Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 28, Mayan Year Ends On Election Night, Mercury Returns To The Scene Of The Crime, Sabian Symbol Transmissions

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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AhauThe face of prophecy

Here are some random connections concerning the upcoming election and a little astro-divination that I indulged in. A good friend of mine is a Mayan calendar sage and he alerted me that election night falls on the very last day of The Mayan Calendar, 13 Ahau. This is auspicious to say the least. Let’s look at the count for 13 Ahau.:

kin 260, Yellow Cosmic Sun
I Endure in order to Enlighten
Transcending Life
I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Flowering
I am a galactic activation portal . . . enter me

If we ever needed to the synchronous wisdom of the ancients served up and on our side, during a particular night, 11/4/08 would be that night. It is the culmination of The Mayan New Year and and 13 Ahau represents the cosmic christ consciousness, an opportunity for higher intelligence and refined consciousness to interpenetrate and blend with our own awareness. It presages a period of enlightened awareness flowering in our collective and personal spheres. That is not to say it will be easy, as we have to “endure to enlighten” but according to my friend, the following 52 days on The Mayan Calendar represents a real opening, a chance for us to experience a shared epiphany on a grand scale. That fifty-two-day space ends on 12/25/08, where we celebrate the changes of the season, the powerful celestial alignment of The Equinox and the date that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, evoking yet another sacred spin, helping us accrue crucial momentum towards escape velocity and vertical lift of awareness.

So in the spirit of the great Mayan masters of time, I did a little time travel myself. I returned to November 7th, 2000, the night that led George Bush to be appointed by The Supreme Court to the presidency and as a result the last eight years might go down as the worst and most devastating period by any president in our history. From 911, to The Patriot Act, to billions spent in Iraq on no bid contracts, to Abu Ghraib, to Guantanemo, to spying on the populace, to tons of depleted uranium choking our skies and twisting Iraqi DNA into the birth of mutant children, to the bum rush to power with executive order after executive order, to high gas prices (despite the fact that we basically own Iraq now) to the melting economy, the carnage reaked by The Bush Regime has the potential to severely damage the quality of life for the next three-four generations, if we follow the timeline that is being cast for us.

So I went back there and looked at the planets on that night and guess what? Not only was Mercury retrograde in Scorpio at 0 degrees, Jupiter and Saturn were also retrograde in Gemini and Taurus respectively–no wonder it’s all gone to hell. The Mercury retrograde in Scorpio at 0 degrees is most telling. In the sign of secrets, power, extreme ambition and willful fanaticism, in The US 12th house, more secrets, hidden enemies and veiled agreements, we held an election, where the results were dubious, the process painfully long and the results, frustrating beyond belief. Yep, if I wanted to rig and steal an election, and I had some insight into astrology, I’d probably circle that date on my calendar. In a bold, yet subtle invocation of Scorpio’s dark powers, hiding in the background, veiled by confusion and lack of precedent, the vote was hacked into hanging chads and purged voter rolls–the rest is mostly negative history.

It was more than just a stolen election however, it was a collective invocation of inverted energy, a black mass where trust and faith were slaughtered on the altar of cruelly calculated injustice.

Well a funny thing happens this year, just the day after election night, Mercury is direct in Scorpio at 0 degrees. This to me represents some sort of reckoning, an atonement, the beginning of the light shining on what transpired eight years ago, which ultimately led to The Project For A New American Century, a wicked agenda that has manifested in the illusion of the oncoming economic and geo-political hell storm. Something crucial will be revealed to us, something that took place during that election (if we indeed stay on course for election night).

What a potent time awaits us; the night of The Cosmic Christ and the resurrection of the lord of the underworld whispering truths, leaving clues, illuminating the darkness of the past.

As the energy of my night unfolded, dwelling in the eddies of of synchronous flow, I decided to check in with a Sabian Symbol oracle, a program that randomly generates a Sabian Symbol for a given question. I had three. Here was the first:,

For the future of this country: Leo 8 — A Bolshevik Propagandist (leaven).

Hmmmm. Well that was pretty interesting. I wonder who might fit that description? Let me see. . . The next one was:

For the future of the planet: Libra 10 A canoe approaches safety through dangerous waters. (competency)

This reinforces what I am feeling more and more of with each day, that challenging circumstances lie ahead of us, but we will be able to navigate the rapids and the churn safely. The last one was:

For Sarah Plain: Taurus 5 A widow at an open grave (reorientation)

This does not bode well for Palin. Something deep and transformational awaits her. This aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, soon to oppose her natal North Node in Cancer in her fourth house, an ominous dynamic that pulls on her public standing and her maternity in opposite directions, potentially severing her from the cord of her purpose.

As we get closer and closer to election night, as the melting economy drips into a cesspool of incalculable loss, the prospect of transformation and consciously choosing a path of clarity, calm, and conviction awaits us.

2 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 28, Mayan Year Ends On Election Night, Mercury Returns To The Scene Of The Crime, Sabian Symbol Transmissions”

  1. K

    Hmm… Palin = widow standing at an open grave. Could also be McCain dies in office and she takes over. With Saturn in the 10th and Uranus in the 4th on election day, that represents to me that the old guard gets into power. Hope like heck I’m wrong!

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