Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 31, Chanelling The Messiah Energy, Neocon Dreamers And Cinematic Prophesies

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

ThunderbirdSummoning the power of the Thunderbird.

As I looked upon the screen in front of me, I saw John Dee consulting with Queen Elizabeth, speaking of Mars moving at a faster pace than normal, rising up to meet The Full Moon. Of course Dee was foreseeing the shadow of war. Later Queen Elizabeth, with The Spanish armada speeding towards England implores that Dee tell her that the fates must have something promising to say. The court magus responds with, “When the storm breaks, each man acts in accordance to their nature; Some die in terror, some hide, some flee, while others spread their wings and soar.” You might already know that I am referring to a pivotal scene from “Elizabeth, The Golden Age” where “The Virgin Queen” gathers her courage and intuits that Dee is allegorically pointing towards the possibility of her and England’s destiny rising up together if she has the heart to meet it. As life occasionally presents itself to me in fragments of truth, clues in pieces cast off out from another reality that is constantly informing and interacting with us if we are simply willing to listen, the synchronicity of the moment was not lost on me. Through the portal of cinema and the flux of time, there was a message for our time and the days ahead. When the storm breaks, are you willing to spread your wings and soar?

With the sea change of Pluto getting ready to move into Capricorn, we are going to witness a massive power shift that will ripple across the planet and usher in a new order. How and what that order looks and manifests is still to be determined, but there can be no doubt as The Obama camp has been chanting the mantra of change for the past year, reaching near crescendo pitch, something new is coming.

As a result, we are adding to the emotional momentum of history that is about to unfold in the rapidly approaching event horizon. Dee also says that reading the stars is an art and not a science, and it is with an artistic eye that we gaze upon the days to come, making artful connections between angles, times, mythologies and recurring themes that arise out of the collective unconscious in new costumery and fresh personae. As we artfully assess correspondences between constellations and the planetary motions that wheel in and out of favor, we create the possibility of a shared reality through our collective imagination.

A few years back I was spending a fair amount of time in hypnotherapy and expending a lot of energy on trying to understand what had happened to the country during the reign of Bush II and the rise of The Neocons. What I came away with, wasn’t that there was simply wanton disregard for rights, human dignity or the voice of dissent, though those things occurred as well as a result of simply this; They had more imagination and focused will towards a particular goal. Even though we might not equate the last eight years of The Bush Admin as a creative act, it was no less than a grand play that had been put into motion during the Nixon and Reagan eras where the likes of Cheney, Pearle, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz roamed the halls of The White House with hawkish intent. They dreamt of a time when they could once again reach the corridors of power and more than just dream, they planned. They drafted “The Project For New American Century–A Clean Break” which was nothing less than a blueprint for extending the imperialistic hegemony of America under the false flag of democracy. Not content with PNAC alone, The Patriot Act was also conceived of and drawn up, ready and waiting to be hatched in the days that followed 911. All of this illustrates great planning, foresight, vision, commitment and will. Whether or not you agree with it, it cannot be denied that at the end of the day, they dreamed harder while most of us chased a golden goose, whether it was tech stocks, or speculative real estate, or some banal distraction, or simply just surviving, having to work two jobs in a land with a vanishing manufacturing base and infusion of cheaper labor and goods. While we desired and trudged our way through the nineties, occasionally riding the wave of Clinton’s good fortune, there were those others with greater plans and grander schemes. This simple, yet dogged act of dark imagination and bald faced daring is what has brought us to this time where a costly war has added to the attrition of our economy and deregulation, which started in The Reagan era metastasized into the grotesque tumor of hedge funds and derivatives, no bubble waiting to burst, but a cancerous sack bulging with avarice and the toxic contempt for the well being of the common man, all set into motion by a plan, a design, and an aberrant imagination.

But all of these conditions have brought us to this point, where the storm is about to break, where Pluto is going to charge into Capricorn like a gale force wind and the time for transformation will be upon us. What kind of change are you imagining? What vision are you willing to commit to? Will you allow others to dream harder than you and if you do, are you willing to live with the results?

If you read this and you believe in Obama and his vision, and you are energized by the prospect of change and the audacity of hope, do not let your enthusiasm rest at the feet of yet another singular figure, use it to fuel your own hopes, dreams and wishes so that if per chance that the man that you believe in fails or falls short of what you thought he could do or would be, that the energy you are running in giddy anticipation does not go to waste. If he happens to fall short of the divine figure that he has approached in the hearts and minds of many, you, using the energy to fuel your own life will not fall prey to the residual disappointment and disillusionment that would inevitably ensue. If however he happens to live up to half the hype and meets “the generated crisis” of tests in the early days of his administration, then it’s like doubling down on a six and a four and hitting an ace. You’re money. But just like the big boys playing fast and loose with the publics trust and future, you might want to hedge your bets and channel the abundant energy coalescing in the collective field surrounding Obama into something that matters for you.

We have moved from the historical pageant plays of royalty and the divine right to rule, to the radical experiment of democracy and capitalism yoked to fractional reserve banking and now, like the time of the royals, it too appears to be drawing to a close as Pluto in Capricorn augurs new orders in the making. In the days, weeks, and months to come, what will we choose to create? When the storm breaks are you ready to spread your wings and soar?

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