Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 30, Obama’s House Of Secrets, Joe Biden His Time And Frank Marshall Davis Rumors Swirl

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

blurry_barry.jpgThe many phases of Barack Obama

One of the themes that we have looked at with Barack Obama’s rise and rush to The White House is identity. I rectified his chart based on an early version that I used from Joyce Hopewell’s chart, the first I saw on Obama and her chart stated that he was a Scorpio rising, which put Neptune on his ascendant. It made sense at the time and still does, even though almost everyone uses Aquarius as his rising.

As I stated previously, the reason why I thought Hopewell’s chart was more accurate, was because of how Neptune on the ascendant manifests, which is a nebulous identity, conforming to the projections of others, conjuring an aura of mysticism, channeling inspiration. This was compelling enough for me to stick with my original take on Obama as a Scorpio rising. That hasn’t changed and has even been reinforced by his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate.

With Biden’s stellium in Scorpio, much of which would reside in Obama’s first house, it would empower Obama, add force and form to his identity and for Biden, he fits like a glove, being able to project through Obama, no doubt reveling in his newly minted role as kingmaker and power behind the throne. Its the type of relationship that would allow Biden to convince himself to play second banana, but one with influence, power and sway. Biden’s recent revelations in Seattle reveal just such a dynamic. it wasn’t Obama that said, “I (he) would be tested and that I (he) would need our help.” It was Biden, sending up the trial balloon, acting as if it was his words, just gluing Obama’s name on it for legitimacy. In fact, just a few weeks ago, he referred to the new administration as “The Biden Administration” and it wasn’t the first time. By the way, I love how Biden dropped a “yo” in his call for support in Seattle.

I’m going to explore the dynamics of Obama’s identity further, looking at how the lack of disclosure and perhaps some other rather intriguing elements reinforce the idea of Obama as a scion of Neptune.

I have focused mostly on the qualities of Neptune, but what of Scorpio? What in Obama’s past could possibly affirm the ascendant that I ascribe to him? One need look no further than his unwillingness to open most of his records, including those from Columbia, Harvard and Occidental College. What is this man hiding and why? If his achievements were something to be noted and celebrated then shouldn’t we be proud of this man who is about to take the highest and most powerful office in the world? Should we not boast to those who are about “to test him” that he finished in the top five percent of his graduating class? What of his tenure as editor of The Harvard Law Review, where he wrote nothing? Not one, single, paragraph. It would be a chance to put his stamp on such a prestigious institution and the publication of that college at the forefront of academia in America, where he could be seen as a peer with a mind to be respected, envied and even feared. But no, not one word. Then there was his nearly absent vote record in the Illinois state senate. While the vapors of identity swirl around Obama, so does an air of secrecy, indicative of Scorpio on the ascendant, hiding, concealing and thwarting any true discovery of the self.

In the last eight years of the highly covert Bush administration, people are craving some form of transparency and already, Barack Obama’s actions regarding his records do not foreshadow a more transparent approach to governance, unless you count Joe Biden’s admission that “we’re going to face a generated crisis” as being an act of transparency or perhaps clairvoyance.

Now we go deeper down the rabbit hole to explore the relationship between Obama and “Uncle Frank.”

mdavis.png“Uncle Frank.”

I find it fascinating that most of my friends that are ardent Obama supporters have no idea who Frank Marshall Davis is and the role he played in the life of a young Barry. For those of you late to the party, Frank Marshall Davis was a pretty good poet, cutting edge journalist, communist and lothario. Obama gives him very little mention in his memoir, “Dreams Of My Father” referencing him in a sentimental moment, traveling across time on the streets of Chicago, imagining Uncle Frank outside a jazz club where he just took in Dizzy or Ella. Well Uncle Frank was not just a man of letters, but deeply involved in Chicago politics, a grimy machine. Frank Marshall Davis moved away from Chicago to Hawaii with his second wife, Helen Canfield Davis, a Windy City socialite. It was there that Davis met the Dunham family and began a relationship with them that might involve more than just his avuncular presence and mentorship in the young boys life.

There are rumors flying around the internet that Frank Marshall Davis is actually the real father of Barack Obama and that his birth father, the man who saw him all of two days in his life was a friend of Davis’ and was arranged to marry Stanley Ann Dunham to cover up the fact that Obama was actually his son. Remember, Marshall was married and even though it was rumored that he and his wife entertained what we would call “polyamorous” relationships by todays standards, in 1961, it was a vastly different social landscape.

Now this may or may not be the truth, but yet again, we cannot discount it based on the secrecy (Scorpio) and diffusion (Neptune) surrounding Obamas past and his identity.

Frank Marshall Davis was a Capricorn, 8 degrees, with a Pisces Moon and Mercury in Sag. There is little to tack onto Obama’s birth chart that would confer some parental status, such as Obama having a Capricorn Moon. That would be almost too easy. The only interesting things that I can find is a conjunction between Davis’ Uranus in Cancer at 5 degrees and Obama’s Venus in Cancer at 0 degrees and that both share the North and South Nodes in Leo, though only a wide conjunction. I know that a few of you that read this blog are also astrologers or at least have a fairly informed opinion on these cosmic matters. From a purely astrological standpoint, I’d love some feedback on what you might see as possible connections between Obamas and Davis’ chart, if any. Davis was born 12/31/05.

So the question becomes, even in the light of Obama’s fuzzy details surrounding his identity and his first house, even though his biological father might be different or the place of birth doesn’t match up, does it matter? Can he be the president that many people are hoping that he will be? Only time and perhaps the stars will tell?

