Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 27, Aquarian/Aryan Bloodlines, Princess Diana’s Archetypal Resonator, Related

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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diana and sarahVessels of The Holy Grail?

Well, well, the odds of Sarah Palin eventually becoming president, just got a whole lot better. It seems as though “Anti-Mater” has “Merovingian blood” flowing through that abundantly Aquarian body of hers. According to The News.Scotsman, Kali Ma-Ma is related to both Diana, Princess of Wales and FDR (which also means that she is related to Bush). The former is quite signifanct as we’ll quickly see. But as I mentioned before in the connection between bloodlines and The US Presidency, that it is almost vital to have the blue blooded seal of approval and as we have also seen in Obama’s family tree he’s got the pedigree as well (which ironically means that he and Palin are probably related), that “almost” guarantees his selection, I mean election. But now that we know that Palin is descended from the same branch of the thorny rose, her chances are now a lot less reliant on chance.

Being connected to Diana is especially potent for Palin. Since bloodlines are such a big deal to the ruling elite, Diana was not merely some lass that was singled out by Prince Charlie for class, looks and charm. No, she was chosen because her branch of The Merovingian line would have been the best choice to give birth to William, who will ultimately sit on the throne.

It became fairly obvious early on, that Diana and Charles’ marriage was loveless. The lovely Princess of Wales was essentially a breeder. But her archetypal expression and bloodline resonance was larger than life and her death, some say a ritualized sacrifice reflected her myhto-poetic persona. The website, Diana Queen of Heaven quotes heavily from the work of Raylean Allen, who had contributed to one of Robert Anton Wilson’ final books, “Everything Is Under Control” which goes deeply into the bloodline story line. Some of the information is truly ubelievable, so be warned, but it illustrates that there was great interest in Diana’s energy and life force.

This, along with her intensely Aquarian/Aryan alignment, is emblematic of how Palin has quickly grabbed ahold of our attention in a major way. Just as Diana was an archetype of Mary/Sophia and Athena, Palin has the same mythical imprint in her DNA, though she is more aligned with Diana/Artemis (The Huntress) and Athena. Astrologically, the two share some unique aspects. Princess Di’s natal Moon in Aquarius sits in an exact conjunction with Sarah Palin’s natal Saturn in Aquarius at 25 degrees, ironically, the Sabian Symbol for 25 degrees Aquarius is, “A butterfly with the right wing perfectly formed.” If Palin were pressed on how much of an influence Diana had on her life as a younger woman, I bet she would refer to her in maternal tones, as Diana’s Moon, sign of the mother directly imprints itself on Palin’s planet of life purpose. I’m fairly positive that somewhere in Palin’s psyche, she identifies with the life and work of Lady Di in a very serious way. The same natal Moon of Diana’s is just two degrees off of Sarah’s Sun, also amplifying Palin’s emotional identification with Diana. Diana’s natal Jupiter in Aquarius at five degrees and lights up Palin’s Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, creating an inspirational bridge through time.

While Lady Di was much more emotionally receptive than Palin with her Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and Palin, more warrior-like vis-a-vis Aquarius/Aries, they’re not only linked through blood, but the stars as well.

Whether Sarah Palin, “Anti-Mater” gets in this go-round or not, she won’t go away. She has firmly planted the flag of her bloodline deeply into the epidermis of our consciousness and her story is just beginning to be told.

5 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 27, Aquarian/Aryan Bloodlines, Princess Diana’s Archetypal Resonator, Related”

  1. T

    Curiouser and curiouser….When I blogged about Sarah Palin a while ago, using Robert Camp’s rather weird system (7 Thunders) which does work more often than not, it emerged that Sarah Palin and Princess Di have the same Birth Card in his system.
    Mentioned in mine at

    After reading your piece here, it makes the Camp system even more spooky. It’s based on day and month of birth only.

  2. a

    I’ll give you some more curious playing card info. I am a 2 of Clubs. My wife is an Ace of Spades (karma cards) and our son is a 2 of Spades, a combination of both of us. Funny eh?

  3. T

    Very funny., yes indeed! Here’s some more…My late partner of 33 years was Queen of Clubs, I am King of Clubs. My now husband is Ace of Diamonds. My card lies between Queen of Clubs and Ace of Diamonds. We’re all different Sun signs, me Aquarius, late partner Taurus, husband Aries. My maternal grandmother, Taurus was same card as me, King Clubs.

    I wish I could find out how that system works….it tickles my Aquarius!

  4. a

    And the King of Clubs sits in my Mercury line. No wonder we’re having this little chat! You and your new husband must form a dynamic team.

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