a way that will help her promote her vision and success. In 2012, it will also be “The Year Of The Water Dragon” and Sarah Palin is a Green, Wood Dragon. Wood and water are very compatible and the highly eccentric, Wood Dragon will find the emotional landscape of the Water Dragon to quite receptive to it’s energies and manifestations.

Sarah Palin, if she continues to display the tough and relentless qualities that she has in the past, will be a force to be reckoned with in the epic year of 2012, especially if Barack Obama cannot be the agent of hope and change that the american people and even the world are “hoping” for.

17 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 32, Looking Back And Ahead At Sarah Palin, Uranus In Aries, 2012”

  1. T

    I wish, wish, wish that I could see the same potential in this lady as you do – both because of her gender and her Aquarianship. But I cannot.
    It’s not because of her right-wing stances either. I took a real liking to Mike Huckabee, I quite like Pat Buchanan in spite of being warned off him by husband and relatives! I even liked Mitt Romney! But Sarah Palin was a disappointment to me on all fronts. She seems to lack tact, depth, compassion and sincerity. I put it down to too much emphasis on one sign – too much of a good thing. I said so the minute I saw her chart when she first leapt onto our screens.
    We shall see. As an Independent she might be more acceptable to certain groups of people, but unlikely get very far, just another “spare part” to go with Nader and McKinney.

  2. a

    Hi Twilight-

    I know you’re not a fan of Palin’s, but nowhere in my post did I say that she would make a good president. I simply noted that with her chart loaded up in Aquarius and Aries, it says to me that this is a person that is single-minded in purpose–perhaps overly so.

    But charts are only one determinant as to how well someone will perfom once they assume office.

    For instance, look at these aspects:

    Sun in Capricon (confers executive ability)

    Moon in Aquarius (emotionally progressive)

    Mercury in Sag (brilliant but a little sloppy–thinks big)

    Venus in Pisces (naturally compassionate)

    Mars in Sag (dynamic, inspired, vital)

    Jupiter in Capricorn (not it’s best position)

    Saturn in Taurus (patient, enduring, power conscious)

    In the personal planets there’s a decent mix of earth, water, fire and air.

    Three mutable (Pisces, Sag 2x)

    Two cardinal (Cap 2x)

    Two fixed (Taurus, Aquarius)

    The transpersonals are Uranus in it’s own ruler in Aquarius (again, very progressive and sextiling the natal Mars in Sag), Neptune in Cancer and Pluto in Gemini, Like most charts, this one has challenges associated with it, especially in the oppositions of Neptune to The Sun and Pluto/Mars (can you say “power hungry?”)

    But all in all, this is chart that has some really good, supportive and balanced elements to it.

    It belongs to Richard Nixon.

  3. T

    Hmmmm – well, I don’t know much about Nixon other than the scandal which was well reported in England at the time. There’s probably a lot more to him than that huge mis-step. And equally, I suppose there’s more to Palin than the image I and many others perceived. As you say, and I agree, there’s more to it than a natal chart. I often point out that astrology is just one strand in a very tangled web.

    Palin’s young enough to develop much further career-wise, with age might come a wee bit more widom, so that her full potential can emerge . With 5 children I can’t imagine just how she’s managed to do what she’s done already – she’s certainly one driven lady!

  4. G

    Wow. I just don’t understand how people can be so captured by this woman. Have you listened to her talk (unscripted?) Yikes!!!!! She has a phenomenal ability to make you think she’s saying something. It’s amazing to me. She mixes metaphors, doesn’t finish sentences, talks in circles, blames the media for everything, oh, and tells lies upon lies, lest we forget. She has no intellectual curiosity, is shallow and ignorant. Yet, I must admit, I always watch and listen when she comes on TV (especially unscripted) because it’s so damned amusing. As our image in the world has catapaulted with the election of Obama, I can’t help but wonder what the world thinks of us for taking this woman seriously as a potential leader.

  5. G

    Oh, I forgot. Isn’t Aquarius associated with geniuous and madness? (I have Aq rising, 3 palnets in AQ myself). “Whack job” sounds suitably apt

  6. T

    “The great thing about Sarah Plain is she’s been terrific for the news cycle and bloggers alike.”

    She’s also been great for William Ayres.
    His book sales and TV appearances have shot up and thanks to the foresight of Sarah and the rest of the GOP, Ayres goes from mediocre college professor pay level to millionaire celebrity.