10 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 30, Obama’s House Of Secrets, Joe Biden His Time And Frank Marshall Davis Rumors Swirl”

  1. T

    There are more questions than answers ! I just wonder, if the Davis theory were true, at what stage was Obama told? Perhaps he didn’t find out until after he’d written his books, then it was too late to retract. Perhaps he was never told. Perhaps it’s a story dreamed up by Andy Martin, feasible enough to be believed but with no hope of being proved – even if Obamas vault copy birth certificate were produced, I doubt the father’s name would appear on it, it might be left blank – which would cause doubt in voters’ minds, perhaps the reason for Obama’s reluctance to produce it. Both Davis and Obama Snr were already married. Perhaps even O’s mother didn’t know which one was the father!

    I took a look at Davis’s natal chart but didn’t see any of the usual family links – but then if Davis is the father, the birth date/time/ place might all be different from what we know. Michelle has Capricorn Sun like Davis – if Obama’s birth details are different from those we use, there might be some more clear link to Capricorn….just a thought.

    I doubt Obama will live up to the outlandish dreams of some of his more fanatical supporters, but if he becomes president I do think he’ll do the best job anybody could in the dire circumstances the country faces. I was one of those who doubted him in the beginning due to his inexperience and iffy associations, but in past months, since the primaries and once all the silly messiah stuff was dropped, I’ve seen him in a different light. He’ll do okay, given a chance !

  2. a

    So my take is that if it is true that Davis is the dad, my intuitive sense tells me that has has known it for a while. My rational take is that Obama decidedly downplays his past when he wants to distance himself from it, like the terse acknowledgement that Rezko, Ayers and even Frank were in his life to any degree. They’re there, but it’s merely a cursory recognition, then it’s time to move on. In fact, I would place more emphasis on who Obama mentions little of or not at all, than those that receive the most fanfare. But this might be the case for any politician, not just a prescription for decoding Obama.

  3. M

    The point, if you want a straight answer, is that even if Obama was born inside the White House, he is not eligible to be President, because, according to his own wife’s admission to API, he was adopted by a “foreigner” into a country (Indonesia) which at that time did not allow dual citizenship. Obama did become Indonesian, is the inference here – Therefore Obama lost any US citizenship he MIGHT have had if he even was indeed born in Hawaii or inside the White House. You understand the point? The judge Surrick has ruled the attorney Berg’s claims admissible now. An order to the DNC stands that DNC has to stop running his candidacy – You have now a scenario on 25 Oct 2008, which beats the Nov 2000 scenario by light leagues. You have a guy who by the highest law of the land (Constitution) cannot be President, and you have the guy’s wife confirm it. Go figure as Mars approaches sq.Neptune! I love your site 🙂

    Peace M StC.

  4. M

    You have at the moment two versions at Rense.com of what the judge ordered. One version says he threw the claims by Berg out. The other says the opposite. The fact remains, Obama was adopted by an Indonesian which does disqualify him by the Constitution in any event. No one does dispute he was adopted. Keep figuring it out. It makes the argument of whether he was born inside the USA or not actually irrelevant. That is the major point at this stage. Apparently, according to the judge Surrick, in yet another version of what he ordered, only the Congress can decide the matter.

  5. S


    Obama recently took time off from his campaign to visit his ailing grandmother, who he said may not live to see November 4. Wouldn’t this be seen in his chart? I was researching this the other day and what I came up with suggested that Neptune transiting the South Node indicated the lost of a wise woman (grandmother?) of the tribe. However, in Obama’s 7:24 pm Hawaii chart, Neptune(21.29 Aquarius) is past Obama’s SN (18.27 Aquarius) and soon to go direct on 11/2/08 at 21.28 Aquarius. Is the aspect still close enough to signify her death?

    Because I was looking for an exact Neptune/SN conjunct, I calculated a chart set for 8/4/1961 7:24 pm Nairobi Kenya to see what that would give me. In that chart the SN is at 27.18 Aquarius. I am not saying this is his chart and that he was born in Kenya, but it would be quite alarming if Madelyn Dunham’s death occurred with Neptune transiting that degree.

  6. a

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping some knowledge. The drama continues to grow. My sense is, is that if it were politcally expedient for this information to go hard in the mainstream, it would, but it’s not. How can we forget Howard Dean’s rather harmless cackle being played over and over again? It effectively derailed the Dean run to The White House and that was minor. In essence, if those that shape opinion thought it was important that the mainstream be inunundated with the birth issues, it would. But for now they don’t.

  7. p

    Well done sir, well done. While I am not an astrologist and know too little about the moon and the stars, my sense has given me a similar perception about Barack Obama. As you said, time will tell. I just know what I’m feeling and not feeling about the man.

  8. a

    Barack Obama appeared as vapour materialized. He is the perfect candidate in some ways, with very few definable traits or record trail and yet . . . he has published two memoirs that fill us in on the non-essential side of his life, like his personality and creating the tableau of a past, a thoroughly mediated account of a public record where little else exists. What we have filled in and determined about his life comes mainly from these two books. Its a masterful stroke of marketing and casting his past on his own terms, not through personal discovery on the part of the public. And when the public does take the time to look at his personal details, the sheer mass and volume of hie memoirs usually outweighs other revelations and discovery. The marketing and promotion behind Obama has been masterful and some day, his campaign will be looked upon with awe by those that study mass psychology and the formation of public opinion.

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