  7. a

    Ayers is an early Caprircorn (four degrees). He’ll no doubt reap the benefits of his relatiosnhip with Obama during Obama’s first term, but he’ll also be challenged as well since that same Pluto will oppose his natal Saturn in Cancer. He is now firmly entenched in the collective’s psyche and there will be more people than ever, not just interested in his book, but his past in a very inquisitive fashion. Thus, his newfound celebrity will have a twofold effect on his life and a level of scrutiny that had been missing while he worked in relative obscurity in Chicago, will remain a person of interest , As a result, his ghosts and his popularity have been simultaeneously razed and raised.

  8. T

    Wow. You charted him. Too cool.

    Well, I suppose the same could be said for anyone that achieves celeb status.
    The money rolls in when they’re hot, but so does the criticism.
    They go hand in hand.
    As for a challenge, I’d imagine rising to the needs of the media or even helping Obama (though he denies this) would constitute a considerable challenge.
    Teaching college is a challenge unto itself.

    My main point is that the focus of the GOP scrutiny raised his awareness amongst the public, but also raised his bank balance.
    Probably not their intention, but in politics you gamble and sometimes someone else wins.

  9. L

    Oh and yes on this we agree. . .

    Sarah Palin is Definately Shocking. One of the main things shocking about her is reflected in the shocking things that other people do as a result of having come into contact with her vis a vis the media or wherever. Simply by being herself, Palin has accomplished so much. I joke that my ex-husband was essentially “raised by Major Generals” but he was… at the level of parenting and grandparenting, on both sides of his family. Add to that, he graduated from Westpoint as a person in a long line of Westpoint graduates in his own family. In the 20 plus years I have known him I have found him to be one of the most conservative human beings I have ever known. He has even been heard to say people like “Jerry Falwell make sense” and that “Hillary Clinton is just …scary” and all that usual neocon stuff. And so forth.

    As I first saw Virginia votes coming in on election night (this man lives in Northern Virginia) I thought to myself, “Well, while it is not looking too good for my candidate in this state so far, but at least my ex-husband will be happy.” Several days later and the election over in a landslide electoral sweep, I hear, from his mouth, my own ex-husband Mr. Westpoint a shock so electric that it almost knocked me out of my chair. I opened his e-mail which said, “You look happy that Obama won. You may be surprised to hear that I voted for him also this year.” he added “I think McCain would have done a great job, but I voted as the right one for the job.” Unthinkable! Unbelieveable. SHOCKING!

    Palin Polarizing? Maybe if you include the posibility of the Republican Party getting polarized from itself because otherwise, I think she must have helped to unite the Democratic party because evidence suggests that she converted person least likely ever to be converted to vote for a Democratic candidate. He would never have voted for Obama over McCain otherwise, and if that happened with HIM, I cannot imagine how many other people she helped move over to a Democrat vote.

    He is a great example of some of what must have happened in the swing state sweep.

    so shocking yes, a Shockinly hideous choice for VP candidate, that is what was so shocking about her after all, and we do see all that Aquarius, and I need to write her a thank you note because I believe that she had, with her mere (speaking) presence on that ticket, more than a little bit to do with the success of President Elect Obama, in winning the position.

    thanks Sarah πŸ˜‰ xox

  10. a

    <p>This is the exact type of strategy that was employed by the handlers of Obama/McCain, which most americans swallowed hook, line and worm. Let’s say for a moment that you are one of the entities that heavily funded Obama’s campaign and your interests are the same interests that are currently being served in The Bush administration, which was great for you, but terrible for those poor old commoners. Now if you wanted to elect someone that could uphold your interests, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense for that person to appear raidcally different than the last guys that trashed the constitution and wrecked the economy? Who in their right mind would vote for another version of that from the same party? Just in case they were on the fence or undecided, let’s make the opposing candidate old and pale in comparison and bring in an outsider thant could energize a conservative/evangelical base, but not enough to move the needle. Then present the outsider in the most unfavorable light as possible and the “polarization” must be resolved. People must move in one direction or the other and by dint of real competition, they are moved, especially the ones in the middle or on the fence to the most handsome and appealing alternative, the only other choice available.</p>
    <p>I hate to say this, but you and many other americans were played, manipulated and moved to make a choice that you thought was your own, but was really the result of very sophisticated positioning and control tactics.</p>
    <p>You shouldn’t thank Sarah, but the likes of Rand, Tavistock, SRI and their ilk–they got your.</p>

  11. a

    To further prove my point about creating a polarized environmemt in order to get people to move, this is from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

    “Before men can act,” he said, “an issue must be polarized. Men will act when they are convinced their cause is 100 percent on the side of the angels, and that the opposition are 100 percent on the side of the devil.”

    Sound familiar?

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